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Bringing my girl home [Lagi-D Rank- Solo]

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Job Name: New Management, 1st course
Job Rank: D-Rank
Job Location: Heliophapt
Job Rewards: 50 xp/3,000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: A lot was said and done, but the Daltons gang is now down with the hand. A sinple handover of the ledger was easy, and it comes with a buyback waranty as well. However, will money allow this man to surrender Vava peacefully?

I went through a lot of trouble for this woman, you do understand, right? Lagi would say as he continued to sip wine as they begrudgingly started to take care of their own injuries. This man definitely had the pompous attitude of a spoiled king, seemingly showing that old habits really do die hard.  Dalton was mostly silent, but he spoke when Lagi addressed him. “The clientele list, someone…” One of the slave catcher member went out to the back and returned with a small list of some sort, putting it on the lap of Lagi. “So, where in the hell do I find this woman. Come on, Dalton. Blue hair, exceptional sword skills. I want my immuchak!!!!”  Once more, Lag referring Vava to something that he owned, something he governed over. He didn’t want some perverted bastard treating her as a slave and dulling her abilities. If Vava was to live any sort of life at all, why not on her terms. Lagi will soon greet her, and give her a choice. “Jynx…” Dalton referred to Lagi as such, as do all others who  he meets. He was Requiem Jynx, a high member of the dark hand with amazing abilities. “You have what you want,  but this particular clientele asked for this kind of slave. Specialty orders and whatnot. Plus, we already got paid a hefty sum.

“ Lagi sucked his teeth as he sat up straight. “ Look, listen to me, I have a plan that’s going to make us a crapload of money. Yes, I beat you half to death, you got some hits on me too, but I need you to listen and cooperate. “ Lagi then called everyone who a was injured over, With orie appearing behind him.

Alright,  I’ll heal your injuries…”
Using outer cell repair, everyone in a 7-meter radius was sprayed with a goop like healing ointment. “Believe me now? You are an irreplaceable asset, but need you to help me in return.

Healing their injuries made them more inclined to lace some belief in lagi with this new alliance and the promise of money. Of course, they decided to lead Lagi over to the quarters of the rich and wealthy man, who seemed tp be having a small dinner party of some sort.  They looked a bit confused, looking to the rich man as if he called security over or something. “Now’s not the time. If you’re selling, I'm really no-“

We seem to have a misunderstanding. “Lagi spoke up, and the aura of the room shifted when they saw the look in his eyes. “I believe you purchased a product a long time ago? We're here to buy it back….” Lagi would say as he placed the money in the man’s chest in a forceful manner. “What’s the meaning o-“

“Take the money, or I’ll kill everyone in this room. Would you rather that instead?” He gulped hard with a look of fear. “ Now be a good sport and bring the girl to me…”


Stamina 400/430
Magoi 350/3500

Outer Cell Repair
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer (Orie)
Type: Supplementary
Range: Mid
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie must be inside of Lagi.
Scaling: Medic: For 10 more stamina, Orie can heal damage 1 rank higher than this ability.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Stamina

Orie can fire off a 7 meter fan spray  in length and width thats generated as an autonomous 2 meter tentacle hose  from Lagi's body to a point within 5 meters of Lagi, to heal B-tier damage over 3 posts after contact with the goop.  


Bringing my girl home [Lagi-D Rank- Solo] CrChE3t

Bringing my girl home [Lagi-D Rank- Solo] LBbFjDO

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