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Zadi's Training: After Vassago [Training/Solo]

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It was time for some more training for Zadi Medmar the Black and Orange magician from Balbadd! He was making his way over to the area where he helped Syma grow up not too long ago. In fact, it was just one week ago, or something like that. Maybe just a few days or hours ago. All the same, Zadi was head towards the past location of the third dungeon, Vassago! Though for now, Zadi has no idea what the dungeon number was. For him, it is the Temple that felt like the Tower, but completely different on the inside, hahaha! And seeing as the Tower was called a dungeon recently, Zadi just knew that the Temple was known as a dungeon as well. Now that that was established, is was time to train hard. And I mean HARD! Zadi would have to combine magic elements in order to achieve a greater and more stable power that can hit many things at the same time whole also being able to change the direction of what was being shot out by the new combination magic. Now, what would this new magic be called and should Zadi embrace the language of the ancients and call the spell something strange? Well, all that and more shall be found out later as Zadi tries to capture the power of light and strength magic at the same time!

Now then, Zadi eventually made it to the area where he could meditate far enough away from the hole the dungeon made when it disappeared so that he wouldn’t fall back in, hahaha! So yeah, like usual, just observing the Rukh of the area and seeing what he could do to combine this and that and everything else. Zadi settled in his little place while Syma wrapped around the Gawking Heron staff, holding it in place while also meditating in some way. Probably just to clear her mind of ill thoughts like eating random little animals. Not that Syma wasn’t allowed to, but she was feed plenty by Zadi, hahaha! She had to be after all. She is a BIG girl now that she molted! All the same though, Zadi started to meditate and feel the Rukh around him. He didn’t want to say anything right now, but rather later. He would scream or shout to the Rukh…since Syma was right next to him. He wouldn’t even open his eyes for a sand storm…obviously. Zadi Medmar would only feel the Rukh flow around the whole of his sight, unable to touch or control any of the Rukh…just feel.

Alright, so Zadi concentrated on the Rukh of Light and the Rukh of Strength. The 3rd Magic type Light and the 7th Magic type Strength. Orange and Black. Yeah, strange numbers alright. Not divisible by anything but 1 and themselves. Their colors clash with almost everything, even themselves, hahaha! Zadi focused on trying to combine the two magics into one new magic type. The name would be tough to come up with, and the actual process would be harder to come up with. Life can be tough. Actually, living is always tough. There is never enough power to help yourself with anything! The more power you get, the more power is discovered. Oh well. Zadi would do his best all the same. For the time being, he needed to get that large monster and eventually find out the name of the creature…a Djinn’s name is very important. Zadi sat down, crisscrossed, arms in a strange position as usual, and hummed a little. Syma had already closed her eyes and was listening to the humming of her tamer, the soothing melody of the Black Magician that had saved her from being slaughtered and skinned.

“Well, time to stop humming. I should probably call out to the Rukh for some guidance. Maybe Vassago knows a thing or two? Na! She only knows Law and Order, not like she knows how to combine things together, hahaha! No offense Vassago. Hope none is taken. I need more friends…I can’t just keep talking to myself all the time. Rukh! Help me get more friends- I mean help me combine some magics, please? No? Not even YOU all will guide me!? Is it cause I have this thing with the mark on it? I have been feeling a little distant from the Rukh lately. Maybe it is Vassago’s fault? No offense…sort of. Just cause I say that doesn’t make my statement less offensive, does it? Sorry, still getting used to you being right next to me all the time, hahaha! Hey, you COULD talk back once in a while, couldn’t you? Fine, still talking to myself then…hmph. Oh well, time to combine some magic types that have absolutely nothing in common, hahaha! Man, life can be tough…”

Zadi sat still for a while, still just humming like a monk in training or prayer. Whichever one makes more sense. Zadi just couldn’t connect to the Rukh like he used to. It might have been that Vassago was pulling in all the Rukh that Zadi needed help from. Not specifically any sort of Rukh, but Rukh in general. Still though, what are Vassago’s true powers? Law and Order? Zadi still doesn’t understand the meaning of such things. After all, he wasn’t the biggest fan of both Law and Order, though without either which one of those things, life would be chaotic and unorganized with crime everywhere. Morals would be thrown aside and streets would be filled with panic and terror! Oh well, Zadi would get used to the idea of Law and Order as a theme, so to speak. Zadi just listened to what the Rukh had to say so that he would eventually be able to understand how to properly combine magics and make something really awesome such as lasers or beams or lasers! Yeah, lasers sounded really awesome. But anyone with Light magic could do that, hahaha! How about something different? Something like concentrated lasers? Perhaps, but maybe something more so that Strength Magic could fit in…



“Well Zadi, how about you learn from me? My powers are stemmed from combining two of, what do you call is? Elements? Magic types?”
It seems as though Vassago spoke actual words to Zadi! Not only that, but Zadi’s conscious was sucked into the Metal Vessel where Vassago resides, the golden covered, brass fan. However, Zadi hadn’t even tried to use Vassago’s powers. Isn’t that being disrespectful to one’s attained power? Well, not to Zadi Medmar. Zadi likes to wait things out and only use powers given to him rather than attained. When he attains a power himself, he wouldn’t mind using it in a heartbeat, hahaha! But yeah, in this case, Zadi got help from Lagi and Zygus and Syma! Which brings something else up. Syma doesn’t have any fighting abilities! Syma can easily spit venom and acid, but she hasn’t even been told to do so yet…and not even told HOW to do so properly…without hurting Zadi or allies in the process of course, hahaha! All the same, Zadi was having trouble with all sorts of things. But at least Vassago could speak the one language that this world knew, which is…something. Not even Zadi knows what the name of the world’s universal language is.
“They are called anything you want them to be called, technically, hahaha! But wait, isn’t your power a manifestation of your very bring? How could YOU possibly know that you are or are not possessing an element” in the first place? Well, sorry, just felt like speculating and being skeptic. Not like I care if you know how your powers work or not, I’ll figure it out eventually, hahaha! Now then, I might as well ask…how DO you combine anything with Light Magic? Cause I don’t quite get how life and light can be combined in the way that you described to me.
Zadi was being hard with Vassago. He was a magician after all! He specialized in Light and Strength magic for crying out loud! However, Zadi has yet to use his secondary magic, Light magic, to do anything. Pretty pathetic that he had such pride in his Light magic when he didn’t even use it, hahaha! All the same, Zadi eventually broke down and legitimately asked Vassago what to do and how her Holy powers worked. After all, “Holy” is an ambiguous term that can be translated or seen in different ways. One person might think one thing while someone else thinks another.
“Young Zadi, I will say only this about combining anything with what you Magicians call “Light Magic”…”
But then the Metal Vessel spit out Zadi’s consciousness back into his physical body, stopping him from hearing what Vassago had to say about Light Magic combinations. This was and still is very frustrating for Zadi as he could have just taken the easy way out and learned through an all knowing Djinn! That is, if Djinn were all knowing. Zadi didn’t know anything about Djinn after all, so it didn’t matter. All the same though, Zadi Medmar is having a hard time figuring out what to do with Light and Strength magic combinations. Zadi stopped meditating and started to experiment. He tried to find a common thing that could link the two magics together, but there pretty much wasn’t anything other than coating. Yes, the two magics only had the ability to coat over other things in common, but any magic can coat over something else. Then that such a bad thing though? That could mean any magic could combine with anything, right?
“I’ll try it. Not like nothing is any better than doing something, right Syma? Yeah, hiss hiss. Wish I could communicate with you. That would be cool. Anyway, which magic should I coat the other magic with? Light particles over pure force or pure force covering light particles? Well, why not both? Yeah, that would be too volatile and I am not used to combining magics to begin with…so yeah, I’ll stick to…hmmm…light particles being covered by pure force. Should work out. That could stop light from being reflected, right? Mirrors and natural reflections from water and ice. Yeah! This could work! Not to shape a magic around this concept…Pierce Magic? Yeah, sounds cool, light burns while force stabilizes. Awesome! Alright Syma, watch as I make some magic happen! So, Gravity to gather the light particles from here…maybe here, and other there…alright, then strengthen the ever so solid light with Rukh converted into pure force…aside from gravity…cover the now solid light particles…let’s see if the light still burns…yeah, sand is now a crisp brown, hahaha! Alright, what should I do now? What do you think Syma? Hiss hiss? Alright, hiss hiss. Time to fire a laser!”
That’s right! A laser! Zadi would now invent the laser beam! Though this isn’t an original concept. Zadi just added the Strength Magic to the idea, keeping the light particles in tact as they shot out over a large distance. However, there would be one catch to this already amazing idea…changing the speed and direction without compromising for power, you know, like when a cart gets tugged so quickly that it is tougher to turn and the power at which it could run into something is lowered in which the direction it was supposed to have turned. However, with Gravity Magic, Zadi can instantly change the direction of the lasers, yes multiple lasers, and keep trying to hit a target. However, this would only work once since it would take a lot of magic to perfectly change the direction and speed of the lasers without compromising power. Zadi gather 10 other balls of strength infused light and fired each of them off into a different direction. After reaching a certain distance, Zadi swung his Gawking Heron staff one way, concentrating on a nearby boulder. The lasers changed directions without a problem and Zadi had just created a new magic spell!

2002/2000 - Kthyr Alyzr Trained~


Name: Kthyr Alyzr
Tier: A
Cost: 40 | 20
Element: Pierce | Strength + Gravity + Light
Class: Offensive
Range: 40 Meters
Duration: 2 posts
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: Pierce Magic is combining Light Magic and Strength Magic to form solid light particles. The caster does so by condensing the light particles of Light Magic using the pure force from Strength Magic. This in turn stops the now solid light particles from being reflected/deflected by any and all naturally reflective elements such as but not limited to Ice. However, the light particles have only been condensed into a solid form, so the searing that original light particles possessed is still retained. Using Gravity Magic, the caster is able to now lift and direct the flow of gravity around the now solid light particles and change their direction. Now then, the spell Kthyr Alyzr uses Pierce Magic in the form of omnidirectional lasers that are able to be created anywhere around the caster within 2 meters of him/herself, however, there is a catch to HOW they appear as explained in the end. The caster is able to create and direct 20 lasers that are 25 meters long and 1 meter in diameter. The lasers are able to deal damage either while grouped together or separated in accordance to the below table: [Number/Total Damage]

  • 1 / D
  • 5 / C
  • 10 / B
  • 20 / A

However, if 20 individual lasers hit, they only deal a total of A-tier damage. All the lasers, grouped or not grouped, deal Cutting/Cauterizing damage in accordance to their grouped rank. All lasers, grouped or not grouped, travel at 25 m/s up to 40 meters away from the caster. The Gravity Magic portion involves being able to chance the direction of either individual lasers or just one laser, but only once and not in a curved manner (so only <180 Degrees maximum). Using the Gravity Magic portion can only be done on the second post (for 20 Magoi, no matter how many are redirected) and can still not exceed the maximum threshold of 40 meters away from the caster. The lasers first appear as 1 inch balls of light. After half a second, the balls then shoot forth as the lasers. There is always 1 ball for every laser, never more or less.

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