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Got Wood?

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Yuurei was going to help an Empire that he didn’t really like. He only did it for the money, and that was it. He had taken the ad from the company, and they were waiting for him to get the job done. He could only smile because he didn’t mind this task. It was not hard at all, and he had been warned about the dangerous wildlife that would be surrounding him. He didn’t mind that because animals wer strong, but not that hard to take down. He was making his way to the mountains right now as his destination was here.

They wanted timber from the trees here, and he was okay with that. He just looked around as he was wondering which of the many trees here he would be chipping down. He needed to chip down ten trees, which would not be hard, but it would take him some time. He took his carpet off his back as he was going to use his friend to carry all of this. He didn’t seem to care about that, and he was going to make sure that it wasn’t that heavy for him. He had walked to his first tree, and took out one of the tools they had given him.

He had started his work with the first tree right now. It took him about thirty minutes to do this, and when he had finished he had placed the wood on the carpet. ”Nine more to go,” he wiped his forehead as he couldn’t believe he was doing this for the money. He kept moving as he could hear roaring noises not too far from here. ”I hope they do leave me alone,” he thought to himself as he made his.



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Yuurei had continued on with his job. He didn’t have time to slack off, and honestly he wanted this to be done, so he could rest, and sleep with the money he earned. He was a working man, but it wasn’t like he had a consistent job. He went from place to place, and took whatever job he could take. He had finished three more of the trees, and he was down to only six left. He had heard another roar, but this time it was louder than it was before. They were closer to him, and he didn’t like that. He kept moving though as he figured he would lose them if he kept moving.

Yuurei had gotten to his fifth tree, and he had done what he was doing all this time. It didn’t take long to finish this as he was getting use this, and when he finished he had placed them on his carpet. It seemed like nothing was bothering it, so he was happy about that. He had heard a few growls coming from behind him, and when he turned he noticed that they were surrounding him. He just smiled because he couldn’t believe that they had found him. He could only imagine that they were following him this whole entire time.

He just sighed when he saw the four around him. ”Please can you animals just leave me alone for once?” he thought to himself as he looked at them. He noticed that all four had rushed to him. That was not good, and he dropped his tools, and took his bow out. He took an arrow, and shot it one of them. He was able to take it out, but he couldn’t shoot all three of them without getting hurt. Yuurei took out another arrow, and shot an arrow up in the air, and grabbed it. ”Out of the way,” he said as he flew up into the air holding onto the arrow, and planning on his counter attack.


Name: Out of the Way
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Supplementary
Range: 40 Meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: This kind of technique is use to get out of the way from an explosion, trap, etc. The user launches the arrow in a direction, depending on the situation, and quickly grabs a rope with a handle on it. This pulls the user away from the attack or some type of disaster happening around them. The arrow is sent flying at 20 meters per second for 40 meters. If this technique is holding the user, and another person then the speed decreases by 5 and so on. The same thing goes for the range as well decreases by 5 for an extra person other than the user. The arrows being used are about 30 inches long from the shaft. The fetching on the back of the arrow is that of a light red color.


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The man was out of harm’s way, and he just smiled as he was looking at each of the tigers that were left standing. He had taken out another arrow, and when he got close enough he let go of the arrow, and took out another tiger. The animal squealed from the pain, and fell down. The other two looked at Yuurei, and they were ready to attack him. They started running without any problems, and he just smiled because he was expecting that. He had waited for them to get close enough and shot another arrow hitting the third one.

Yuurei had shot a fourth arrow towards the last one, and he dodged it, and he could only smile. He had planned that, and when the tiger got close enough to him he shot a fifth arrow at the tiger. This time he had caught it, and moved to the side as it fell to the floor. ”Well time to continue on with the job,” he said to his carpet as they moved along the mountains. Yuurei got his tools back, and went off to continue on with finishing the job. He had continued chipping down the rest of the tree as he was able to get it done without any problems now. There weren’t any animals following him, and the tigers were not going to be a problem to him anymore.

Yuurei had gotten everything he needed, and started walking back to the company’s building. It was at Zou, and he just made his way over there slowly with his carpet. The two had arrived, and he took the timber off his friend, and placed them on the ground where they had wanted. He just smiled as his friend was relieved of his heavy duty. The carpet moved around, and moved behind Yuurei, and wrapped itself around his neck. He just looked at his client as the man sighed, and handed him the money he was giving up for doing this job. Yuurei caught it without a second hesitation, and turned around. He looked around, and wondered what they were planning on really building with these things. He just shrugged his shoulder as it probably wasn’t going to find out, and walked off with this job finished. ”Thank you for the money,” he walked off into the streets of Zou.



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