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Protect the Caravan [Job/Solo]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou



aying down one final shirt, Jingyi tied close her travel pack before throwing it over her shoulder. It was second nature by now to grab the sheath that Windcutter was resting within, strapping the blade to her belt and securing it. Checking her pocket, the redhead curled her fingers around the Skeleton Key and nodded her head. She had everything she needed.

Extinguishing the lamp by her bunk, the soldier promptly left the barracks and headed towards the base checkpoint. Seeing how she was within military walls, Jingyi kept her usual smile off her face, her brows instead furrowed together as the woman did her best to keep a straight face. Her time in the military has taught her well, seeing how inappropriate smiles before earned her laps around the training grounds by drill sergeants.

At the exit was a trader dressed in fine clothes, jewelry hanging from his neck, ears, and wrist. Light flashed off golden rings as he tried to keep himself from frustratedly running his hands through styled hair. Upon spotting her form, he dropped his hands in favor of putting them on his hips, his plucked brows furrowing together as a frown formed on his face.

"You're what they're sending me?" He grilled, obviously displeased as he looked over Jingyi's shoulder. "Are there any others?" The trader asked a moment later, turning his full attention upon Jingyi.

"Yes, sir. I'm who they're sending to your caravan, and no, they sent me alone," Jingyi stated in her military tone, looking up at the trader. His face turned red for a moment as his scowl deepened.

"What do you mean you're the only one?! I paid good money for good protection! And they send me a single girl? Who do your superiors think I am- a joke?!" He challenged his voice level just below to not be classified as shouting. Jingyi waited for him to finish, knowing that for the time being this man was to be her "boss". It was sad, seeing that the military needed to resort to lending out what few troops they had in exchange for money. They needed money for pay, for weapons, for supplies, for everything, and they couldn't afford to turn away a single buyer.

"No sir, they do not think that. We are simply stretched thin and would appreciate it if you would allow me to act as your caravan's protection," Jingyi replied, giving a stiff bow as she watched the man. He grew silent for a moment, his face turning red before he huffed and nodded. He made motions for her to follow before turning sharply on his heel and walking towards a closed wagon. Its sides were painted, with windows carved into the wooden sides and a cloth entrance into the back. A helper ran around from the front and pulled out a step-ladder, prepared to help his boss into what was likely a very comfortable ride.

"Fine. But I expect good results. You can ride up front with the driver until we reach the caravan. They're not far off, getting supplies and what not. You'll change wagons once we reach there. If you slack for even a second, then I'll report you to your superiors!" The man shrilly warned her before pushing back the cloth and entering the back of the wagon. It fell close behind him, and Jingyi could practically imagine him settling down on a throw of pillows.

But, Jingyi didn't wait around and followed the helper to the front. She climbed onto the bench that acted as the driver's seat, her pack coming to a rest on her lap. Besides her, the boy climbed into his own seat and took the reins. With a snap, the horses pulling the wagon were urged into a trot.

The ride was short and quiet, and it wasn't long until they meet up with the rest of the caravan. As ordered, Jingyi then climbed off and joined another wagon, situating herself on the driver's seat. As she did so, she peeked at the head trader's wagon and was able to spot the curtain to one of its windows drawn back, a face watching her.

Looking away, the soldier threw her bag into the wagon after making sure it was fine with the driver before unsheathing Windcutter. Sitting down on the driver bench, she kept the blade on her lap and sat straight up. Half an hour later, the caravan was rattling down its path. According to the driver, they were going through a route through the mountains and then around the walled city of Magnostadt. From there they would rent out a ship or two and sail to Reim to sell their merchandise. Their only problem was that a group of bandits has been targeting them. So far the only casualties were a couple of men and none of their goods. That's why the head trader, Kadual, went to the military for hired help. He didn't feel safe with mercenaries, who would probably just kill them at the end of the job.

For the most part, the caravan managed to travel down their road without a hitch. Nothing seemed out of the norm, and Jingyi couldn't tell if anyone was following them. But, that didn't necessarily mean that none of their previous bandits weren't behind them. It just meant that they were good at covering themselves up.

Throughout the day, the more and more time Jingyi spent around the driver the wagon did she grow more affable. While they were out of the site of the head wagon, Jingyi would open conversation with the boy driving it. But not once did her hand leave Windcutter's hilt, and instead of looking at her converse, the soldier instead focused on the sides of the road.

More time passed, the sun already passing its highest point in its celestial domain and beginning its road to dip below the earth. Yet, there still was no sign of the bandits. It was around the afternoon mark did the caravan begin to slow before stopping. The horses were drawn to a nearby pond to allow them some rest, with Kadual exiting his wagon to enjoy some rest himself. Meanwhile, Jingyi remained on her toes. Her sword remained drawn, the blade hanging at her side as she patrolled the wagons.


From behind her, a smoke bomb exploded, creating a large, impregnable cloud of smoke throughout the area. Workers of the caravan shouted and screamed in surprise, several them running away from the pond from where the bomb went off.

"Girl! Girl!" Shouted Kadual, stumbling throughout the worse of the smoke. Around him, he could hear the panic, with the horses screaming alongside them. It was a foul sound, with his beasts starting to run through the area. He felt his legs tremble and just managed to avoid getting trampled in the inky darkness by one of his horses.

Jingyi focused on clearing the smoke so they could all see, pulled out her key after sheathing Windcutter. Pouring her magoi into the magical tool, the Skeleton Key flashed with a bright light as Fit Any Hand activated, transforming it into a two-meter long fan. With all her being, Jingyi began to vigorously fan the air, pushing back the smoke. The cloud dispersed, bringing back sight to those previously trapped within. Kadual was trembling on the ground, with several other members stumbling about as they too regained site.

Just as Jingyi realized that she could not see any bandits before her, she heard the pitter-patter of someone running behind her. Whirling around, she came face-to-face with a being rushing at her, dressed in a mask and dark clothes. In his hands, he wielded a sword which begun to raise in preparation to attack her. Letting more of her Magoi flow into the Skeleton Key, Jingyi transformed it once more, this time into a broadsword.

Digging her heels into the ground, she quickly raised the illusionary blade and used Iron Guard to defend against the Secret Attack. Metal clanged against metal before Jingyi shoved the Bandit back. With a flick of her wrists, the soldier swung the blade and left a jagged cut across his chest. The force of both the Skeleton Key weapon and her own strength forced the bandit back, who promptly dropped his blade in favor of clutching at his wounds.

Paying him no more attention, Jingyi whirled on her heels and looked around for more bandits. Already, she spots one heading towards a wagon, no doubt with the intentions to raid it. Launching herself forwards, Jingyi ran towards the enemy, who noticed her too late. Jingyi lashed out with her leg, performing a Close Kick. The blow forced him away from the wagon, and before he could recover, Jingyi took a step forwards and thrust out the Skeleton Key blade, stabbing the bandit through the stomach. With a gurgle, he pulled himself away and grabbed his stomach.

Before he had the chance to fall to his knees, Jingyi turned around and scanned the rest of the wagons. The third of the trio of bandits fell upon her, his blade raised to attack her. Before his attack could land upon her, Jingyi pushed the back of her heels into the ground and pushed herself forwards. With the grace and speed she had earned through countless months of training, Jingyi maneuvered herself around the bandit. The man's masked face turned in surprise to look over his shoulder at his opponent, a shout escaping him as Jingyi tackle-rushed him, driving the Skeleton Key's blade into his back. It went far enough to considerably hurt him, though the force was not enough to actively kill him. Just down the man.

This time, Jingyi did not yank on the weapon and pull it out; instead, she let the Magic Weapon flash, the sword turning back into a key. Stashing her precious item back into her pocket, Jingyi began to walk back to Kadual. The caravan, with Jingyi, spent the next hour or so rounding up the horses and checking for any more danger. After demasking the three bandits, it was revealed to be Kadual's own tired workers.


Protect the Caravan [Job/Solo] 4oD5QtJ

Name: Skeleton Key
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Illusion (Light + Sound)
Appearance: A small, brass key that is useless as an actual key except for the most basic of locks. A length of 15CM, and a small flourish at the head and a single square tooth of 2CM. The magic circle is located on the tooth.

  • Fit Any Hand - By infusing magoi into the tool, it can create an illusory weapon or mundane object up to 2M long, with the key as its handle. This created weapon can interact with material objects, the weapon deal up to B-tier damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Protect the Caravan [Job/Solo] IuasmHK

Name: Windcutter
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Four-Ring Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 15 cm. There is a long blade, with four rings lining one edge, with indentions in the sharper side of the blade. There's an eye-catching red tassel attached to the end of the hilt. When her brother had upgraded the rather old blade, he had given it a whole new look, to her surprise.


Power Step

Tier: C
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before pushing themselves forwards.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

    The user has to take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before launching themselves forwards. Power Step gives the user the ability to maneuver around an opponent or dodge a single C-tier attack.

Iron Guard (Scaled x1)

Tier: D (C)
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close (0m-1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must shift into a defensive position and brace themselves for the incoming attack.
Scaling: Hits; each time Iron Guard is utilized, the amount of hits it can block raises by 1 for an aditional 10 stamina.
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina (20 Stamina)

    The user plants their feet into the ground and raises their sword as their brace themselves. Any incoming attack that deals D-Tier (C-tier) is blocked, but Iron Guard may only block a single attack per use unless scaled.


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