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Fenhei's Vault N3QsX7j
Name: Fenhei Shumao
Country Affiliation:Wanderer
Age + Birthdate: Twenty-six. Thirteenth of October
Gender: Female

Personality: Difficult would be an apt word to describe Fenhei's personality as she can be willing to share one day, and then snapping in anger in the next. Intimate relationships are few and far in-between as she questions anyone attempting to get that close to her. Curious is a defining trait as one quirk that has always dogged her is her hobby of people-watching. Now what exactly she thinking while observing is another question entirely. Polite and charming as a front as it has been the best way for her to make her way in the world and avoid conflict.

Unnecessary violence makes her sick to her stomach at least when it comes to getting her own hands dirty. Yet the thought of being bound to a single place makes her feel sicker, few who stand her in way live to tell the tale as she will fight tooth and nail like a rabid animal. Only the scent of war or some other disruption of the cycle of life seem to keep her in place..

Those willing and able to slip past her defenses can peel back the layers of her 'mask'. Beneath the manners and charm is a hollow woman floating from one whim to the next. Her passion for her own life is vacant as sees her own 'dreams' another tool for someone to take advantage of. No, it's better for her to be the Observer.


  • Travel: The world is full of interesting people and places...who would decide to settle down when fascinating events could be right around the bend.

  • Art: A single picture or painting can tell her so much about the creator's life or passion for the subject. Vivid colors of reds and darker colors staining canvas depicting difficult journeys and hard fought battles are personal favorites. It ignites a passion she knows she lacks in her own humanity.

  • Spiders: As much as she loathed the fate that was set since her birth, she cannot deny her natural affinity with the eight-legged, web-spinning creatures. As a youth she pretended their voices would come out in song-like whispers to soothe her to sleep. As she grew and..accepted her path in life..the spiders followed.


  • Pacifists/Pacifism: The sort of fools that would just lay down in the dirt and be trampled on aren't tolerated in her presence.

  • Fire: A dangerous and possibly feral source of danger, even the scent of smoke can send her into an internal panic attack.

  • Vulgarity: Thugs without manners or even the charm to act civil earn only a look of utter contempt from her as try as she might she cannot escape from some of her old life's lessons.

Aspirations: Reclaim Fate's Design: The Magic Tool that she had thrown into deep into her own past out of fear of it..and the leverage that could come with it.

Find her Passion: While the role of a Observer can be pleasant enough, it will get dull in time. She hopes to find her actual passion in life..without restrictions of her past.


Fate's Claim: Having her old life bind her back into the one thing she came to loathe with all her being..for that stain to spread throughout her soul once again. A pretty vessel for various masters to toy with in hopes of gaining favor or superstitious old fools..

Face-Claim:Arachne from Soul Eater
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 167.5 cm (5,6)
Weight: 54.43kg (120 lbs)
Appearance:Aristocratic and fragile-looking it always surprises the naive when seeing her traveling on her own. Her appearance would be suited as the rich simpering wife of a merchant instead acting as the liaison for supplies. Flowing black hair is styled held up by black hair sticks with a bit loose about her face reaching her shoulders. Her skin tone is surprisingly pale despite her occupation as she has the misfortune of suffering from sunburns if she isn't careful. So, shade or some type of shelter is needed to protect her skin from the sun's blinding rays.

Yet, there is one single feature that can make can make even the most trusting person question the honesty of her smile. Her eyes are pale grey like the color of worn pebbles of some old beach, cold and passionless. Perhaps it's better than seeing that spark of interest in them as it can go south for the person of interest as the fates decide. That spark seems to illuminate the web-like design that seems to be magicked onto her irises..could there be a fly nearby?

Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh

Special Features: The web-like design on irises seem to have a connection to the Magic Tool Fate's Design, but it seems to fade as her interest does..or when the instance of combat becomes dull.

History: If the role of a merchant seems extremely out of place for a woman of her..mystique. That's one of the first comments to earn a red tally on her list. She was born into the role of a Priestess to act as the sole guardian of her people's precious Magic Tool. Fate's Design prophesied by Elders to grant the Wielder an exact replica of their Fates..trails and tribulations included and possibly avoided. Or so the promises were made as the elders accepted the prayers and offerings of dull villagers. Etiquette, ceremony and utter obedience towards her Duty was drilled into her since she was sat on the temple's sacred rug clad in fine silks and gems. Servants were at her beck and call..she was happy for a time..a silly child.

Yet children can grow stubborn as the Elders noted her boredom in her duties, it did not end well. Lectures, followed by the occasional physical punishment would happen if she was anything but statuesque. The stress and pressure could have overwhelmed anyone as she was driven to do the one taboo before it was time. Her fingers touched the hilt of Fate's Design..and her apparent 'future' came to her in a hazy and muddled her youth would fade and still a crone would remain in the Temple. A wordless scream came over her at that image..and everything went black..

The acidic smell of smoke and snapping of flames greeted her as she returned to her senses. The Temple would be reduced to ashes as a dazed Fenhai wandered out..barely registering the silken spider sacs scattered about the place..nor the whisper of legs about the place. Only registering the slight pain in her eyes as the faint wind blew away the smoke. Spider-webs stared back in her reflection of the river..she had rejected her Fate..forever changed. Without regret...she began her travels..ignoring the call of Fate' Design lost..

As time passed, Fenhei fought with the inner turmoil of the Truth. The Elders had taken away her freedoms to act as a figurehead for Fate's Design..all on the basis of a lie. Fate's Design was attuned with magic, a truth..but it's ability was the lie. In the wielder's hand it acts as an amplifier to project, the user's worst fears or highest dreams. Past Priestess and Priests granted it's usage before the right time became paranoid and obsessed over their lives. Idle fears grew larger and larger as each passing day peering into their minds. Eventually the image of the wielder choking on a fruit or some other 'accident' could appear. It's true purpose as a tool is to act as occasional guidance or aid..not as a map of their entire lives.

Still after all these years she wakes in a cold sweat as her past haunts her footsteps. What is her purpose? Was her entire life a mere construct. Should she seek Fate's Design once again and allow it permanent residence on her body as she had been bestowed on her irises. Is she the fly caught in the web of her own fears or is she the spider spinning her own path.

Such deep thoughts come only at night as she puts them to rest as soon as dawn breaks.Now she acts as a lesion for various merchants of variable reputations. Her latest contact has led her into the Country of Koa which has slowly been prodding conflict onto the surface. Weapons contracts have always been interesting to say the least..

Role-Play Sample:The sun was high and the road dusty as beast and man alike plodded along. Blades were worn openly as varied groups eyed one another with distrust..violence and danger could be sparked at any moment. Rumor had it turmoil had begun in Kou again as if it was a shock to anyone who had any knowledge about militaristic nation. Although the few tall tales of an apparent living ghost of the Old Emperor would make any person question it. A coup would be more plausible right?

Coup or ghost, the single occupant of the camel drawn wagon could careless as long as the letter in the seam of her dress was worth something. It was a writ of purchase for a shipment of weapons to be delivered to the highest bidder. Fenhei hoped it would be a smooth sale as it was always unpleasant dealing with these types..rough, uncouth and ill-tempered mercenaries seeking to gain their pissed away pride or money. The boasting of honor made the raven-haired woman laugh behind her hand. She still had her manners to consider.

Her grip on the leather reins tightened as her irises dilated in response to something. Delicate hands trembled unable to release their grip as soft whispers brushed against her face like playful kittens. Pain bloomed from her lip as her teeth sunk into her crimson flesh, still she couldn't break away from the Call. A nearby merchant nudged the other as one reached out asking gently "You alright Miss, you look a bit..pale..". His voice trailed off as his own face drained of color as a series of hairy legs sprawled around the woman's the small sound of clicking pincers seemed to bring Fenhei back to the present. Blotting away the stain of crimson as Fenhei gave a polite smile, waving away the large arachnid from her throat like a sniffing dog " fine. Thank you for your concern. A rare thing these think people would be less concerned about the safety of others..given the..atmosphere".

The man nodded dumbly before hastily backing off as brown eyes caught the cold grey ones of the woman. Her words were polite, but beneath them..venom could be waiting to leak. That venom could be injected into the unstable land of Kou and Fenhei would just turn a smile and profit from it. At least it would an interesting turn of events...a useful distraction.

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  • Primary - Beast Tamer
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


Racial Trait
Human Physiology :
Trait Name: Human Physiology
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Human Race
Trait Description: The character possesses a human body with all its faults and advantages. An adaptable, albeit fragile, race which has the highest affinity for magoi.
Trait Effect:
  • Player can deal D-tier damage with their strength alone and move at average speeds.
  • Earn an additional 3,000 huang for completing jobs.
  • Earn a single custom Magic Weapon for your Primary Class once you reach B-rank.


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D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Argos Abilities:

Begin the Hunt
Tier: D-Tie
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Defense
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Argos must be able to hear her voice.
Scaling:Defense Increase
Sustain: 0
Cool Down:0
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Description: Calls upon the Beast to guard her person as his size makes him an intimidating guard. Willing to block any attack in front of his tamer using his body as a living shield.


Tier: D-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Beast must be in close range to target. As well as able to hear Fenhei's voice.
Scaling: Damage Increase
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: One Turn
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Description: Argos finally has chosen a target and scuttles over into attack range before springing forward with fangs flashing to rend open any unprotected flesh he can reach. Dealing D-Tier Damage.

Dripping Fangs
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Requirements/Drawbacks: The venom will be visibly dripping making targets aware of it. The target must have an open wound. Must be able to hear Fenhei's voice.
Scaling: More Status Effects
Sustain: 1 Turn
Cool Down: Two Turns
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Description: The beast injects its venom into the target's open wound. The venom affects the surrounded muscles of the wound as the person looses sensation in the limb. Effects last for a single turn.

Eye See You

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Defensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Thorax Eye must be undamaged. Attack must come from behind.
Scaling: Higher Defense
Cool Down: Two Turns.
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Description: The Thorax Eye dilates as it sees an incoming attack taking the brunt of the damage to protect it's remaining body by sacrificing it's eye. The gelatinous orb is much less valuable compared to the muscles of the spider's body.

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks:Leaves himself open for other targets. Stronger opponents will be able to move him.
Scaling: Status Increase
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: One Turn
Cost: 10 Stamina
Description: Physically launches himself at a target in an attempt to restrain them down through sheer mass alone by dropping his full body on the opponent and using his eight legs to pin down opponent's limbs.

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Fenhei's Vault YKuJJKx
Name: Argos
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Normal
Species: Spider
Appearance: Argos's size is around that of large dog from leg to thorax. Eight sleek legs carry around his body with surprising ease given his large abdomen, but it by no means as fast. His pace is seems to be focused and planned waiting for the right moment to take another step. The oddity of this creature aside from it's size is the human-like eyeball that emerges from his upper abdomen, it seems separate from the spider's actual eyes..and doesn't blink much. This particular fauna settles only along the cliffs and caverns of Fenhei's village..and said villagers kept their distance with good cause.
Normal spinnerets appear underneath his abdomen.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name:Megafauna
Trait Tier:D-Tier
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description:Compared to it's distant relatives of 'normal' spiders, this beast is now one of the apex predators of larger fauna. Beware if you have find yourself trailed by one of these..
Trait Effect: This Beast's basic attack will yield C-Tier Damage

Trait Name: Slow Drain
Trait Tier:D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Functional fangs
Trait Description: As with normal spiders, Argos's fangs are able to produce toxins.
Trait Effect: Allows venom-based abilities to be utilized.

Trait Name: Optic
Trait Tier:D-Tier
Trait Requirement:Throax eye must be functional
Trait Description: The bulbous eye on the spider's thorax can be utilized as another field of vision if it has the time and energy to do so.
Trait Effect: Allows precise field of vision from the back of it's thorax.

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