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Liquor Bandits [Lagi/Solo/C-Rank]

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Assignment Name: Invite Only
Assignment Rank: C-Tier
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Finger Of The Hand
Assignment Overview: After finding out the requisites to the party, getting in involves a few invitations. A way in could mean that Lagi could use the selling of El Ragu that's being delivered to the party as a way. Hijacking the Caravan with their guards is the only problem.
Enemy Name: Escort Guards(x2)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: C Tier Speed, C tier strength

Javelin Throw- The escort Guard throws a javelin at rank speeds to inflict C rank damage

Unified Protection- Two escort guards puts their shields together to make a protective shell. It can take up to B rank damage but can be destroyed if any more is used.

Razor Shell- The Escort guard swings their razor sharp shields at the opponent for C rank slicing damage at C rank speeds.

The investigation was happening for quite a bit, this took careful planning and execution if Lagi was to find a way to get anywhere near the party. He understood alt about how these politicians operate, they were always filed to the brim with security. Though with a party like this, he figured that they had something important to talk about. Maybe it wasn’t so much of a party? Maybe it was a meeting under the label of one of the many parties that Odion hosts. “I’m starting to think that to be true. Since coming here, I would assume that with every one party that he has, there’s nothing but business to be discussed during those moments. Either way, it seems like he’s starting to make a big move if they are all meeting up together over a sudden. “It was a lucky break for them to all be in the same room on a special day, Lagi was thrilled to take on such an opportunity all for himself. “Ok, so let’s take a look at what’s currently going on. We know that everything is invite only for the time being. Who else could be at the party that wouldn’t be necessarily the guests of honor?” Lagi knew the answer already, but he wanted to test the competence of his dark hand faction.
They mumbled among each other for a quick minute before one of them spoke up. “Sir, we have done our research on the target. Servants, guards, chefs, things of that nature might be attending the meeting. “ Lagi nodded, but that information wasn’t something he was considering as an answer. “Well, If you have done the research like you said you did, you would know that they hire within a certain company of some kind. Of course, it’s possible to replace these people, but we have no idea who the companies are, and probably have no sort of use for killing people who are dragging along to do their job. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t heroes, but its more satisfying when we know they deserve it. On top of that, it’s more satisfying to know that they’ll be willing to fight back, I rather enjoy the workouts. “

They did ok, so Lagi would stop beating around the bush. “It looks like Odion seems to be a fan of our product. There would be a pack of El Ragu being present at the party with a few guest servers. Of course, we went legal with our wares, so it’s not like we have control of what our joint partners do with the cases that they pay us for. But because we are partners with they, I bet they aren’t expecting us to be the prime suspect of hijacking our own shipment, which also so happens to be heading to Odion’s place. “Lagi smiled as he got up from his seat. “So it’s show time! Looks like we’re going to be stopping that shipment. Taking control of it under the guise of the third party, that’s the way in.


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The sound of the Raski snails slithering across the sand was the only thing that can be heard as the escorts continued to make their way to heliohapt from the forgotten sands. The guards figured that it was best for them to send out an armed force instead of servants ii order to discourage people from getting close to the wares. Because of the recent popularity of the El Ragu drink, it was highly susceptible to random crackheads trying to get their fix. Even though it might seem unlikely to find a bunch of naked people heading out in the dessert, you would be surprised as to how deep the Europhobic state was.

“Ever wondered how these giant snails move so fast?"


That was about the extent of their conversation as  far as it came to pass the time. They continued to keep their eyes open no matter what. Even though it seemed like a small job, they were being depended on by the politician that was paying double their salary if they managed to reach to heliohapt in time.  However, the snails were starting to get anxious and ultimately stopped. “What in the hell? What’s wrong with these creatures?” The guard whipped his reins twice in order to initiate a forward motion with the snails, but they did not budge and refuse to listen. “They have a high acute sense to danger, something must be wron-“


Bursting out through the ground, Lagi sent the signal for the ambush to happen with the use of making those dugouts in the sand in the first place and studying the safest route of travel. The body manipulation groundhog technique was definitely useful. Obviously, the guards flipped their lid when they saw Lagi and the other dark hand members there, drawing their weapons and preparing for an assault.  Guard 1  did javelin throw in order to see if he could catch lagi with his quick reflexive throwing, but Lagi’s danger sensory and quick movements at A rank speed would allow for it. He quickly pivoted away from the  Javelin as he took out his angelic bow. After taking aim, lagi fired the angelic bow of heaven, with the angel feather hitting guard 1 square on in the head.

Guard2 then came after Lagi and swung its razor shell shield at the man, but was too late in getting the drop on Lagi. Once they entered his range, Lagi knew. With a power punch with the use of theElegian gauntlet. Molten fist clashed with the razor shell shield and broke through it entirely hitting the man square on in the chest with A rank molten damage. “Another one bites the dust.”

Of course, with Lagi’s mastery with taming beasts, he looked at the Raski snail pairs and used a special technique to pet them, calming them down. “ “There there, It’s over now. Though, I’m sure we can find some good use for you. “ As for the guard, Lagi ordered for them to be stripped naked and left for the sand worms, the cargo was captured and that’s all they needed.

WC 1000/1000

MAgoi - 330/350
Stamina- 400/430

Abilities used
Name: Bow of Heaven
Tier: B
Type: Bow
Magic Type: Holy [Light + Life]
Appearance: A golden bow that shimmers as if the sun is hitting it at all times. The bow is 1.5 meters long and has a string made out of thin gold wire.

Angel Feather - Feeding magoi into this bow, the user can create a 60cm arrow made of holy light, which the user is able to strike foes for B tier damage or heal allies for B tier damage and striking up to 20m away. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Molten Fist: Feeding magoi into the gauntlet with a clenched fist causes its surface to be covered in molten lava. This causes its attacks to deal A-tier burning damage and ignite flammable targets. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Name:   Groundhog
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Body Manipulator and Beast Tamer [Orie]
Type: Supplementary
Range: Mid
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie's slime will be  visibly writhing for a second before fully emerging into the appropriate shape in question.
Scaling: Tough Claws- For 10 more stamina, Orie's shovel like hands can dig through even A rank surfaces.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Stamina

Through Orie, Lagi creates two beast like limbs that look like shovel claws that are five feet in length and width each. They can be used to burrow underground.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed.

Trait Name: Danger Sense
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: Orie Omega
Trait Description: Protecting the host body is the first and foremost function of a parasite, due to the fact that their relationship is dependent on each other. With the recent evolution that Orie experienced, one of the ways she keeps them safe is by developing a heightened intuition of danger or dangerous situation, linked from orie in order to inform the host body of the incoming threat. This is done through a sense of hypersensitivity throughout their surroundings.
Trait Effect: The user can sense nearing danger, acute danger, potential immediate danger, and impending danger and sense unwanted or hectic threats to their well-being and evade it. Heightened senses hypersensitivity ranges from 10 meters from the host body. The host and the symbiote isn't aware of anything further than that until it enters that range. At the start of each thread Orie grants the host an enhanced version of this ability, allowing them to dodge a combined total of A-Tier damage.


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