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The Road Not Taken [D - Repeatable]

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1The Road Not Taken [D - Repeatable] Empty The Road Not Taken [D - Repeatable] on 22/06/17, 06:49 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Job Name: The Road Not Taken
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50 XP / 3000 Huang
Job Overview: The harsh winters are dangerous in the land of Imuchakk--many are afraid to explore the expanse of the tundra for fear of being slaughtered by murderous snow beasts or falling victim to the frigid cold. One brave band of people managed to explore out in the tundra, trying to create a settlement of their own in hopes of finding great treasures out in the land. Recently, one of their own has fallen ill to a terrible sickness--fetch and retrieve them a flower grown only in the tundra, The Crystallia, and return it to the men. They will repay you for your kind deed!

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