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Black and White Chain. Private-Fenhei/Silus

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Job Name:The Price of Competence
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards:100 exp/ 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Wars have unseen consequences such as reliable couriers to seek out herbs named Fox's Harrow, known for medicinal properties. Slius and Fenhei are the only two that could be found for the job and begin seeking information about the elusive herb in town.

Job Name: Herbs Located
Job Rank:C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards:50 exp/ 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:Completion of the job-The Price of Competence
Job Overview: The location of the herbs has been revealed and the pair begin their expedition. While on their journey, the pair have found themselves stalked by a fierce Daisha lion.

Daisha Lion:
b]Enemy Name:[/b] Daisha Lion

Rank: C tier

Needed damage to take down: C tier

Description: A dark maned lion with a ferocious attitude towards both its prey and neutral parties, as such due to its highly territorial nature it will pursue anybody it lays its eyes on.

The Daisha Lion stands at 1.5 meter tall, and is 3 meters long from tail to head.

Abilities: The Daisha Lion with its claws and jaw deal C-Tier damage.

Crashing Stomp: The Daisha Lion leaps towards its prey and stomps down on an opponent, dealing C tier.
Crunch: The Daisha Lion lashes out one metre in front, dealing D tier damage to anyone caught in its path, before taking hold of the last person to be hit and biting them for another bout of D tier damage.

Job Name: Black and White
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 exp/ 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Completion of Herbs Located
Job Overview: The herbs are successfully delivered to the Kou Officer, his true intentions come into light as the Fox's Harrow has darker purposes. The pair attempt to subdue him to prevent further violence.

Kou Army Officer:
Enemy Name: Kou Army Officer

Rank: B tier

Needed damage to take down: B tier

Description: A murderous man who wishes to use the Fox's Harrow roots to produce a potent poison, contrary to he information given beforehand. He wields a blade of sharp steel that, unwaveringly, seeks out fresh blood to spill.

Abilities: May move at quickly.

Ruthless Stroke: The Officer attacks twice with his sword, each swipe dealing C tier damage.
Sharp Blade: The Officer unleashes a devastating vertical blow in front of him that deals B tier damage to anyone one metre away.
Evil Intent: Feinting towards the left, the Officer deals an almost impossible hit behind his target, dealing C tier damage.

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The Price of Competence and Herbs Located should not be separate jobs. On top of that, asking around town for information on a simple herb would also be a D-tier job.

Black and White contains no information on the enemy you seek to face. You need to add information on the enemy(ies). Please make sure you detail their attire, weapons, skills, etc. I would recommend checking other approved C-tier jobs to get an idea of what is appropriate for a C-tier level of difficulty.

This is a 5 job chain I submitted a while back if you'd like a quick example. Liberating Aosta

I would recommend the following if you'd still like to keep it a 3 job chain

Job 1: D-tier: ask around town for information about the herbs.

Job 2: C-Tier: Upon learning the herbs are in the same territory as {insert made up creature here}, the pair set out to retrieve the herbs. Use the enemy template found HERE to generate an appropriate amount of D or C tier enemies.

Job 3: Upon returning with the herbs, the pair learn of the true, sinister intentions of {insert officer name here} and attempt to subdue him to prevent further violence/ w/e. Again,
you'll use the appropriate template HERE to generate an appropriate B-Tier boss to fight.


Black and White Chain. Private-Fenhei/Silus GHN16xD


Edits made!

Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim
Mm, sorry for the delay on grading these! There's one last minor issue though, which might have actually been our fault. On the enemies you put in this chain, could you possibly remove any traces of m/s? M/S was removed quite a while ago, in case you didn't know. The reason I say it *might* have been our fault, is because I'm not sure but these enemies look like they might have came from the whole *enemies* thread we still have posted (yet have not updated it) Anywho, just remove the m/s from them and you'll be good to go. ^-^


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