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Guard's Vault  PHLkzJa
Name:Ourea "Guard" Rebellion
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Age + Birthdate: Twenty + 9/22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Guard is a man that finds his personality to be rather simplistic, or at least he would hope people would think so. However, people are how they are raised, and some simply see a cold beast or murderer though that truly isn't the man that stands before them. Carefree, Loving, and remorseful he truly isn't anything that would scream an assassin though in a place of war and chaos you adapt and truly that is one thing he is well endowed within. His philosophy is that similar to the religious views of Buddhist observance of moral precepts, renunciation of craving and attachment, the practice of meditation (including calm and insight), the cultivation of wisdom, loving-kindness, and compassion.

Thus though he work may seem to interfere with these points, it is what makes him find the right within his wrong doings. For karma is a cycle that no man, woman, or being can escape from thus allowing Guard to think that even though he may be saving the world from one monster, he in himself is creating another that shall have his moment of redemption or reckoning. Therefore, the man is formerly known as Ourea to live his life to the fullest while it shall allow him for within his profession there is always an expiration date that no one can escape.

His secret passion(s) are in art and music, loving the sound of talented individuals speaking through their struggle, pain, happiness, or love though there isn't anything like when art can scream at your from the parchment. Or canvas grabbing ahold of your emotions and displaying them for those who may not be able to do it themselves voluntarily. Allowing people from around the world to connect via culture and artwork.

Wishing to bring laughter and happiness to all those around him, he truly plays the part of the class clown or the goofy guy that everyone loves but can't stand being around long. His dark path that he walks isn't who he is but rather what he does holding nothing over his mind for salvation within his work is what he seeks. Though in the same instant not taking it seriously as some within his family would like him to but attempting to prove that he doesn't have to become what his family desires thus keeping his life light and his mind clear with dark humor, sarcasm, and goofy expressions and the occasional showing of willful ignorance.

So, in short, he is a man of an optimistic nature, attempted charismatic characteristics, creativity, and trying to prove to the world that not everyone may be who they seem on the surface. That the old phrase you cannot judge a book by its cover or its past to be very much accurate. Furthermore, though he is a man seeking enlightenment it is a process, and he does still fall victim to his teenage urges unable to resist a good perverted joke or the beauty found with his eyes that may not always be on the canvas.


  • Tattoos: The Art of the skin it has always been a fascination of Guard feeling that it is one of the most beautiful forms of self-expression showing truly who you are with no care as to what others may say or think. Taking an idea, picture, or scripture you hold dear or perhaps just desire and displaying it upon your skin forever shows to him great resolve and infatuation with that of the art work and he would never judge someone but rather praise them for their choices in body art.

  • Swimming: The crisp air, the soothing feeling of something taking your body on a slow or perhaps rapid adventure, the sense of the water dripping off every part of your body. These all appeal to the man on a spiritual level as if reviving your body over and over with ever jump, dive, or a stroke of your body within the water. It is peaceful, pure, and exciting with all the different activities and ways you can swim or simply be in water period that just make Guard feel at home like nowhere else has ever made him feel.

  • Storms:The Lightning lighting up the night sky, deafening thunder drowning out ever your thoughts, and the pitter patter of rain falling onto the land soothes Ourea like no other putting him in a false sense of Nirvana that he hasn't yet obtained. The Darkness masking the moments he wishes no one to see it all brings him a bliss thought lost through the passage of time.


  • Ignorance: Simply put Ignorance just something that someone who is attempting to reach enlightenment wouldn't understand or even enjoy to be around, the thought of someone simply speaking or acting on something they knew nothing about is absurd and idiotic. Thus Guard doesn't simply dislike it but rather hates it and only even entertains the idea of his own life for he is a shadow that must at times act ignorant for the better outcome of his situation. For he believes that if ignorance wasn't apart of society than perhaps there would be less needless murder, wars, and hunger.

  • His Family: Ourea dislikes his family for the simple reason of their existence, everything about them is the depth of the fallen, and they see pleasure and joy in their infamous status within the underworld. They love killing, ignorant individuals, and the greed of the nations all across the lands. It is disgusting to him, and he wishes he would break free from the people that threw him within the life he has now. That is why he strives every day to be better than the last and stand above them instead of beside them.

  • Evil:The pit of darkness that the world is trying to arise from within always seems to drag the weakly minded back down into what they have already escaped. Thus he despises evil being cheating, stealing, ignorance, and murderers. Or even things of that nature or relative similarity though this sometimes conflicts with his actions he vies that his repentance of what he does at least helps him atone for what he has done where others enough it and live for it.


  • Hakunda Matata/Nirvana:He wants to escape the sense of every morning being reborn as this evil scum that walks the earth, which plagues the world and brings those joy through falsification. He wishes to have no worries and become the person that he believes himself to be a peace maker. Therefore, he strives always to remind himself of his philosophy and not worry about the small things and simply be happy occasionally walking toward people in need to only live Hakuna Matata. Carrying himself with a smile, he aspires to be the man that spread the word and understanding of the meaning Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase.

  • Power:Though many obtain the power to show their worth or perhaps to make the population fear them or even perhaps to save those who they feel are in need Guard has one reason for aspiring for power and strength. Freedom. He seeks power and strength to free himself of not only the things weighing down his mind but his body and show that you don't have to be born with a powerful gift of magic but can achieve anything you desire with whatever you have no matter what and can overcome anything with enough knowledge or perhaps if you actually want power. Thus he seeks it in both forms to create what he believes a benevolent force that seeks self-enlightenment and joy within the world in many ways.


  • Falling into darkness: With falling into darkness comes death for not only himself but perhaps those he loves, his friends, comrades, and one day wife. Thus he fears to belong to the darkness for that meant his family was right and he would never become anything more than that of an evil assassin seeking to kill their target and get paid.

  • Failure:Failure for Guard means yet another rebirth into the same person something he feels can't happen. He hates failure in his work and in his attempt to reach any of his goals, thus for his failure isn't an option, and when it happens, it truly does crush him making him fall deeper into the dark pits of his mind and abilities. Therefore, he refuses it and fears it above all else.

Face-Claim: Original Art Work/ Link to where I found picture Credit belongs to the original artist whoever they may be!
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Crimson Red
Height: 6'0 ft.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Guard has a very relaxed natural stance, always in a mellow mood and never tensing up. He stands tall without a slouch and always walks with precision with his left foot being in front of his right at the start of his journies simply because of his training during his military days. He can frequently be seen wearing a skintight black and white hoodie that has an over sized hood for his head, but it allows him to shade himself more and conceal his face if needed. Also, to his, he is usually wearing very loose pants to allow him free range of motion and just your average shoes unless there is a special occasion for something different.

He has a fair skin complexion not truly toward pale but on the border of being so, being very fit he stand to be more toned than he would look though at first glance not showing much sign of the strength of training in anything at all. His shaggy red hair was always falling right on the top of his eye lash line and blowing in the wind smelling of cherry blossoms, and his red eyes always at a point to where people would assume he is looking at their souls. However, his body language most times doesn't change though his face is his tell twisting and turning with either excitement or disgust when talking or socializing with people.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: Other than his tattoos seen in the picture above nothing truly stands out about Guard.

History: The Dark Continent, the Mysterious place that no one truly knows about, however, that is what makes Guard the strange person that he is today. All of his past minus the notion that he did indeed come from the dark continent is vague and or he would rather never speak of it. Thus all that is truly known about the man is his date of birth the name he gives himself and tells people and that he one day washed up on the land of riem with a note placed somewhere on him telling them to put him in their military ranks as one of the few pure blood falanis to leave the dark continent at least to his knowledge.

Thus other than that Ourea Rebellion was born on the morning of Autumn's arrival, as he would be pulled from his mother's womb and brought into the shining light of the world on September twenty second. Born into the rebellion family, he would have grown up an assassin, being trained from a tender age to do what was essential to survival and never question the beliefs of the family. Though always striving to do his best and please his father Bardo and his Mother Kira, His father the stern aggro leader and his mother the supportive healer of both mental and physical damage.

However, that would be all that Ourea would have to remember only knowing he was a member of the Riem army now and that his sole life purpose was to change the person that he saw in the fragments of his mind attempting never to become the monsters that followed him though he barely could remember their names. So he pushes forward every day in a bid to climb the ranks and prove himself the orphan that washed upon the land can indeed become great despite what other may think because of his lack of the magical arts. So that is where this mans story shall being, in a never ending uphill battle to prove once again he is the man that he believes and not what others may think...

Role-Play Sample:
Old Rp Sample :
As the dust would settle from the battle that would have just transpired it would seemingly be only a man in the distance standing alone as a soul tear would slowly being to roll down his cheek, truly what could the man be crying for was the question at hand… However, as the sun would yet again begin to arise showing the carnage and disarray that would have covered the battlefield it truly would have been clear to the man or any other living specters, it was the crimson soaked sands, the rust blades that reeked of failed experience and wasted potential. The shredded bodies that lay beneath the sands that had blown over them and the smile upon the faces of those seemingly sent to a better lands would strike a sense of dissatisfaction and hatred within the soul of their vanquisher…. As he would stand upon the sandy hill of his battlefield known as the Gate of Babylon, this is a wasteland of potential were the victims from challenging a king of heroes get to finally realize their dreams of becoming part of something greater than themselves and truly earn a barrel fitting someone that would take the sin upon themselves of challenge the man that has walked this earth since the dawn of time. As his dreamland would slowly begin to fade away with the carnage and as his blades would once more turn into the wonderful blue particles known as Ethernano he would swiftly wipe the tear that had been rolling down his cheek as he would begin to look within the sky as it faded from a clockwork setting into that of the beautiful sunrise as it would being to peak over the mountain ranges within the lands of Desierto, with the beauty of the crisp autumn air once again filling his lungs, and the scenery of the fluffy white clouds that would make Eiyū think that with every seemingly distasteful and impure act there would always be salvation and purity for the entities that would have participated within the opening of Babylon’s gates once more…

However, as he would have begun to drift into thought of what truly would have persuaded the man to go down this gray and narrow path in order to keep the peace or rather order he wishes the world to see… It would have all started once day when he was a young boy among these lands as his father would have taken him and his brother to overlook the lands as to which they would be the keepers of order and chaos all in the same, and as they would have looked over the terrain that they would now dwell within his father would have asked him a question that would have pushed him to take the mantel of protecting the order of this world:

“Son when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned?
Will you defeated them, your demons and all none believers, and the plans that they have made?
Because one day I’ll leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer to join the black parade!”

As those words would echo throughout the man’s mind it would have seemingly been a chose so easy for him to make, he would become a keeper of order and the protector of the flame that his father would have left with him within that moment… However, the sad truth of this matter is that he never truly was left with anything but the support of his brother to push him through this world as their father would have disappeared a phantom never to be seen or heard of again…

Therefore, as he would begin to slowly snap back into reality, it would have been too late for the man to realize that he would have missed one of the forsaken that would have approached him within the name of calling themselves “heroes” with a face of not fear nor acknowledgement he would have watched as the mage would have seemingly sent his last attack on the man, it would have been rather weak and timid for that of a heroes falling actions however, it would have carried enough weight within it to yet again make Eiyū think of what he was doing and that he would never lose sight of his mission of maintaining order for truly it was men and women like that he would have wished to meet and shape the minds of, therefore, as the air bullet of nothing higher than B rank perhaps would come striving toward him he would not simply dodge or attempt to parry it as he normally would but rather he would have showed the man something that no other “hero” had forced his hand into using and that would have been his vector redirection…

With this however, it would have been rather simply for the man to redirect the attack zooming back at the man however, placing it instead of aiming for death a few centimeters to the left of his neck only slightly grazing it as it would have been enough for the man in front of him to be terrified into submission… Or at least that is how most men and women would have crumbled with their last ditch effort thrown seemingly back in their face with the grace of mercy placed upon them, but no instead this man that had been kneeling within the battlefield before him merely ten meters away would kneel not as though a peasant before a king but rather and knight before his commander asking for an honorable death by their hands… This act would have been something not truly overlooked by the man known as the king of heroes and instead would have inspired him to do something he would not have been credit or membrane for doing, as he would have cast his most powerful blade into creation with a name lost to that of the god’s only being called E.N.D when in the hands of Eiyū he would have slowly begun approaching the man before him that would have shown great grace, acceptance, and humility as he would have reached a three meter distance between the two he would have raised his sword in hand as if going to finish the job with no remorse of mercy and instead would begin to say his favorite quote to the man as his blade would have swiftly begun coming down in a vertical line:

“There is no dark side, nor a light side
There is only the life we live
I will do what I must to keep the balance
The balance is what keeps me together
There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish
There is passion, yet emotion
Serenity, yet peace
Chaos, yet order
I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance
I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way
I am the keepr of the flame, solider of balance
I am the guardian of balance
I am a King of Heroes…”

However, at the very last moment as he could feel the burning aura from the blade seemingly connect with that of the boys armor he would halt his attack and would look within the courageous eyes of the man that would possibly come forth on this day…

“I have but a few mere questions for you boy, when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned? Will you defeated them, your demons and all none believers, and the plans that they have made?”

As he would have paused in anticipation for the answer of the boy kneeling before him it would have come at a great shock the words that he would have spoken to the man in a whisper as the gentle breeze would have pushed aside the snow white hair from within the face of Eiyū revealing his crimson red eyes looking deep within the soul of the man before him and a smirk upon his face that could have easily been confused with that of a man who just successfully convinced another warrior to make a pact with the devil himself…

“I shall never become a slave to the demons nor the none believers that doubt my power and I shall never succumb to the plans they have made, for I shall be known as a hero in legend and nothing shall stop me from achieving that goal…”

With this words echoing through the air Eiyū, couldn’t contain the excitement that would have been bubbling within him, therefore, he would simply let E.N.D disappear into a realm of its own as the particles would have graced the now fully risen sun, as the shadow of the man standing in front of him would have seemingly extended for an endless distance only one phrase could come out of his mouth in response to that of the boy kneeling before him on the ground…

“You are correct for you shall carry on, though you are broken and defeated now tomorrow carries a destiny for you in which no one can understand… Now join me in creating a world that heroes can strive toward whatever goals they wish, Join Rusty Hearts… The guild that shall lead them all…”

With these words it would only take moments before the once fallen warrior would grasp Eiyū hand and allow the man to pick him up draping him over his shoulder as he would have found yet another comrade for the organization that he and his brother would have been attempting to create…. Yet another comrade to maintain the order while creating the chaos that drives us all into a yet untold land of power, intellect, and dreams….

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Nimble Fingers:
Trait Name: Nimble Fingers
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Through years of training, the character has obtained deft hand and finger work allowing them a speed and accuracy with fine motor skills a cut above the average person.
Trait Effect: Can swiftly tie knots or retrieve items on your person in an instant.


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  • Secondary:

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