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Planning a party [Lagi/D-Rank/Solo]

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1Planning a party [Lagi/D-Rank/Solo] Empty Planning a party [Lagi/D-Rank/Solo] on 09/06/17, 03:08 pm


Assignment Name: A-rank Politics
Assignment Rank: D-Tier
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Finger Of The Hand
Assignment Overview: If anything, figuring out the politics of the place is hard work. The high priests are almost impossible to get to, but not of the people who have their ears. A politician by the name of Odion Kassis is having a party of some kind with other politicians from heliohapt that seem to have great relationships with the high priests, finding out more about it is the key. After learning of the people in there, Lagi prepares a few dark hand members to impersonate them.

It just might be time for the last push, we’ve gotten this far. There are no more rival gangs let to oppose us, so now it’s easy to filter them out. I mean, us as opposed to the alchemists. “ The dark hand priest cackled as he reviewed lagi’s success. “ The others said that you were a waste of time, that it was a fluke that you have achieved so much. I now see that’s not necessarily in the case. Pretty soon, you can avenge the last assault that was committed to your country that was sponsored by the alchemists hiding in this city. In the sense of our objectives as a society, we already achieved as much as we could want for the time being, a little piece in everything to be well connected to what’s around us. For us to get what we need to get done, whenever we need to. However, you say that you want even more?” Lagi fanned off the question, he wasn’t into playing 21 questions with this man. “As a finger of the hand, I know that we each have a sector of somewhat that we keep a close eye on. So, for you to be so far away from reim is a bit unnatural. You wouldn’t come here if you didn’t have a reason to. Are there new developments?”

The priest nodded as he sat down in the low lit room. “There seems to be a few politicians that are having a gathering at a party in heliohapt. Since you seem to control quite a bit of the city, I think that it’s an interesting opportunity for you to capitalize on. “ Lagi scoffed.

“Average politician? We all know who runs things in heliohapt. Its’s either the priest’s or the pharaoh himself. I’ll get to them eventually. “

Those who have the ears of the high priest’s are just as important. Listen Lagi, It’s Odion Kassis. The great relationships that his colleagues have with the high priest’s are too good of a chance to pass off on.
Lagi was silent for a moment, it did sound like a good opportunity. “You’re right, we can’t pass on this.”

For the next month, Lagi used the information that was prepared by the dark hand priest in order to study the new potential targets and start to prepare some proper replacements for the politicians. It was not just one target this time, it was a multitude of targets. This meant that there was a separate team in charge of gathering information on a specific target. Once that was all placed into one particular document, the debriefing phase and the torture tests were something that each and every dark hand impersonator had to go through. It might be the toughest job with the biggest sacrifice, seemingly dedicating their lives to playing a part until the dark hand sees fit, as well as not breaking under any sort of torture.
However, it was all necessary for the final push of a greater hold.


Perk used
Plant: The thing about the dark hand that makes them so formidable is the way that they issue their influence. Important figures or notable individuals of any kind are killed and replaced by the Dark hand members as professional impersonators. Lagi has command over these operations in the sense of figuring out who gets replaced. With that, he picks a nice candidate from the dark hand after studying the target. This allows Lagi to excel at gathering sensitive information about replacement prospects, successfully refer to replacement prospect and then "plant" them as that person


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