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First Take

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1First Take  Empty First Take on 12/11/17, 01:34 am

Niklaus Magios

Niklaus Magios

Job Detail:

Assignment Name: First Take
Assignment Rank: D-tier
Assignment Location:Balbadd
Assignment Rewards: 50 Xp/3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites:
Assignment Overview: Haven’t gained more information on your distant relatives, you find out their profession. Taking into account how they make their money by escorting, and subjugating, you find interest in taking up their profession. Take examples, and tips from your distant relatives to better immerse yourself in the practice. Take your time practicing near the entertainment district of Balbadd, and while doing so ask around about the agency that's shroud by rumors. Upon gaining more information about the sketchy agency, you're given a location. Finish the task you're distant relatives have given you and take in account what you have learnt for the day.

‘Patience is key’, Niklaus. Give us a minute to gather ourselves to explain it.

Needless to say, but get down to the point.

Sense of humor, that’ll help in our line of work. Honey, I’m going to start. Escorting, Subjugating, and something else you aren’t ready for. We as escorts have the role of being generally nice to our employer. We shall complete said task our employer has tasked us with. Subjugating, is a dual task.

Subjugating? Are you giving yourself to someone, and subjecting yourself to be involved with someone? Keep it coming.

Niklaus, was interested. As for his uncle, he had gotten comfortable, and sat down in a chair across from his nephew. Cassandria, crossed her legs flicking her hand into the air wondering how this is going to turn out.

As I was saying. Subjugating, is a flipping the task on our employer for our own benefits, or for another's higher bidding employer. We capture, torture, then gather information through any means we deem necessary. Listen, subjugating and being a double agent are two different things in our line of business. Don’t get it confused.  Understand?


For now that’s all we can give in detail too you. Hahah sorry for the lackluster, but you might think otherwise. By chance are you interested in learning more?

Very interested. Could you give me some tips, and possibly put me in the field??

Sweety, I’ll give him some tips. Ready to send him out soon.

With, Cassandria speaking, Leo had gone off to another room. Niklaus listened to his auntie continue to speak on about tips, and examples. She explained the other escorting they did to make money. Niklaus, mind begin to throb and he was ready to dive head first in, but he needed to rest as today had been a long day.

Thank you for explaining, Aunt Dria. Could you show me to the bedroom, I’m growing tired.

They both stood, and he followed behind his aunt to a recently prepared room. Niklaus had entered, and closed the door behind himself. Not without giving an thank you to his auntie. Walking over to the bed, he stripped a piece of clothing until he was left in some white trousers. Getting underneath the covers, he had closed his eyes and drifted off into sleep.

The Next Day

Niklaus, aunt had tasked him with practicing nearby the entertainment district. Many people had flowed in, and out of the crowd. Some speaking to him, others not. His charismatic personality helping him along the way, as to swaying some of the females whom stopped. Speaking on common grounds about a few local things, he knew about Balbadd with the males. Someone wearing a red turban covered with jewels.


Niklaus, just stared at the man. Coldly.

They said you’re a tough fellow. I’ve some news for you.

Sketchy. Very sketchy.

Ohhhh, you won’t find information on the name you’ve heard about Sketchy. Tune your ears into this.

The man had gone into a conversation about ‘Babylon’. Talking about a location, and telling Niklaus how to get there, but how could he get there if he isn’t very familiar with his surroundings yet? Time passing, and the strange man leaving which in turn allowed for Niklaus to be finished with his task.  Walking back to their house to retire for the day seeing in how he’s gotten tired, he didn’t speak to him uncle or aunt at all and went straight to sleep with a smile on his face.

Word Count: 634/500

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