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Protecting Rukus [Job/Solo]

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1Protecting Rukus [Job/Solo] Empty Protecting Rukus [Job/Solo] 10/06/17, 02:40 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou



alking down the street, Jingyi simply glanced around at the different stores. She wasn't entirely sure what she should do with her free time, which she had an abundant amount of. She had just gotten off base and as always, she had her sword and her key. But trotting at her side, garnering a lot of odd looks, was Dullahan. He seemed to have his typical grumpy look on his face, though he didn't complain much about their trip around.

It was during their aimless but leisurely walk around the town did Jingyi spot a hassled looking girl. Her hair was unbrushed, her clothes a mess, and she had the expression of a doe caught in front of a group of hunters. In her hands, she had a bundle of papers, which she handed it out to anyone who would accept them.

Heading over to the girl, Jingyi gently placed her hand on the girl's shoulder, causing her to jump in fright. She whipped around, her eyes wide and her eyebrows nearly to her hairline. Her gaze flickered from Dullahan's unimpressed face to Jingyi's, and within a couple of moments she finally calmed down.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Jingyi softly inquired, moving her hand away from the girl. It took her some time, as the brown-haired girl glanced down at the papers in her arms before nodding.

"My grandfather, he's-he's been going down to the casinos and gambling... I'm, well, I-I'm worried about him. He might be getting himself into a-a lot of trouble... I have some money, so-so can you please keep an eye on him? Ju-Just for a little while, to make sure he's not in any real danger? Please?" She stammered, her voice quiet and meek as she looked back up at Jingyi. For a moment her eyes traveled down to her sword, which prompted the redheaded soldier to put her hand on the weapon's hilt.

"Of course I can. Don't you worry, alright? What's your granddaddy's name and where can I find him?" Jingyi invited, her head tilting to the side as one of her brows rose. It took the girl a moment, but she finally told her where Rukus, the grandfather, lived and where he could be found if he wasn't home.

After taking one of the slips of paper from Rukus' granddaughter and stuffing it in her pocket, Jingyi snapped her fingers for Dullahan and continued walking. The goat willingly followed after her, his hooves making quiet clopping noises against the concrete. Looking at her partner, Jingyi watched as his head gently swayed from side to side with each of his steps, his ears perking and lowering, his tail twitching from side to side. Despite his disgruntled look, his body was relaxed as he simply followed. Jingyi was sure that, by now, the goat's ill-tempered appearance was just for show.

While they had continued with their stroll, though the difference between then and now was that they had an aim to where they were heading. The address where Rukus apparently lived was on a familiar road, which was now their direction. Just as they hit the street corner that would turn onto the road they needed, Jingyi stopped Dullahan. She could sense him watching her as the redhead peered around, looking for their "target".

Down the road, she could spot an elderly-looking figure shuffling down the sidewalk. Looking back at her partner, Jingyi gesture to him before trodding around the corner. Just as she begun to follow Rukus, she heard Dullahan's hooves clopping behind her. Backing up quickly, Jingyi quietly looked at the goat before peering back at Rukus, who was rapidly disappearing.

Gesturing for Dullahan to keep some distance as to not give away their presence, Jingyi began to Mission-Impossible sneak after her target. Her feet were a quiet pitter-patter on the ground as she tip-toed, hiding behind objects and looking around them for Rukus. Meanwhile, Dullahan just openly walked some paces behind her. At least he made an effort to keep quiet as he did so.

This occurred for the rest of the day, Jingyi and Dullahan following Rukus around. They went from a store to a park, and then back to the old man's home. While their sneaking was rather amateurish, they managed to avoid rousing their target's attention.

But the real action was when the sun started to dip down, the sky turning a shade of twilight. It was summer's time, so while it wouldn't become pitch-black soon, it had already beginning to get dark.

Rukus left his house and shambled back down the road. But instead of heading down another street, he turned to an alley. It took some time for Jingyi to help Dullahan squeeze through the tight spaces and in the end, they managed to keep up with Rukus.

This time, instead of heading to some child-friendly area, they arrived at a gambling house. Jingyi and Dullahan had to keep back due to the people lingering around. If it wasn't for a job, she would have never been to an area there. There were men and women doing unpleasant things, there were smokers, there were stragglers, and there were even drunkards.

Hiding behind some dumpsters, Dullahand and Jingyi staked out the place. They waited for who knows how long for Rukus, and by the time he was finally kicked out, it must have been seven or eight. Just as the human and her goat were about to get up and continue with their stalking of the man, people began to clear out.

Stragglers bumbled away, men and women disappeared into the shadows, people threw away their tobacco without finishing it, and the drunkards abandoned their drinks. Even Rukus sped up his ambled pace in an attempt to leave. The reason for the haste to disappear from the casino was made apparent when a well-dressed man exited the casino. His hair was styled into a grand pompadour, his eyes were hidden by sunglasses, but the most noteworthy thing about him (other than his rather stylish clothes) was a large club. Surrounding him were a trio of men with a smaller version of their boss's hair, and like him they wore suits.

"Goin' somewhere, pops?" The obvious boss asked, smacking his lips as he spoke in a thick accent. Chewed around by his teeth and hanging off his lips was a toothpick, which was pushed around by his tongue as he talked. "Ya gotta pay us up the money we loaned ya, old man. You know the rules," He continued, smiling menacingly as he took out the toothpick and dropped it. Lifting his club, he smacked one end into the palm of his hand and chuckled.

"Ya! Pay up!" One goon excitedly called, earning an elbow from one of his companions. The boss ignored the whoop of his underling and instead walked towards the trembling Rukus.

"Sorry that I gotta do this old man, but those who don't pay up get smacked up. Gotta keep my reputation, ya dig?" He threatened, his smile widening into a grin as his glasses slipped down his nose as the loan shark looked down at his target.

"Go, Dullahan!" Jingyi yelled, the goat promptly charging forwards at the loan shark. Before the goat could run him over, the loan shark stumbled back. Taking the distraction, Jingyi ran forwards and grabbed Rukus, dragging him away from what would be a fight and stuck him in her hiding place.

As Dullahan circled around from his attack, Jingyi trotted forwards and met up with him. Patting the goat's neck, the redheaded woman tilted her head towards the alley where the grandfather hid, gesturing for him to go protect him. Returning her attention to the loan shark and his goons, they did not seem too pleased.

"Oi, girly," The boss growled, his eyes narrowing behind his glasses, "This is nona your business. Scam before we mess you up." He threatened, lowering the club as he started to walk towards her.

"Na, I'm not going to let a bunch of grown men beat on a grandfather," Jingyi replied nonchalantly, unsheathing her sword as she fixed her red gaze on the four. "I gotta warn you, this'll be self-defense if you attack the either of us, so just go."

Unpredictably, they didn't take up on her offer. With a snap of his fingers, the loan shark sent his goons upon him. As if they practiced this before, they collectively took out their switchblades and clicked it open. With what was meant to be threatening chuckles, the goons stalked forwards. One suddenly then broke ranks and rushed forwards in an attempt to shank her with Goon Slash.

Digging her heels into the ground, Jingyi pushed herself forwards, her Power Step allowing her to easily maneuver around the goon. Once she was behind him, Jingyi slashed Grasscutter, the jagged sword slicing deep through the goon's suit and skin. With a cry he stumbled away and fell, his hands reaching behind him to grasp at the rapidly bleeding wound.

Turning around, Jingyi faced the remaining two men, her eyes narrowing. She took a deep breath, her feet sliding apart as she slipped into the stance. Raising Windcutter, the goons watched as a golden glow enveloped the blade of the weapon. The redhead could feel her heart hammer in her chest, knowing all too well of what Magoi Iidrag would do to her sword, and to the goons. But, they were crooks who were going to hurt an old man horribly. She was a soldier, and soldiers fight.

Before they could escape her reach, Jingyi lunged forwards and attacked the goon on the left. Stabbing her sword forward, it was like a sword going through soft butter. He gurgled for a moment, and before he could drop, Jingyi pulled her sword out. Turning on her heel, Jingyi turned to face the other goon. Swinging out her sword, the magically enhanced blade easily felled the man.

Now only two remained in the ring, the loan shark watching Jingyi. Now he had to find three replacements thanks to the girl who was becoming an even bigger pain with each passing moment.

Without words, he lunged forwards and swung his club, trying to crush his foe with the Crushing Devil. Before the weapon could render Jingyi a bug, she took a step back and planted herself into her place. Pouring more strength into the move, Jingyi raised her sword and used her Iron Guard to stop the attack.

The loan shark stumbled back from his momentum being stopped so suddenly while Jingyi was forced back from the force. Before the man could recover himself and attack once more, Jingyi bent her knees and flipped, her sword stretched out and slashing the Loan Shark. Windcutter, its blade still covered in her Magoi, was enhanced and cut through him. With a roar, the Loan Shark stumbled back before collapsing.

Sheathing her sword, Jingyi wiped the back of her hand across her sweaty forehead. Fighting was becoming easier and easier, but with a heavy sigh she had to admit that the final bits were not. Furrowing her brows, Jingyi walked back towards the ally where Rukus was stashed, Dullahan walking towards her.

It was time to take Rukus home now that he was safe from the loan sharks. Hopefully this event would teach him a lesson about never gambling or taking loans from crooks. Jingyi did not want to go through that again.

Abilities Used:

Iron Guard (Saled x3)
Tier: D (now A)
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close (0m-1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must shift into a defensive position and brace themselves for the incoming attack.
Scaling: Hits; each time Iron Guard is utilized, the amount of hits it can block raises by 1 for an aditional 10 stamina.
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post (Now 4 posts)
Cost: 10 Stamina (Now 40 Stamina)

    The user plants their feet into the ground and raises their sword as their brace themselves. Any incoming attack that deals D-Tier is blocked (now A-Tier), but Iron Guard may only block a single attack per use unless scaled.

Power Step
Tier: C
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before pushing themselves forwards.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

    The user has to take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before launching themselves forwards. Power Step gives the user the ability to maneuver around an opponent or dodge a single C-tier attack.

Magoi  Iidrab (Magoi Strike)
Tier: B
Class: Warriors
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be equipped with a weapon that has a blade; the user must take a deep breath, take a stance and concentrate on channeling their magoi.
Scaling: Duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Magoi

    The user takes a stance and takes a deep breath as they channel their magoi to their weapon. The Magoi coats the blade of the weapon, and for a single post, their attacks deal A-Tier damage due to the B-Tier Magoi Manipulation.


Protecting Rukus [Job/Solo] IuasmHK
Name: Windcutter
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Four-Ring Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 15 cm. There is a long blade, with four rings lining one edge, with indentions in the sharper side of the blade. There's an eye-catching red tassel attached to the end of the hilt. When her brother had upgraded the rather old blade, he had given it a whole new look, to her surprise.[/center]

Protecting Rukus [Job/Solo] 092927978018c022879520caa087dad0
Name: Dullahan
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Ferrum Carpa
Appearance: Dullahan, like all Ferrum Carpa, is a type of goat. His massive horns that curl around his ears, if stretched out, are 58 cm, with the shorter set of horns on his head tapering off at 5 cm. All of his horns are a metallic silverish-iron color. Like all Ferrum Capra, he has several horns lining his sides. They differ in size, with the one starting by his shoulder 5cm and the largest on his hip 20cm. Dullahan was bred to be larger than most Ferrum Carpa, so he stands at a height of a small horse (180 cm) with a rather wide body of about 50 cm. His body is covered in soft, white wool, though it doesn't cover his dark-brown face. The tips of his tail are black, along with the insides of his ears.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: War Worthy
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpa were bred to be battle mounts, resulting in being as large as a small horse, having stronger and leaner bodies, and amped conductive abilities.
Trait Effect: Increases the damage of basic attacks by one tier. His basic attacks deal C-tier damage instead of D.

Trait Name: Conductive Bones
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Capra
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpa have special body organs that allow them to generate electricity. They have modified muscles that can release electric currents, a special organ about the size of a kidney that produces electric shocks, iron bones (conductive), and electrogenic cells throughout their bodies and horn.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register static-based abilities.

Trait Name: Restoring Saliva
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Glands in a Ferrum Carpa's mouth are able to produce special saliva that contains healing properties capable of healing bruises, cuts, burns, fractures, and other wounds.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register healing-based abilities.


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