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A Challenger in Red [solo/training]

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Caelus Valeria

Caelus Valeria
Ability to be Trained:

Cross Counter
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive - Magoi Manipulation
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can only be used as an immediate follow-up to Brush Past.
Scaling: For every 10 Magoi invested, creates a vacuum effect that draws an opponent towards the user from a distance of 1 additional meter.  At base power, there is no vacuum effect.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40 Magoi

    After passing the opponent with the step from Brush Past, the user puts their other foot forward to stop their movement.  They then swing their sword in an arc, turning away from their opponent and converting their forward momentum into centripetal force.  Magoi then washes over the blade as it crashes into the side of the opponent for A tier damage, potentially severing them in two.  If scaled, a powerful vacuum of air draws the opponent inexorably towards the user.

It was rounding the third month of his training, and Caelus couldn't be happier with his progress thus far.  In such a short time, he had taught himself to fight once again, and added a new style to his repertoire.  Body Manipulation was a powerful ability, and one which Caelus had taken to quite well.  He could harden his skin like armor, and stretch his muscles in impossible ways.  One such technique he was particularly fond of was to tighten his vocal cords to the extreme before unleashing a howl like that of a full-blooded Fanalis.  In his mind, this brought him closer to his mother, and so he named the technique after her.  Beyond the new skills and abilities however was a newer and sharper mind for combat.  During his training he learned to fight while totally blind, and to expect his opponents moves long before they made them.  This showed during his sparring with Shu, as Caelus began to win about as many matches as he lost.  Ban herself had begun to spar with Caelus, however she soundly trounced him time and time again.  Not to say that the sparring was a waste, far from it.  During these matches Caelus was forced to improvise and come up with new strategies on the fly, then execute them with precision.  Ban's experience in battle was levels above anything Caelus had seen before, even among the greatest combatants at the Coloseum.  And while she was well into old age, she never missed a step or lost her touch for even a second.

One morning just a bit after Caelus had finished his morning exercises, he spotted someone new coming up the path to the dojo.  Though still a ways off, Caelus was able to make out several distinct features.  The man was strong, and built like a ox.  Large muscles rippled over his body.  He was also quite tall, easily seven feet, and wore a black gi.  On his back were seven poles, each with a unique flag and insignia on it, along with a Guandao.  The most notable feature however was his hair, the bright red of a Fanalis.

Caelus felt Ban walk up beside him.  She chuckled, "Oh, i see we have a new guest.  And one who seeks to challenge the dojo no less.  Do your best, Caelus.  Don't let me down."

Caelus turned around, curious.  "Wait, you want me to fight him?  Shouldn't you?  You are the teacher."

"I do not fight for honor anymore.  I seek only to pass on my teachings.  Besides, it would be good for you to train against another besides Shu and I."  Ban remarked, and walked to a chair by the door.  "You will do well.  You are my student after all."  She smiled and sat down to watch.

While not completely sure, Caelus turned to face the individual as he climbed the last few steps to the top.

The man stepped forward, and looked towards Ban and Caelus.  "I, Lung Mao, challenge this dojo for their banner!"

Ban spoke up but remained seated.  "I am Ban Feiyan.  On behalf of this dojo, my student Caelus accepts your challenge in my stead under the same penalty."  She gestured towards Caelus, who waved in turn.

This seemed to upset Lung, who scowled and shouted in response.  "Don't insult me, Feiyan!  He spat.  "I didn't come all this way to fight your underling!  Come down here and face me!"  Whatever decorum he had when he first stepped up was gone now, replaced with a combination of anger and excitement.

Caelus stepped forward and blocked the Fanalis' path.  "Don't insult my teacher again.  Maybe if you could see through your red haze, you'd notice she's in no condition to fight anymore."  He walked past Lung to the sparring ground, but turned his head to see Ban lift up her sleeve to show her burned arm.  He smiled slightly when Lung looked down after seeing it.

"Fine.  It wouldn't be any fun fighting a cripple in the first place."  Lung said, as he followed Caelus.

Now in the ring together, Caelus took a moment to really size up his opponent.  Lung had over a foot in height and almost as much in reach advantage over Caelus.  The Guandao Lung wielded was thick and almost as tall as he was.  It was made of steel throughout, and must have weighed 60 pounds.  Opposite the blade was a ball counterweight that was bigger than Caelus' fist.  It would be just as bad to be hit by it as the blade.  Not to mention, this guy is a Fanalis.  He has an innate speed and strength advantage as well.  I'll have to out think him if i'm going to win.

The fight started slowly.  Lung spun the Guandao slowly at his side and walked around Caelus, looking for an opening.  Caelus rotated around opposite him, Valkyrie held in both hands and his new shield strapped to his left arm.  Lung was the first to try a strike, leaping forward and swinging the blade of his Guandao in from the right.  In response, Caelus ducked under the blow and rolled in towards Lung to try and close the distance and turn the reach of the Guandao into a detriment.  Coming out of the roll, Caelus turned the momentum into a strong swing to the left, but was completely stopped by the other half of Lung's Guandao as he planted it in the ground.  Lung then kicked out with his foot towards Caelus who was forced to block it with his shield and was sent rolling backwards.  The concussive force of the blow was enormous, sending him back several meters.

Caelus was on his feet in a second however, and used Brave Engage to get back in the fight and close the distance yet again.  The strike was parried by Lung's weapon, but as Lung spun around to build speed for an attack, he found that Caelus was no longer on the ground.  Caelus leaped over Lung and took a one handed swing with Valkyrie but couldn't land the strike as Lung's speed moved him out of range just in time.  The moment Caelus landed however, Lung was back and aiming a downward slash at Caelus' head.  Caelus used Quickstep to move away just quickly enough, before dropping into his Mirror's Edge stance and charging back in.

For a time, they simply traded blows like this.  Neither one could land a strike on the other, as the versatility of the Guandao matched the dual strikes of mirror's edge blow for blow.  Lung was growing increasingly frustrated, as was Caelus to a somewhat lesser extent.  It was only his gladiatorial experience that allowed him to keep a cooler head during an even fight.  They broke for a moment, circling each other again both breathing more heavily.

"You aren't a real Fanalis are you?  You're some kind of half-blood.  I can smell it on you."

Caelus nodded.  "My mother.  My father was a magician."

"Hmph.  You inherited his weakness.  Too bad you didn't take after your mother, you might have had a chance."

"Oh?  Then what's your excuse?"

Lung's face contorted in fury.  "Bastard!  I'll kill you!  Aaaahhhhh!"  Lung's scream turned ultrasonic, the Fanalis using his race's unique roar.  Expecting Caelus to be stunned and deafened, he charged in with a powerful forward thrust.

Unfortunately for Lung, Caelus' training gave him a measure of immunity to being stunned.  The scream was loud and painful, but Caelus was otherwise unaffected.  In a moment, he saw how he would win the fight.  Caelus used Brush Past to push the Guandao's blade harmlessly away, then rotated on his foot to bring Valkyrie full circle while flooding the blade with magoi.  The sheer speed and centripetal motion created a vacuum that prevented the startled Lung from moving away, forcing him to simply put his Guandao between himself and Valkyrie in a feeble attempt to block it.  Caelus' new Cross Counter collided with the Guandao and then with Lung, cutting deep into his stomach and flooding his body with destructive magoi before sending him flying.  Lung hit the ground almost ten meters away, and struggled to get up.  The wound to his stomach was bleeding heavily and his nose and ears began to run with blood as well.  Blood vessels had burst in his eyes, turning his sclera a deep red as his body desperately tried to keep itself together while the magoi ravaged his insides.  He gave a last croaking moan before falling unconscious.

Ban stood and rushed to Lung's side, as did Caelus, and Shu who had stepped outside to watch the fight unfold.  After taking a moment to assess his injuries, Ban lowered her head slightly.  "If this was a hospital, i could save him.  However, i am not a miracle worker.  He will be dead within moments."  Ban saw Caelus' head dip low, and his face stricken with regret and spoke up once again.  "Do not feel sad, Caelus.  This man came into our home and challenged us knowing full well the risks.  You both fought admirably, but in the end your skill proved greater.  You should be proud of what you have achieved today, but be humbled knowing the cost."

Caelus stared forward at Lung's body, now completely stilled, and nodded.

The three of them gathered the fallen man and placed him on a pyre they had built.  Shu lit the tinder, and they watched until it burned low.  Caelus asked Ban a question as the cinders died down.  "I've been meaning to ask but, how did you burn your arm, Ban?"

"Not all of us are as lucky as you to have a teacher to teach us our lessons."  Ban replied.  "If you wish to know the whole story i will tell you later, but for now know that some of us required a very close brush with death for the lessons to take hold."

~WC: 1717/1500~


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