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Church and Rag Dolls [Lagi/Solo/D-Rank]

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Assignment Name: Finding the Right Mix
Assignment Rank: D-Tier
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Drug Lord
Assignment Overview: There seems to be a rumor of a herb that increases the muscle growth of an individual of a set period of time, increasing their efficiency and vitality. It is usually treated as some kind gift to be boiled in tea on a heliohapt wedding night. However, Lagi sees the potential of the compound for something much more. Investigating the Wossycin Root became his new interest.

It was time to get to work, Lagi had to make his moves in heliohapt promptly and in a timely manner if he was going to get anything done.  The foremost affair that they asked in the dark hand was money, but gaining that with the resources available in the city was something that lagi disliked. When you end up trying to play nice with the rest of the gangs or organizations, you end up playing by their rules. Lagi had to play by his own rules, and he had to do it his way.

“But what should I get? It has to be something that can be easy to obtain, grow, maybe work it into something that sells like hot cakes. “It should be easy enough, but nowadays, who knew? Though, a dark Hand assistant heard Lagi talking to himself and coughed loudly. “Jynx….” Lagi looked up and put on the usual personality of a dark hand leader. “Ah, almost didn’t notice you there. Guess the drugs are working, hahaha… joking! If only we had merchandise to sell…” The woman walked closer to lagi and made a military greeting. “I have something to report, do you know of the weddings that are held in heliohapt? At least the ones that aren’t so forced…
Lagi sat on the wooden table in the low-lit room.

“Go on…”

“At that place appears to be some sort of tradition that takes a herb mixture that the lovely couple takes with each other before their vows. Weddings happen less frequently, and nowadays people take on concubines.”

“I too am guilty of this....”

“But the benefits of whole bodily efficiency and vitality might be something to look into.”

Lagi was silent for a moment as he got off the table and walked over to the girl.  She could have been eighteen for all Lagi knew, very young to risk her life to do a bunch of criminal activity. “Very nice information. Is there a place I can check to confirm this?”

There was an old run down chapel that seemed to be a refuge for beggars, somewhere at the boundary of the metropolis. With a bit of commissions from the dark hand member, Lagi found the office in under thirty minutes.
“Hey! Knock knock, this is your landlord, speaking!” Lagi walked in with his workforce in his pouch, he was alone, but gave off the air of a slayer. It was noticeable, and it caused the people inside of the building shudder in fear, all except an older man in a brown tattered cloak. “You must be the preacher or worshiper? Not overly sure about the culture of Heliophapt, you worship many gods, correct?  I think this place hasn’t seen too many visitors, let me guess…..”

Lagi would say as he walked around, scoping the place out. “You’ve been lashed out about six, seven times by bandits?”

What do you want from me? We’ve done nothing wrong?”

Lagi turned to the man and smiled. “A wager if anything. If you serve me, I’ll assist you.  Like I said,  you’ll presently be under new management, for the illegal aspect at least. But I am a fair human being,  I can be equally fair as the usefulness of your information.”
Lagi’s words were convincing enough, leading the man to confirm the rumors and give Lagi a more invested interest.



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