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Owlbear Ordeal

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Caelus Valeria

Caelus Valeria
Up the Mountain Pt. 2:
Job Name: Up the Mountain, Pt. 2
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 exp, 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Up the Mountain Pt.1
Job Overview: A second obstacle lies before you, a shattered rope bridge to the next cliff is unusable. The only way through is to climb down to the valley below and then back up the other side.

Enemy Name: Owlbear Momma
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: The Owlbear Momma moves at a speed of 15 m/s and has claws that deliver C-Tier damage.
Enraged Momma: The Owlbear Momma swipes at the intruder, knocking them into a nearby wall and dealing C tier damage at 15 m/s.

Enemy Name: Owlbear Papa
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: The Owlbear Papa moves at a speed of 15 m/s and has claws that deliver C-Tier damage.
Enraged Papa: The Owlbear Papa bites down on its opponent and shakes them violently at 15 m/s, dealing C-Tier tearing damage to the limb it has grasped.

Finally leaving the rock forest behind, Caelus continued the climb to the peak.  At his current pace, he imagined he'd arrive in two days time, however sight of the top still eluded him.  This of course meant that his climb was about to become a whole lot more vertical than he would have liked.  The stony terrain was very difficult to walk on, and loose stones threatened to give way and drop him down to start again.  He'd already avoided a few disastrous scenarios, most of them by the skin of his teeth.  This coupled with the increasingly thin air made the climb an exhausting and painful experience.

Up ahead Caelus could see the road begin to level out, leading to a rope bridge across a dark chasm.  As he got closer, it became clear that the bridge would do him no good.  It was heavily damaged, rotting wood and frayed rope promised to send him falling to the chasm below the moment he set foot on them.  To further test it, he hefted a decent sized stone and flung it a few meters in front of him.  Sure enough, the wood panel it landed on broke immediately, both halves of the step falling with the stone to the pit below.  Caelus listened intently to the sound as the stone struck the bottom.  It was a clear and loud bang, leading Caelus to guess that the pit was not as deep as it seemed from above.  It would be tough, but i could climb down and then back up the other side.  The walls are littered with holes that i could use to climb it.  He thought to himself.

Making sure that Ripple was securely tied to his waist, Caelus began the slow climb into the darkness below.  After about five minutes of constant climbing, Caelus found he was no longer able to see his hand in front of his face.  And it was another two minutes before he touched the floor at the bottom.  Down here it was almost completely black, even with his eyes having adjusted to use what little light was available, his vision was limited to a mere meter around him.  Drawing Ripple, he used the base of the hilt to strike a cross into the malleable stone in front of him, so he would know which side he came down on, before sheathing it again.  He remembered that from the view from the top, the ladder seemed to span a distance of about twenty-five meters.  If my gait is a little less than a meter, i should reach the other side in thirty or so steps.  He thought, figuring out the distance so as not to smack his nose against the far wall in the dark.  He took a deep breath and then started across.

Caelus was a mere three steps forward when he was blindsided by a large claw striking him across the face.  The impact sent him rolling into the wall, but this time it seemed less like stone and more like... "Feathers?"  Caelus tried to jump back, but the feathered thing swung at him again, striking him in the gut and causing him to stumble and fall.  He sprung to his feet this time, dodge-rolling out of the way from the two beasts.  With his left hand he grabbed Life Aura and forced magoi into it, while drawing Ripple with his right.  The monsters forms were revealed by the magic tool as glowing purple silhouettes, but that was more than enough for Caelus to fight with.  "Owlbears.  Why'd it have to be owlbears?" remarked Caelus.  The beasts were well known in Reim, mostly from their use in the Colosseum.  They were vicious and unrelenting beasts who fought until killed.  Nothing short of that would stymie their fury.  Luckily their reputation was based on their ferocity, not on their endurance.  All Caelus needed was one or two clean hits to finish them off.

Both beasts sped toward Caelus, approaching him from either side.  As the one on his left reached him, he leaped effortlessly over her swipe and delivered a killing blow to the back of its neck before landing behind her.  She slumped forward before falling over dead.  This enraged the male, causing him to screech loudly and rush forward with its jaws to bite at Caelus.  He planted his back foot and batted it away with Sideswipe, following up with a spinning slash at its now exposed neck.  The male fell with a low growl that turned slowly into a gurgle.  Caelus watched as the purple aura that surrounded them slowly ebbed, signaling their death.

He stopped the flow of Magoi to Life Aura and then tried to find his way back to his mark on the wall.  From there, he walked slowly to the other side of the chasm to reach the far wall.  He breathed deeply and tried to find a good starting foothold to push off from.  The climb back up was tougher to start, and certainly not helped by his ruined darkvision from using Life Aura.  It took him twice as long as his full descent before he finally was greeted by the light of the sun.  From there the climb was considerably easier, allowing Caelus to reach the top in mere minutes.

Once he was over the ledge, he rolled onto the flat ground and away from the pit.  He laid there for several minutes breathing heavily, exhausted from the exertion as well as the lack of air.  His muscles ached and screamed at him, but even that was deafened by the throbbing on the left side of his head and just above his stomach.  [color:7cf4=800000]I think i'll just stay here for a bit.  No need to rush the rest of the way.  Besides, its barely the afternoon.  Content with his reasoning, Caelus allowed himself to fall asleep right there on the stone face.  He'd continue up when he woke.

Name: Life Aura
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Orb
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The orb is 12 cm in diameter, large enough to fit in a hand. It seems to almost glow while held in the light, as its purple hues distort and send the light back out. Within the orb are lattices that appear as fractures, but do not reduce the durability of the orb; they form the magic circle that gives the orb its power.

Feeding magoi into the orb while holding it in one hand causes the user's eyes to become able to see life force. Any living thing reveals their life force in the manner of a purple glow. This outlines the living creature, allowing an idea of what type of creature it is based on the shape of the outline. The creature in question must be within 10 meters of the user, and must be in their view (you cannot see/sense the creatures behind you or through walls). 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Cannot parry intangible attacks, and cannot parry AoE attacks.  Caelus must be able to plant his back foot, absorbing part of the blow before deflecting it.
Scaling: For every 10 Stamina invested, the damage is can parry increases by 1 tier.
Sustain: N/A
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20 Stamina
Description: Caelus spins his blade in narrow vertical arcs in front of him, pushing incoming attacks to either side, causing them to pass harmlessly by.  He can Parry up to 1 C tier of attack.

Magoi: 120/130
Stamina: 170/190

~WC: 1012/1000~


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