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Needed Help! [Solo Job]

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Protect The Caravan [Job/Private]:

Job Name: Protect The Caravan
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A caravan is traveling out of Kou, going through Magnostadt, and stopping at Reim. But, a group of bandits have been following them and attacking them, prompting them to request for some protection. Follow the caravan and scare the bandits away.

Enemy Name: Bandits x3
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The bandits dress in dark clothes and masks, each carrying a sword. They are fast moving and are relentless with their attacks.
♦️Flurry of Attacks The bandit lunges forwards and slashes his sword four times, each strike dealing D-tier damage for a total of B-tier.
♦️Fast Foot The bandit eloquently weaves around an attack, avoiding it completely and going unhurt. The Bandit is capable of dodging up to B-tier attacks.
♦️Secret Attack The bandit throws down a smoke bomb in front of him and uses the cover to get behind his opponent. Once behind them, he tries to land a strike that deals C-tier damage.

In an empty tavern, sat Trent, on top a stool. Trent was hungry, so, he ordered some grub. As the food would be set upon the bar table, Trent would start to dig in. "Yrum! Dis breal good!" Trent would state as he'd chow down on the food.

Needed Help! [Solo Job] B71aeea09c6444175236a59a24bbe032_1_1

"Aye! Ah! Trent! Can you do me a favor? A young lady came into this here tavern not too long ago and asked for some help! I have no idea where she is now! Yet, she couldn't have gone too far..!"      

As Trent made his way out the bar, he'd be met by a woman about his age but just a tad older than he was. She had big boobs too, Trent saw and his eyes just pop open.

"Ah~! Aye! Do you need help? Mam~?

"Oh~! Yes! I have to move my goods yet I need a big man to help me! Have you seen any~?"

Trent was more than glad to help so he'd speak up.

"Oh~! I'm more than glad to help! I've helped move caravans before so I have some "


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