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Jell-O Shots

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Pretty Little Bird

[align=center]Jell-O Shots Tumblr_omjwum3UuC1rp74xfo1_500

Plot - Canons - Wanted - Links

A bag is removed from your head allowing yo discover that you are standing in a single room.
There are four doors: two black and two white. On each door hangs a golden sign with the name
of city: Central City, Gotham City, Metropolis, and Star City. There is one thing you must do before
you enter one of these doors. There is a table with six jell-o shots. Each of these shots has the name
of type of shot along with a faction it symbolizes. Now you must choose your role in one of those cities.
Will you take the lethal injection to become the Joker? Or kiss the devil to run with Catwoman?
Take a chance at a normal life to be a cosmopolitan? Or will you save the day as a Rummy Bear.
Take your shot and pick your door. Light or darkness, that choice is yours!
4 Cities. 2 Dark. 2 Light.
Now Choose

Why Join?
Tons of open canons.
We accept originals
Open plotting, character- member driven
A universe you can mold.
Join superhero teams
Cause chaos
Friendly members and staff
And there is always your favorite treats with cackle of Harley Quinn included.[/align]

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