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Capturing some chicken! [Mission|Solo]

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Azuris turned around in her bed a few times before actually getting up eventhough she had been awake for quite a while now. Again it was hot outside. The young Fanalis Female stood up and looked out of the window. It was warm outside and eventhough she didn’t really had anything to do she decided to go outside a bit and see if she could find a job or something like that for one day. Azuris hoped for some work instead of fighting so she left her battle axe Zagros at home. After eating something she left her home and walked through the streets of Reim. It didn’t took too long when she found a Merchant who was looking for someone or something hectically. He seemed to be very in stress but the majority of people seemed to ignore him so Azuris approached him and asked him what his problem was. He asked that he had a huge farm with many animals, however there was a little problem and he needed some help. Azuris told him that she didn’t knew how to repair things so he would have to tell her what exactly he needed done before she would go with him. The farmer stated that his old cages were broken and his 20 chicken escaped from them. However he has new cages now but the chickens are still somewhere on the farm and he needs some help to catch them. Azuris sighed and agreed on helping him after she made sure that he would give her a certain reward. Catching a few chicken couldn’t be that hard, right?

After entering the farm Azuris didn’t waste any time but started with searching for the chicken right away. This was one of those times when she was thankful for being a Fanalis. Her extraordinary speed helped her catching the majority of the chickens simply because she was faster than them and she could jump high enough when they tried to fly away. Other chickens however were harder to find. Some where hiding in other animals stalls and some were on trees. After Azuris had captured around 16 the last four were making trouble. One of them had decided to sit on a cow’s lap and the cow wasn’t in a really good mood. After Azuris had gotten that one she was running after two that were flying faster and higher than the ones before and she had to jump from a tree to get them. After she had captured 19 of them, the last one seemed to have poofed and she searched forever to find it. The farm was very big after all and it could have been everywhere. The last chicken was actually hiding underneath a carriage and after Azuris had gotten it and put it back into it’s cage she was finally able to receive her reward. Afterwards she bought some fruits from the farm and left it again, walking through the streets of Reim before she headed back home.

[501|500] - Mission Completed!

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