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Taking Command, Part II [Mission]

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The Mission:
Job Name: A Steep Incline
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 xp, 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Ambition, Charisma, Zadi, A Foothold
Job Overview:
Having gotten the majority of the foot soldiers on his side, Zadi metaphoricall marches towards the officers' tent in hopes of getting at least two officers on his side by any means necessary. Unfortunately, one officer must be fought in order to make amends and side with Zadi; Bao is furious at Zadi for using magic during their honorable spar. Having recovered from the previous humiliation, Bao intends to take Zadi's head! Zadi must not only fight Bao (and turn another officer) but must also prove his honor during the battle by not killing Bao to win the fight. If Bao doesn't side with Zadi after the battle, Zadi will inevitably fail to take command of this camp.

Enemy Name: Bao
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: The toughest officer in this camp! Mostly quiet until provoked, which Zadi did by using magic during a spar. Simple reasoning will likely not work on this Kou soldier.
-B-tier Fanalis physical strength
-B-tier speed
-A-tier Kanabo (metal studded club)
-Capable of using basic magoi manipulation

Enemy Name: Head Officer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Not as tough or skill as Bao, but this officer is second-in-command of this camp. More than capable with a bow and arrow. Probably more reasonable than Bao, but since Bao is this officer's friend, Zadi could expect more trouble.
-B-tier physical strength
-B-tier speed
-B-tier Short Bow w/various arrows
-Excellent strategist, capable of setting traps during the midst of battle

Having won the respect of at least a majority of the foot soldiers, Zadi headed towards the officers' tent in search of Bao and the Head Officer. Bao would likely still hate Zadi so if Zadi wanted to take control, he'd need to get in good graces with Bao, obviously. Their last encounter was more than spectacular, in a bad sort of way. Zadi was able to test out a new magic tool, but Bao's pride as a warrior was damaged such that the Kou officer now hates Zadi and wishes to literally kill the blonde bastard.

"I'm gonna have to fight Bao if I want to earn some respect and get more control over this camp. The Head Officer might be more reasonable, but I can't be too sure."


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Zadi entered the officers' tent and announced his presence, "Hello everyone! I'd like to propos-"


"Yeah, thought as much. Let's get down to it."

Bao instantly noticed Zadi and charged for him. Zadi drew the only weapon he brought with him, Rukh Slayer, and prepared himself to Bao's rage. However, a couple other officers were immediately commanded to stop Bao from charging Zadi. Zadi was surprised by the command and look around for the person responsible; the Head Officer, second-in-command of the camp, a friend of Bao's.

"Enough, Bao. I know he's wronged you, but fighting in here would be to his advantage. Face him outside, where the spar was supposed to happen. This time, however, it'll be a death match."

Bao huffed and puffed at the sight of Zadi, like a raging bull, so Zadi sheathed his sword before Bao could continue charging and made his way to the area where Bao and Zadi first spared. The officers holding back Bao couldn't do so for long. The monstrous strength of Bao was unlike anyone else in this camp, besides perhaps Zadi and the mysterious commander of this encampment. Not much was known about the commander, but Zadi would have to find out inevitably for his plan to take control to work.

Anyway, the officers holding Bao let go once they heard a whistle, presumably the arrogant blondie that so boldly entered the officers' tent. Bao charged towards Zadi's position, fully armored and equipped. Zadi was as armored as ever with the equipment he thought he needed to actually fight honorably; Rukh Slayer, his pink kimono, Balbadd-style baggy pants, and Balbadd-style shoes which could be mistake for slippers anywhere else. Zadi could hear Bao's cries of bloodlust, obviously aimed for Zadi. Bao could see Zadi's distinct outline in the distance, closing in fast.

However, instead of charging recklessly, Bao cocked the kanabo for a string swing, aimed to remove Zadi's head from his body. A simple charge would have been in Zadi's favor, so Bao somehow cleared that thick skull and taken smarter action against all rage. Granted, a charge plus a swing isn't much different than what Zadi thought would happen to begin with. Zadi felt prepared enough to dodge the simple swing. Grasping the sheathed Rukh Slayer, Zadi prepared to bisect Bao using an unsheathing technique. Once Bao got close enough, Zadi's sword wielding muscles tensed yet instantly hesitated; killing Bao will not only enrage the other officer, but lose the foot soldiers' respect. Bao needs to stay alive for Zadi to keep and gain respect for his plan to work. Zadi sighed before ducking underneath's Bao's kanabo swing, dashing in closer to Bao's gut, and unleashing a simple pommel thrust towards open stomach.

Bao was hit hard, but not quite hard enough. Zadi held back in fear of causing internal damage, so Bao was let off the hook for going in against Zadi blind. Unfortunately for Zadi, he was no very close to Bao, something Bao wanted all along! Perhaps Bao knew of Zadi's plans from the start, using Zadi's weakness against him in order to lure the swordsman close enough to...hug him? Well, turns out this hugging technique is great for spinal breakage, especially against twig-like enemies such as Zadi. Zadi was comparatively a twig against Bao's stature, so Bao's hug would be devastating if Zadi didn't do something to get away.

"Ah shit, this technique is what Bao's known for. This lug can kill a man by hugging him with both arms. If I can't get out of this, I'll be another victim!"

"Gahahaha! Gotcha now, blondie!"

With his arms bound in Bao's hug, Zadi only had one option left at his disposal; raw, physical, unbound strength! Zadi cocked his head back and head-butted Bao in the nose as hard as he could! Bao seemed unphased by Zadi's attack, but unwillingly loosened his hug on Zadi, allowing Zadi to overpower Bao's strength just enough to release himself from Bao's hug. Out of pure frustration, Bao swing down the kanabo upon Zadi, attempting to crush him where he stood. Zadi didn't have time to dodge given he just released himself from a death-hug, so he attempted to parry the kanabo using Rukh Slayer, sliding the kanabo to Zadi's side and towards the ground.

"Gah! That was too close! I would have DIED if I had acted a second later! I gotta end this before I slip up again...but without killing Bao."


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Some time later in the battle, Zadi regretted attempting to end the spar quickly without Bao's death; Bao had only gotten strong through the rage building up. Either Zadi died because of Bao or Bao would die because of a popped artery. Regardless, Zadi would be at a loss considering his plan needed Bao alive to take control of the camp. However, perhaps time was healing Bao's pride as a fighter. Zadi hadn't used any tricks to fight Bao so far in the 'death match', so maybe...just maybe...Bao was starting to respect Zadi.

"Hufff...pufff...come on Zadi...just die already. I can't get my revenge if you don't die!"

"Pufff...hufff...I can't die, I won't die, and I will get you to respect me for my resolve, just as I respect you for your's!"

"Respect you!? Only in death!"

Zadi cursed his luck under his breath, continuing to fight Bao head on. Blows were made and weapons clashed as the two warriors fought each other tooth and nail. The fight lasted half the day but still no clear victor was in sight. However, Zadi's resolve was getting to Bao's heart enough for the kanabo wielder to speak from the heart.

"Hufff...pufff...fine, maybe I respect your resolve a little...but I can only restore my pride with your death!"

"My death wouldn't restore your pride to its original state! Pufff...hufff...but if you follow me into battle, then I'll help you not only restore your pride but polish it to greater heights!"

"Don't be stupid...pride isn't really what I want...I just want everyone to respect my strength...the strength I used to be proud of..."

The exchange of words got to Zadi's arrogance and stomped it to the ground. Bao wasn't fighting for pride; Bao wanted everyone's acknowledgement above all else. For Bao to have confessed really got Zadi thinking about his own pride, "I can sympathize...I get my pride from others, too..." Zadi confessed to his arrogance being driven by thinking about his surroundings, specifically the people filling Zadi's environment. At the moment, even Zadi didn't quite know what that meant, but for now, Zadi felt more resolve than ever to finish this fight and earn Bao's respect!

Bao swung the kanabo one last time, slowly and with exhaustion. Using his remaining strength, Zadi pushed off the ground, ducked under the kanabo, and pommel struck Bao in the gut. Bao had been using magoi manipulation to protect himself up to this point in time, but if Zadi's intuition was correct, Bao's magoi reserves were depleted, unable to protect his most vulnerable area. Bao gasped for air, falling in the process, unable to move after hitting the ground. Only words escaped Bao's breath;

"You have earned my respect, blondie...I'll follow you and your strength..."

Zadi collapsed as well, exhausted nearly as much as Bao. Anymore fighting today and Zadi would lose his life, for certain. The Head Officer was the only other that needed convincing of Zadi's leadership. Thankfully, the Head Officer didn't want a fight nor did he want anything more from Zadi, at least not at the moment. The second-in-command simple order the medics of the camp to take Bao and Zadi to the officers' tent for treatment and healing. Without words towards Zadi, only a simple nod of approval, the Head Officer gave Zadi the respect he was targeting from the beginning. Now all Zadi needed was the mysterious camp commander's written approval sent to Gao...easier said than done.

"I guess defeating Bao and gaining the officer's respect earned my the Head Officer's respect, too. I really thought I'd have to fight both of them at once or in succession in order to fulfill today's goal...damn...if getting their respect was that exhausting, I can't even imagine the hoops I'll have to jump through in order to take full command of this camp. I need to sleep on this...a good, hard resting..."


Rukh Slayer:

Rukh Slayer:
Taking Command, Part II [Mission] PoQBm2s
Name: Rukh Slayer
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Appearance: A 90 cm long sword that is a mixture between a rapier and a saber. The blade is 55 cm long with the rest of the sword, the hilt, being 35 cm long. The sword is curved like a saber, yet is also straight enough to be comparable to a rapier. The part of the blade closest to the hilt is curved away from the hilt to allow for opposing weapons to slide off the blade. The guard spans the entirety of the hilt, being only 3.5 cm away. However, the guard is hollowed out to allow for more space in case the wielder has a large hand which technically makes the most hollow area 6 cm away from the hilt. The guard also features protrusions to allow for extra sharp punches. The sword is made solely out of a light metal found near Magnostadt.


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