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The next target [Lagi/D rank/Solo]

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Assignment Name: The High-End Merchant
Assignment Rank: D-Tier
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Finger Of The Hand
Assignment Overview: There seems to be a merchant that rather finicky about other people selling goods in his area, making it hard to get the drugs off the ground. He's not so easily swayed, so Lagi decided to cut this man out and replace him altogether. Finding a little bit about him is a start.

Things were definitely going better than I thought they are. Can anything stop us right now?” Lagi would say to himself with his group of dark hand members tending to their usual duties, but there was an individual that spoke up when he asked that question openly. “Well sir, we do have a bit of a problem that we had to take care of?” Lagi raised eyebrow and smashed his hand on the side of his chair, crumpling half of it under his b rank strength. “It was hypothetical, and I’m not a big fan of bad news, so make it count. “ The dark hand member looked around as if someone would back him up on his statement, but everyone pretended he wasn’t even there and avoided eye contact. They didn’t doubt Lagi’s achievements, and they certainly wasn’t going to piss him off. “Well about the selling of our wares, it’s start to diminish a bit because of the constant blockage of ta high end merchant called Qeb Malouf. I was supposed to tell you this information about a month ago, but you were too busy for other assignments. “ A blockage? This man has bee actively trying to get in the way of the dark hand for other a month?

“Which drug?”

“Both sir, surprisingly, he seems more openly protestant against El Ragu than salatis. Could be jealously…..”

“Alright, let see if we can send in negotiator in order to talk to him.”

It didn’t bode well, this man wasn’t budging and seemed to have a hard on for belittling the dark hand merchants. This was actually a big one, someone that has forged a name for themselves in heliohapt ever sine they were a young adult. Getting rid of him wasn’t going to be easy, and they had to find out whatever they could about him.

For the next three weeks, Lagi dedicated his time and effort to intelligence gathering I order to find out all that he could about the individual that he wanted to replace. As a matter of fact, Qeb Malouf had to be replaced at all costs if the selling avenue were to open up for the wares that the dark hand had to offer. It was easy to do everything in the underground, but lagi felt that the items had a lot more credibility now. They could go legit if they wanted to , but the obstacle in their way was an arrogant man who bit off a lot more than he could chew. “Oh, I’ll fix you soon enough you old bastard."

As the research went on, lagi prepped a replacement proxy for Qub after getting rid of him. As a matter of fat, Lagi also brought in a team of dark hand specialists in order to assist him in the impersonation preparations. This was one of the bigger moves for the dark hand in heliohapt, Lagi couldn’t afford to mess this up. Not now, not while he was so close to fully grasping heliohapt.


perk used
Plant: The thing about the dark hand that makes them so formidable is the way that they issue their influence. Important figures or notable individuals of any kind are killed and replaced by the Dark hand members as professional impersonators. Lagi has command over these operations in the sense of figuring out who gets replaced. With that, he picks a nice candidate from the dark hand after studying the target. This allows Lagi to excel at gathering sensitive information about replacement prospects, successfully refer to replacement prospect and then "plant" them as that person


The next target [Lagi/D rank/Solo] CrChE3t

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