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Puella et Puer Magi - A Madoka Magica Group!

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Puella et Puer Magi - A Madoka Magica Group! Oio86

Making contracts isn't just for girls, anymore...

Entertain the thought of an alternate timeline in which Madoka's selfless wish has been undone by the deceiving Incubators, bringing their soul-reaping back with a-vengeance. With the million-year-eventual heat death of the universe ever yet approaching the Incubators have begun using more underhanded means to recruit young girls; by extending the offer also to boys they may come to befriend, love, and rely upon.

But if Magical Girls grow up to become witches... what do Magical Boys become?


This is a fighting / strategy / drama based RPG that holds an emphasis over:

  • Original character creation & design.
  • Cooperative battles & interaction to encourage character development and an effect on the story's plot.
  • Battle/Item systems pertaining to witch/warlock battles, soul gem corruption & restoration using grief seeds and a new item called "misfortunate dice".
  • Special events that trigger unique and dangerous spawns.
  • The opportunity to play as a witch or warlock upon character death.

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