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Heartfelt Training

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Thorsten Ove

Thorsten Ove

Its time. The day he gets off to hone his skills. The convey set up in a neighboring village to the capital. This little village has a Inn, Market Area, and Port to Shu-Fang River. The little village name was Ghorëki. Sort of remote in location. Its close to mid-night and it was pretty live. What every was next was Thorsten, had to prepare himself. Just recently placed in an order to obtain a new arsenal that would help him better involve his 'skill set' in performances. A gentle breeze brushed across a roof top. The breeze picking up leaves, dirt, and whatever was weightless enough to be carried.

Tapping. The noise becoming bothersome at this point. Thorsten heard it banging against the wood from outside. Its almost like large men banged on the door. Moonlight split through the silk curtains. Blinding him while he continued to tap away. He faintly whisked aside some papers. Knocking them across a wooden desk. Frustrating at not being able to understand or have the capability to grasp what was written. On the paper was a couple of words. ' Anticipation , Honor, and Dignity. ' was visible to anyone whom my see the paper if they walked in. Grabbing his hair, strands of hair poking out from between. He had begun to cry. It all felt overwhelming for him. He couldn't seem to shake this feeling, and opened the window.

It was night and he was alone at the Inn. The convey staff were all out drinking. Celebrating the huang they've earned recently during the mist of war. However, Thorsten couldn't seem to find the joy in this life. He felt nothing. Nothing. Dropping from the window, and rolling forward to break his fall. Without knowing through some tears. His fall wasn't heard. It was sort of muffle. Muffled to a degree in where it was graceful, and didn't cause to much attention as a fully dressed child stunk away.

The breeze from before being his path. The trail of wind guiding him effortlessly through the trees. Running to get his mind off his studies. Off the work, convey. So much he could do at such a young age. Child Labor? No, Thorsten didn't know what that was, but has seen it. He himself was becoming winded. Stopping. Stomping was more like it. His feet digging through dirt like worms, and banged-moles. A bright light was close in the distance. Not many places to hide either. Haven't stopped to catch his breath, Thorsten had a moment to relocate himself.

To test himself, or to just get rid of this feeling he jumped. Jumping high enough to cuff his right palm across wood. Hanging. He almost laughed when he saw the view. The people with the light were a group of men and women. They looked to be drunk and disoriented. Thorsten, knew his smell of brew. This brought a frown to his face.

Swinging with one hand. Going back and forth with enough momentum to throw himself across the forest. It took moments before Shu-River was in front of him. The moon reflection on the surface. It reflected in his eyes as well. He grew calmer. His mind seemed more at ease. Everything around him begun to sound like a waltz. He himself begun to waltz near the river. If anyone was there they might have already begun laughing at the foolish child. His rhyme didn't match anything like a waltz. More of a bear trying to stand on its hine legs. The moon traveling south down the river, while Thorsten spent some of his time skipping pebbles. It was a great way to practice his accuracy, and precision. His order of throwing spikes, upgraded Gumata, and gloves will be here soon and he needed to prepare himself. Skipping pebbles for night was the plan to pass time.

Couple Days

Thorsten wasn't looking to grow better just in a few days. He did gain better understanding of how he should utilize his arsenal. It had been a while since he been by the blacksmith crafting his new weapons. The excitement of him being able to go collect them was shown on his face. Others around him could just see it and laugh. They hadn't had this experience of getting new weapons in a long time, so they knew what Thorsten felt. In one more day he would receive word about them. So for the evening Thorsten spent his time thinking up ways to properly express his usage and ability to use them. Acknowledging this, he left for the woods to remain practicing until told otherwise.

WC: 500+/500


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