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Smith Medmar, Part 3

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Assignment Name: Smith Medmar, Part 3
Assignment Rank: B
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 xp, B-tier Upgrade for C-tier sword from Part 2
Assignment Chain Bonus: 3,000 Huang, 50 xp
Profession Prerequisites: Blacksmith, Zadi, Part 2
Assignment Overview:
With how much time Zadi has spent aiding and smithing, Zadi promotes himself to a full fledged blacksmith. Granted, nobody cares which makes sneakily upgrading his newly upgraded C-tier sword all the easier. However, perhaps Zadi won't be alone when he sneakily upgrades his sword? Zadi must find time to upgrade during his busy schedule of smithing for True Emperor Gao Yuan Zu's army's blacksmiths and not get caught.

"I think it's about time I get promoted to a fully fledged blacksmith, don't you?"

"Shut up and keep working the furnace. We've got more weapons to forge."

Zadi wasn't one to simply 'shut up' when told, but Taro had Zadi's respect as an elder blacksmith. Taro's work was simple and straightforward, not something Zadi was always a fan of, but the straightforward and simple designs of the elder blacksmith's weapons were top notch in quality. On the other hand, Zadi looked to embellish on his work when he got the opportunity to do so. He would try to carve letters into the blades, added frilly metal leaves, or simply color the metal using a special technique. In fact, Zadi's next sneaky upgrade would involve quite a bit of aesthetic improvement to the now C-tier rapier. The same rapier Taro was bashed upside the head with not too long ago. Thankfully for both parties involved, Taro still thinks he was dreaming the night his head was wounded.

Zadi continued to work the furnace just as he was told. The heat of the metal-baking oven burned harder and harder with every passing metalwork. Zadi's eyebrows would catch fire and burn right off if each individual hair of Zadi's eyebrows wasn't sturdier than a spider's web! Not to mention as absorbent as a dry sea sponge. The sweat rolling from his forehead got lodged into Zadi's eyebrows, moistening the burly curls. No fire could catch Zadi's thick eyebrows on fire! Anyway, the heat of the furnace was hot, obviously, and continued to melt the moral of everyone standing near the red flames, the metal especially. Taro and Zadi did their jobs, shoving in metal, closing the furnace, waiting a little bit, pulling the metal out, and hammering away like madmen until the metal was sturdier than a camel's back! Their arms were sore and their moral was nearly gone, but their spirits couldn't get any higher. The other blacksmiths did just as the elder-youngster duo did, shoving metal into a furnace and forging the metalwork to perfection. Gao Yuan Zu's army demanded a lot of weapons these days and demand wasn't going to get any less intense anytime soon.

As per usual, Zadi sneakily made his way to the forge, quietly upgrading the C-tier rapier to perfection, or at least as perfect as Zadi could fathom something could be forged without magical smithing powers. Zadi owned a couple metalworks worth A-tier in value, but he couldn't imagine the perfection necessary to achieve such...perfection. Anyway, Zadi tried his best to physically and aesthetically improve the scrap metal weapon. Nothing would bring Zadi greater joy, at the moment at least, to see his work become nearly perfect. If only he could elevate his skills further, but that felt impossible. Only a few weeks of smithing and Zadi could tell what his limits as a human being was. Zadi threw the sad thoughts out of his head and continued work on his personal project, working ever as hard as he could trying to upgrade the best weapon imaginable.


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Zadi and Taro eventually switched duties with another pair, prompting for some much needed stretching and thirty quenching. Taro drank his beer while Zadi drank his cheaper beer, if it can even be called beer. Anyway, they relaxed for a minute or two until they were needed in their new positions for the day. Hammering and sharpening were individual tasks, so Taro and Zadi didn't speak to each other, only quick glances to see what the other was up to. However, Zadi noticed Taro's glances for some reason. Did the veteran blacksmith actually believe Zadi was sneaking into the forge at night to steal scarp metal for his own purposes? Maybe, but most likely not. Taro was a great blacksmith, but his head wasn't always in the right state of mind to make complex decisions. Not that Zadi was much better; the blonde warrior first thought killing Taro to keep him silent on that eventful night would prove better than simply bashing his head in for some sweet dreams.

Regardless of Taro's intentions with his stares, Zadi was creeped out and wanted to speak to Taro about it real quick, "Alright Taro, what's with those strange glances my way? Do I have some leftover lunch on my face? Did I accidentally set myself on fire while sharpening a blade? What do you want!?" Taro looked up after Zadi was done talking with a face bearing a strange innocence. The veteran blacksmith made his face look as though he didn't know what Zadi was talking about, but Zadi could see through the facade.

However, Taro simply replied with, "Nothin'," and went straight back to hammering some metalwork. Zadi was more irritated by Taro's reply than his glances, but apparently Taro wouldn't speak anymore. Zadi would just have to assume 'nothing' was wrong. Zadi's paranoid state wouldn't be able to settle until he fond out what was inside Taro's head, but Zadi would just have to keep working during the day and sneak around at night.

"Wait a minute...I could simply use Dark Blood to peak inside Taro's memories. That fateful night should still be in his memories. If I can just touch him for one full minute...hmmm, winking feels appropriate right now. Strange."

Dark Blood, Zadi's ring of clairvoyance, would help Zadi peek into Taro's mind and extract the much needed information. The ring looks into the memories of a victim using blood, extracting it and numbing the area of extraction for a clean getaway. All Zadi would have to do would be to touch Taro for one full minute, no breaks in between. The ring was rather useful indeed. Zadi's paranoid state slowly faded away knowing he had a plan up his kimono sleeves. The rest of the day was spent working at the forge and sharpening the blades of weapons hammered out by the suspicious Taro. For whatever reason, Zadi also felt the urge to wink, but that's probably best left alone. After all, anticipation twitches happen to everyone.



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The days went by uneventfully for a while. Zadi continued his work as a blacksmith, attempting to gain a grasp of the situation he was in; Taro did know about Zadi's secret, nighttime smithing. Having successfully used his clairvoyance ring, Zadi learned of Taro's memories five days prior, now knowing full well why Taro was staring at Zadi so oddly every now and again. However, because Taro wasn't acting on this knowledge, Zadi didn't know what to do! Kill Taro or let things sit? If Zadi was found out, he'd have to leave post haste and forever be known as a traitor to Gao Yuan Zu's army. If Gao Yuan Zu won the war, he may forget about Zadi, but then again...maybe not. Someone would know and of those someones, someone would try to catch Zadi for his relatively minor crime.

"Nah, nothing is gonna happen. If Taro hasn't said anything yet, so why start now? Still, this is rather bothersome."

Unfortunately for Zadi and the rest of the camp, Yoshiro's army attacked rather suddenly. That an attack would happen at all was strange, but Yoshiro's army must have caught wind of the smithing operation. Anyway, arrows of fire suddenly rained down during the night, prompting mass hysteria and general panic. That is, until the soldiers from Yoshiro's army invaded with a metaphorical fire burning within their guts. At the time of the attack, Zadi was doing his usual sneaky smithing; the upgrade to the rapier was nearly complete. Just some aesthetic necessities and the Fabulosus would look fabulous, as the name vaguely implies. Zadi wasn't a stranger to battle and neither were the veteran blacksmiths. Not only that, once the hysteria and panic was made organized, Gao Yuan Zu's smithing camp retaliated in full force.

"Finally some action!"

However, before Zadi could jump into action with his camp, Taro swung a very large hammer Zadi's way. With only Fabulosus in hand, Zadi had to parry rather than block; blocking with a rapier would be dumb, to say the least, "What the hell, Taro!? I'm not the enemy!"

"Could have fooled me! I remember seeing you steal materials and forge yourself a dinky looking sword! I'm not gonna forget something like that!"


But before Zadi could make a witty comeback, Taro swung again, but with greater force and speed. The veteran blacksmith's movements weren't normal, at least from Zadi's view. Taro wasn't one to start a fight, so his fighting skills ought not be so dangerous, but Taro's latest wing showed skill, despite using a weapon which didn't require all too much skill. Zadi had to dodge this swing using his exceptional speed; his rapier would likely not survive the impact of such a large hammer nor would parrying deflect all the damage. If Zadi wanted to figure out what was up with Taro's strength and speed, he'd have to look closely at the full swing.

"Taro isn't a fighter at heart, so why is he suddenly getting better at fighting? Wait, I see!"

When Taro went for another swing, a spark of lightning emanated from the hammer and flowed down the shaft towards Taro. However, where it ended up next could not be seen. The hammer was a lightning magic tool capable of enhancing the user in some way. An interesting weapon, but also a taxing weapon; if Taro kept swinging over and over again, his strikes would get better, but his health would deteriorate conversely. Where Taro got such a rare magic weapon was unbeknownst to Zadi and honestly not important at the moment. If Zadi had to guess, whoever was behind the camp's invasion was also behind Taro's hammer. Regardless, Zadi had to put an end to Taro; the hammer wasn't messing with his mental state, only his physical. Therefore, Taro would probably try to kill Zadi with or without the hammer. Thankfully, Taro's body didn't look like it would last much longer considering the natural side effect of removing the human body's natural limits; if Zadi could just use Fabulosus once on Taro, the rage-filled blacksmith would likely die.

"Alright then Taro, like I said on that fateful night; I'll take it from here."

Taro swung his final swing with the remaining energy his body could muster under the hammer's electrical influence, nearly hitting Zadi as the blonde warrior slipped through an opening in Taro's attack. Fabulosus was held tightly in Zadi's right hand which was cocked and ready to fire a single thrust. If only Taro hadn't remembered Zadi...

"I wish I wasn't so dulled to dead."

Taro attempted to counter using the butt of the hammer, but Zadi had already thrust the dinky rapier through Taro's chest. The veteran blacksmith's heart was impaled swiftly and with little to no remorse. Zadi truly felt bad for Taro's situation, but Zadi was and always will be a human...selfish to the core...a demon of self amusement...dull to death. The camp invasion didn't last much longer thereafter. Yoshiro's army was successful in taking control of the camp, but every blacksmith and soldier stationed there was able to retaliate and eventually escape into the mountains. The battle between Taro and Zadi was done with, too. Zadi may have escaped victorious, but could Zadi's mind truly be too dull to care about the consequences of death? After all, shouldn't Zadi know what death's door has in store? Regardless, Zadi's human desires won over Taro's human desires. Zadi could live on while Taro passed on.

1,500+/1,500 - Assignment Complete


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