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Guard Duty or should I say Babysitting? [job/closed]

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The day had gone rather quick. Ren had gone from enjoying the day by staying in his hut napping away to spending his night playing night guard at the village entrance. Never had he been so bored but apparently the village was in need of strong warriors to watch the villages since some were off sick. They most likely ate some bad fish or horrible overdue meat. It wouldn’t surprising since they spend most of their time hunting for their food. He wondered if they sanitized the food before eating but then again it didn’t really matter to him seeing as how when he was a slave, food was nothing more than a blessing. Apparently warriors were being lost due to avalanches also so the food wasn’t entirely to blame. He chuckled at how awkward it must be to be killed off by a massive amount of snow and ice. He got the job as night guard cause of the chieftain since none of the imuchakk wanted to take the job. He didn’t mind, he enjoyed spending some time by himself especially in this peaceful snowy night. As he sat there, snow began to fall. With his blade sheathed by his side, he sighed and smelled the air around him. Nothing out of the ordinary just the normal smell that surrounded the village.
Just as his mind was about to wander he could hear footsteps coming from a few meters away. Looking forward he spotted two men dressed in all black running towards him with blades unsheathed. The blades were small which made him laugh a bit and their speed didn’t compare to his. Standing up, he cracked his neck and sighed. He jogged towards the two and stopped right in front of the two men. Just as they swung their arms attempting to cut Ren in his throat. He ducked just as their arms moved and kicked off the ground with his arms extended  as his shoulder dug into their lungs. He rolled over and stood up as they coughed for air. He looked at them and shook his head. Without saying a word, He dropped his foot on the throat of one of the men as his neck snapped and he ceased movement. The other one took in another deep breath and tried to move but Ren was quick to step on his neck also.
He hated the idea of killing people but this was a mission and these were bad men. Just as he turned back toward the village he spotted three heading right towards the village entrance. Ren was quick to sprint towards them and stop them just as they were five meters away from the entrance. He cut them off with a spear tackle to the man on the far right who collided with the other two and knocked them to the ground. Ren chuckled a bit at the sight of the assailants sitting on the ground. ”Good try.” Unsheathing the blade, he stabbed it right into the man’s stomach that he spear tackled earlier. Leaving the blade within the man as he yelled he sighed and approached the other two as they tried to crawl away. One was quick to turn but was stopped by a tight grip on his leg. Ren squeezed as his leg snapped and he yelled out in pain. He pulled him in and lifted his foot and slammed it down on his head. His skull broke and Ren simply stepped over him as he had his sights set on the other moron who tried his best to scurry away. Taking a step back he pulled his blade out of the other mans stomach who was now dead and approached the other man slowly.

He begged for mercy but Ren ignored his words knowing that if it was a victim the assailant would have simply killed him in cold blood. With a quick slash, he cut through the scared bandits throat and turned his back. He spent the rest of the night cleaning up the mess and received the reward from the Chieftain in the morning. 
Word count over 600+

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