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Syne Academy [RWBY RP]

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Syne Representitative


Syne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9quHgJQ1qz4rgpSYNE ACADEMYSyne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9quHgJQ1qz4rgp
Welcome to Syne Academy, a Hunter's school on the Island Kingdom of Bellmuse. Here, students learn about the dangerous Creatures of Grimm and how to subdue them and claim the rewards. The people attending this advanced academy have created unofficial groups, each with their own ideals on how hunting should be handled. Will these ideals harmonize, or will they clash and be taken to extremes? And what about you, hunter-in-training? What are your ideals? How will you fight the darkness? Or will you join it?

Syne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9r065TJ1qz4rgpRWBYRPGSyne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9r065TJ1qz4rgp
RWBYRPG: Syne Academy is a forum-based role playing game that takes place in Bellmuse, a kingdom on an island north of Vale. This game is based on the popular web series RWBY by Monty Oum and Roosterteeth. It is not necessary to have prior knowledge of RWBY upon joining the site to enjoy it. Role Players of all experience levels are welcome. This site takes pride in its friendly community and members who are willing to help when needed.

Syne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9r5DU0s1qz4rgpRWBYSyne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9r5DU0s1qz4rgp
RWBY is a popular anime styled web series created by Monty Oum and Roosterteeth. It tells the story of a world that struggles with the forces of darkness, as well as political conflicts and racism. In a world filled with the Creatures of Grimm, soulless beings of darkness that devour representatives of  light, Hunters began to train themselves to fight back by using weapons and a form of energy called 'Dust'. Four kingdoms stood out above the rest and became beacons for the world. In addition to the worldwide struggle, The Faunus, a human-animal hybrid race, once fought back against human oppression and won, though that left everyone bitter toward the opposite race, even to this day. The show features a group of Hunters and Huntresses in training, as they learn what it means to deal with the world around them.

Syne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9rdNBsF1qz4rgpJOINING UPSyne Academy [RWBY RP] Tumblr_inline_mre9rdNBsF1qz4rgp
Interested? Well good! All you have to do is register at and give your character an application. It's that easy! A brand new adventure is moments away, and all you have to do is take that first step. Join today or forever wonder about what could have been.
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