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Dead by Midnight [Thorsten]

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Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa
Job Detail:

Job Name: Dead by Midnight
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A noble family of Kou has been targeted by assassins, with one already dead. One of the elders believes that he is next, and requests for protection. Watch over his house and protect him from the incoming assassins. If he survives their attack, then you shall be rewarded. If he does not, expect trouble.
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Assassin x2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Men dressed in skin-tight dark navy-blue ninja-esq armor. They wear masks and wield swords that deal B-tier damage, among several other ninja tools.
Smoke Bombs: The assassin throws out a smoke bomb that explodes, covering the room in smoke for one post.
Deathly Kunai: The assassin throws out two kunai daggers connected with a wire. Each kunai deals C-tier damage, and after contact has been made, the assassin pulls on the wire and retrieves his daggers once more.
Sword Slashes: The assassin lunges forwards and strikes four times with his sword, each strike dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.


Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] 9bU7kn0
Name: Ebenezer
Tier: C-Tier
Material: Wood, Silver, Gold.
Appearance: A long staff that doubles as a cane/walking stick. It also has a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. Inside the larger area where the white and gray meet, there are small gold-colored gears. Handle is 10 In ( 25.4 cm ) ending at the wood. The wood is 70 cm long totaling the whole staff to be 95.4 cm.


Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] 669l08
Name: Pinnacle
Tier: B-tier
Type: [Syringe] Acupuncture Needle
Material: Lightweight Metallic Glass
Appearance: Pinnacle, is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube. Total length is 7 in ( 17.78 cm ), having a short body cylinder of 5.08 cm, and it's hypodermic needle is 7.62 cm. The metal ring loop 2.54 x 2.54 cm fitting around the finger nicely and firmly.
Ammunition Material: Lightweight Metallic Glass
Ammunition Appearance: Pinnacle, is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube. Total length is 7 in ( 17.78 cm ), having a short body cylinder of 5.08 cm, and it's hypodermic needle is 7.62 cm.

Aseo had sat in his room. Leaning back in a rocking chair. ” Is the battlefield for me? Can I return once more? I don't know…. those poor people to whom I slaughtered… such drastic measures used. Than that bastard Sun Liang. Used me like a pawn, but I can't shake the feeling that he's alive. My chest still feels the cold metal… Eh. “ holding his chest grunting. Aseo hadn't fully recovered yet, but nonetheless he was prepared to hop back into the fray for jobs. A little downside to being in a near death state. He couldn't just put his tail between his legs and cower inside a empty house of evil bastards anymore. Soon it would be time for Aseo to strike once more, and from the way he sees it. Ting, and Jing will be the first to be on his list. For now gathering himself and working on his arsenal seems to be the plan. Reaching for his cane, Aseo looked to be a old man now. His brown hair dangling down as he stepped over to cross his room. Ugh… Dealing with so much shit. A good job seemed nice right now. Let’s see what i’ve gotten for request recently. Aseo, said. Looking over to the corner. His tattered clothing from his battle sat on a armor stand. He sort of putting it there as a reminder of his first war scar.

Feeling his chest, he took in a heavy sigh. Releasing it, he grabbed for his clothing. A whole new set of armor jumpsuit that seemed comfortable. Taking a few seconds to himself, he place it on. ” It isn’t too bad, maybe i’ll cut my hair short? Hahah. Agh.. That chuckling made his chest hurt. Glad he got that medical attention and assistance from that random man. Aseo, hadn’t thought much about it. But that man held the bow that shot off the slime… If anyone was to investigate. It could possibly be used against him. Aseo, must find someone to ditch the shards on. Possibly if he finds someone who holds the potential for the shards, he’ll intrust them to that person.  

New Look:
Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] YvhaLHEm

Aseo’s new look was quite the same as his old one, only difference was he had no kimono. Just a belt, and the kimono bottoms. It sort of making him more flexible and able to move around freely. Something he could do before, but it got limited at times. Patting himself all over, than pulling and tugging at the little creases. Aseo, walked over to his desk. Picking up an old tattered package. He had pushed away all the other mail examining the one he picked up. Sliding his hand down the sleeve peeling the flap open. Reaching in Aseo got a address on an old tattered piece of paper. ” Does these people, not know what fresh paper is? sort of insulting the client to be. He was sort of irritated with such a sorry display for having them contact him. ” Maybe I should visit these people at this address. Properly tell them how to send out request. With all the respect I can give. Huehuehue “ Aseo, had a sort of malice ridden voice while laughing. Gripping his hand around his cane, and placing pinnacle along his forearm. Stepping out into the hallway, he made his descend towards the front door. None of the servants spoke to him, as Aseo held a sort of different glare in his eyes. They couldn’t make out what it was, but it was sinister in the least.

Placing his cane on his side. Noting using it to hold himself up to walk anymore after stepping outside the front door. Streets busy, but not like they use to be. Citizens scurrying back to their homes, or homeless children playing by sewers or potholes. ” Such an unpleasant sight. This is what that Lord Yoshiro, or Lord Gao would want of his people. I spit on their names “ such bold way of putting things. Moving down pasted the children. No sort of sorrow feeling for them, but more of a anger peaking as they have to live in such conditions. It brought thoughts to Aseo’s mind. None he would care to put into action yet. He made his merry way to the address. Arriving early on. He examined the area upon sight, taking notice of the fake entrance. Jumping from the group and scaling the building he found the rooftop latch. It looked to be the only entrance way unless someone broke down the wall. Opening and leaving prompted open behind him the latch, Aseo came to stand inside the dark hallway. ” Look like the first party is here. A voice echoed down the hall. Aseo stayed on guard, and leaned against the wall. Usually someone might’ve taken in the fact another person stood at the end of the hall waiting. But for him Aseo had no intention for killing yet. Given about a couple minutes or so, a young white haired boy appeared. The man began to speak.

” Glad to have you two aboard. Now my master has a request of urgent care. I’m sure both of you is well informed by chance of the recent killing. He’s one of the elders of Kou’s noble family, one of his nephews has taken the worsen end of assassins daggers. Believing he will be next, he has asked for services outside of standard guards. May you two accompany this way, I shall lead y’all to my master and you can prep for these lowly vermin called assassins.  

” Than lead the way.” the young boy said. He seem to have a short temper. Aseo smirked before bouncing himself off the wall to follow in toe. Lead down the dark hall, to what seemed to be the bedroom portions of this strange house. These nobles must be scared as of lately to the rampant increase in violence on the streets. The Butler came to a stop. In here please. he, said. Aseo just stood watching as the young boy went inside first. The door being closed behind us. Usually this was when Aseo would’ve sort of let loose, but he wanted to see what this old noble had to say. He was quite the looking old man with his long gray goatee. Taking a seat himself, Aseo prepared to listen to what he had to say.

Word Count: 1106/1,500


2Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] Empty Re: Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] on 24/07/17, 05:32 pm

Thorsten Ove

Thorsten Ove
Earlier That Evening

Thorsten, You have a job. The meeting place is how you say? Reclusive? Eh.. Nevermind. Just look at this tattered piece of paper, and head over there later today. They’ll have two different parties arriving there so, be prepared. A little bit of good intuition should be on your side, haven’t being around me. Ya’ Scrawny Imu.

Thorsten stood there. A insult that wasn’t too harsh? Something Hakon didn’t usually do. ” This job must pay wealthy. You gave such a light insult, you bastard. “ Thorsten, said laughing. He felt his little insult was funny. While he chuckle, Hakon just waved his hand through the air to dismiss Thorsten. Thorsten, took the tattered piece of paper and walked off in the distance. ” This better be worth it. I dislike meeting shady people, and then my profit cut in half. This second party better be worth my time. A door closing behind him. Standing inside the Inn. A bar to his left, multiple tables in front of him, and the exit directly on his right. Walking across the bar, not caring to speak or ask about anything. There was news being spread around. A dirt covered boy. He looked to be around Thorsten’s age, wearing a plain blouse. A cap, and busted up shoes. His pants on the other hand were his boxer.

Recent Events. The civil war is bombing. Battle after battles. Units and squadrons dying at the hands of each side. It’s ruthless out there! May lord Yoshiro prevail! Other news, a noble family has been the target of events. So far one member of the family has been killed. They are in a time of panic. Kou is on the rise of downfall? Only Lord Yoshiro, can save us!

‘ The turmoil of this country was getting worst. Can’t wait until we pack up and leave with Hakon to our next destination. Hopefully it beats this war ridden place. ‘ Thorsten, thought. He truly couldn’t see himself being here any longer. Only here for the new work that’s booming for the moment. From underground fighting rings. To people openly starting trouble. This place had it trouble and problems. ” Ugh.. Lemme go get prepare, and rest up. Thorsten, said. Not talking to anyone in general, just something to say outloud. Walking off to the other side to his room. Just a plain wooden door, with a metal heigh. Nothing too serious. Placing his room key into the lock and turning the knob, Thorsten enter his room. Some of his commonly used weapons just laying on the desk inside a bag. Others that didn’t fit into the bag, laid against the wooden desk. Prompt up. Moving over to the bed. Sitting down while placing his hands turned out to feel the material for the covers. They weren’t really kept well and rather dusty. However he couldn’t complain about them. Putting his head down on the pillow going to sleep.

Present Hour


Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] Kh3J381
Name: Drasil
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Yo-Yo
Material: Fiber Wire/Tool Steel Alloy
Appearance: The yo-yo is extremely durable and heavy, Drasil weighing 50 kilograms, and has a 55.3 mm diameter base. It is constructed with an tool steel metal alloy. Drasil has a Star of David, design on the face of each side. Connected by a 10 m long fiber wire to an armband for better mobility.

Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] R7tyz4
Name: Igaut
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Throwing Spike
Material: Black Iron,Leather Pouch
Appearance: The throwing spikes reside inside the leather pouch. The pouch itself is finely crafted together, and with straps to secure it.
Ammunition Material: Black Iron
Ammunition Appearance: The actual item is 15.24 cm, in length. About 1.36 kg in weight. The color comes from the components making up the item, giving its steel black iron look.

Later in the day. A secluded part of Kou districts. Thorsten found himself looking at a wooden building. It didn’t look modern, nor did it look old. It was well kept, and seemed to be visited often. Examining it a little further. The front door seemed to be painted on. Seriously, walking up to the building. Thorsten, and felted the wall. It was hard as brick, and it almost fooled him. The building had been painted to blend in so well with its surrounding. This client wasn’t playing no games at all. Something must be of a serious matter. ” Such a weird place. Should I break down the wall? Or find another path way? “ Currently wondering if using his brute strength to approach the situation would help. It probably wouldn’t, but he would never know.  Thorsten, scanning over the area little bit more he noticed an opening hatch that was left open. ” Such a weird way for a opening. Thorsten, said. Jumping from the ground up to the roof. Upon entering the house, he was met in a dark hallway. It seemed the other party had arrived. In the darkness, a faint color of red kimono as he or she leant against the wall. Around the same time, he entered the latch closed. A man looking to be wearing butler clothing appeared at the other end of the hall. Before Thorsten, could form words he butler spoke.

” Glad to have you two aboard. Now my master has a request of urgent care. I’m sure both of you is well informed by chance of the recent killing. He’s one of the elders of Kou’s noble family, one of his nephews has taken the worsen end of assassins daggers. Believing he will be next, he has asked for services outside of standard guards. May you two accompany this way, I shall lead y’all to my master and you can prep for these lowly vermin called assassins.  

Thorsten might’ve taken offense to the butler’s last comment. Being an assassin himself, as it’s his main source of style. But, Hakon requested him to do the job. ” Than lead the way.” Thorsten, said. His voice held a little spite due to that last comment. He’d eye his soon to be partner, not really saying anything as he walked by him. Going down the hall and continuing to trail the mysterious butler of a noble. The place around them seemed to be a hideaway house. As thought before when first approached it was visited often meaning this noble must already be here. The Butler came to a stop. In here please. he, said. Thorsten, stepping into the room. The butler closing it behind them after the second party had enter. In the middle of the room a short old man sat. He had a white goatee that hung down to the middle of his sternum. He was just casually stroking it, waiting for something, but Thorsten went over to a chair in front of him sitting down.

Word Count 1,027/1,500


Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] Bro2Vi0

| Thorsten Ove |

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Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa
Aseo chair creaking as he sat and leaned back into. The elderly man began to stroke his bread. Awkward silence came upon the room, as neither of the three parties spoke yet. Liking to be well informed, Aseo patience bean to show. Tapping on the end of his shoulder before grunting softly to himself. A new temper had rooted inside him, and it was ugly just like his twisted landscape called a mind. Elder. If you go by that. May you explain your circumstances at heist? I’m sure we would like to prepare for the assassins coming for your head. They could appear at any moment, now that I think about it. Aseo, did make a point. In all the time they sat there and travelled the elongated hallways, day had became night.
A small grunt came out the elder like he was trying to clear his throat. Aseo, threw his hands into the arm, and back to the arm rest. Sitting his cheek into his fingers as they balled up to make it more comfortable. Aye Brat. You got anything to say? You looking dolled eyed over there. Maybe you can get this elder to speak to us. Nevermind you look clueless Aseo, biting his teeth making a tch.. noise. The old man hummed to himself, and then opened his mouth.

” I’m going to keep this short. Just like your temper, Asehi. Reminds me of your parents, those irritating lot. I need you to protect over this house, and me. If I survive I’ll gladly give you the reward after dealing with the incoming assassins.”

The Elder seemed to get to the point. Insult those bastards. I could care less, but refrain from relating myself to them. Elder. Aseo, said. He didn’t like how he was related to the Asehi’s as it was his adopted last name. Standing up from the chair, Aseo went to scout the left wing of the building. Leaving the room entirely. Aye, You. Dolled Face Child, You protect the Elder, I’ll check the other side. Aseo, last said before disappearing into the dark hallway. ‘ Where did the butler go? ‘ Aseo thought to himself, walking alone. He couldn’t see through the darkness in the hall making it easier for a surprise attack, which it did. A deathly kunai flew past Aseo’s face. Cutting his cheek slightly, blood forming than dripping down his cheek. A second one came, but Aseo had did a basic jump to the left, to avoid the incoming, but get cut on his side from the one retracting. The assassin had made it first strike, and it was time for Aseo’s counter. Crouching down reaching to his side. Drawing two syringes, he flicked them off toward the darkness. Pinnacle blending into its surrounding  making it hard for anyone to see just like the kunai that were thrown. One of the two syringes that Aseo’s threw missed, and the other found itself in the thigh of the Assassin as he appeared in front of Aseo. Sword raised high, the assassin bring it down trying to deliver a few sword slashes . Sadly he or she shouldn’t have gotten close. Aseo’s borg activated and deflected the first swing leaving enough time to counter.

Swiftly inching in, Aseo brought his fist back and connected a basic punch to the sternum. A loud cracking noise ringing through the hallway as the assassin bones shattered, and his or her back reached the floor. Aseo didn’t stop until he made sure they were dead. Going in to draw out a basic stomp on the sternum four times, until nothing else but a meshing sound was heard. Aseo’s eyes filled with a dark bloodlust. That’s the end of them.. HueHuehue! Laughing loudly letting it echo. Hopefully the young boy had a different outcome, than Aseo.

Word Count: 1,775,1,500

Magoi: 315/320
Stamina: 135/155
Free Ammunition: 8/10

Abilities Used:

Anubis Eye
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Assassin
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can't perform if his hand is broken.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Cost: 20 Stamina ; 10 Sustain

    The users reaches to his side, drawing forth two syringes from his inner sleeve. Adjusting them along his fingers between the index and thumb, before launching them forward at his opponent aim toward the eye, and jugular vein. If the syringes hit it deals D-Tier damage, and bleeding effect for 2 post.  

Tier: D-Ω
Specialization: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi

    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect: The character can now perform feats just as breaking down walls and large stone structures with their bare hands and deal B-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a C-tier fanalis.


4Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] Empty Re: Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] on 26/07/17, 02:12 am

Thorsten Ove

Thorsten Ove
Thorsten, just sat quietly. He had a bad temper himself, but patience he also had. This second party seemed to be dealing with something. He couldn’t really put his hand on it since he didn’t know. Thorsten, eyes widening as the other party spoke though, making them look all doll eyed. ”Aye Brat. You got anything to say? You looking dolled eyed over there. Maybe you can get this elder to speak to us. Nevermind you look clueless” the second party said. Thorsten, didn’t care for his remarked. If he did, he would’ve had already tried to fight him. Before, Thorsten could make a comeback the Elder began to speak.

” I’m going to keep this short. Just like your temper, Asehi. Reminds me of your parents, those irritating lot. I need you to protect over this house, and me. If I survive I’ll gladly give you the reward after dealing with the incoming assassins.”

Thorsten, chuckled. It looked the Elder knew who we were or at least the other person. Calling him Asehi. He would remember the name. ”Who exactly are the Asehi? Also do you know my name? Or was it just him?” Thorsten, had finally spoken up. Aseo had made his leave, and it was just Thorsten, and the Elder now. The Elder placed his hands together, and Thorsten just watch. Awaiting for him to give him an answer, that he may or may not get. The door knob turned slightly and it seemed it was the butler whom walked in. Thorsten turning over his left shoulder to face. But it was just as he thought or saw. ” Oh my..Oh my goodness. Thorsten, said while instantly reacting. Moving in front of the elder, as the butler body crashed to the ground and a man in a full outfit of blue. ” Ahh… The Asehi’s are a group of troublemakers. Ting, and Jing Asehi their names our. Ting has such an atrocious attitude that woman holds. Unlike her sprouse. “ The elder went on about. Thorsten, had grabbed him to be moved out the way of a deathly kunai that had been thrown during him speak, which he is continuing to do. Rotating to basic kick a chair towards the assassin. Only to have it cut down in two halfs. The elder in one hand, and nothing in his free, Thorsten was trying to escape the room while defending the talkative elder. ” I remember in my Youth. That Jing Asehi, hadn’t known how to find a young perrywinkle if she stood in front of him. Ahh, such memories. I wonder what changed that man. Could’ve been something along his journey. Achhoo “ Ending his sentence in a sneeze. That sneeze actually saved him as the deathly kunai was swung at him, but due to the sneeze he had ducked.

Thorsten had brought his yo-yo’s, but using them probably won’t happen. The assassin however was using his arsenal. Thorsten stopping drop the Elder. A loud thud echoing throughout the room. That deathly kunai from before had since then reverted. Thorsten watched as the assassin came in front of him and attempted sword slashes . This actually making him laugh. Holding his arms up basic guarding by crossing them, the blade barely pierced through his whale like skin. Leaving him quite open, Thorsten delivered four crushing basic punches to the stomach and sternum. Sending the assassin through the air, and crashing into the wall. Blood left it’s trail as the Elder still sat rubbing his nose. ” It look like the jobs done, and your butler has retired. Thorsten saying that not really knowing if the other person had taken care of the assassin. But Thorsten, hadn’t no care if he did or not. Getting his reward from the Elder, and heading off to leave.

Word Count: 1,688/1,500


Dead by Midnight [Thorsten] Bro2Vi0

| Thorsten Ove |

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