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Smith Medmar, Part 1

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Zadi walked around one of the many camps of Gao Yuan Zu's army in an attempt to amuse himself between the tugs of war with Yoshiro's army. Yoshiro's army was doing well for itself, but not well enough. Gao Yuan Zu's army may have less influence, but marginally so in the grand scheme of this civil war.

"Funny how they call this a 'civil' war considering how uncivilized Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu are indirectly being towards each other. Then again, Yoshiro overthrew Gao Yuan Zu in what could be seen as 'a dirty fashion', so being civil is beyond Gao Yuan Zu. Understandable, to say the least."

Unfortunately, the war wasn't very interesting at the moment. Zadi wasn't called upon often enough to make a difference to Zadi, so when he showed up, he put in a minimum effort. Granted, not like one soldier could make a big enough difference to begin with. Survival and entertainment were top priority for Zadi during this far from civil war. Thankfully, Zadi eventually overheard the camps blacksmiths having trouble keeping up with Gao Yuan Zu's army's demands for cheap weapons. Interested in the art of blacksmithing, Zadi took it upon himself to approach one of the troubled blacksmiths and make a few inquiries;

"I'm willing to work for cheap if you're willing to hire me for an apprenticeship."

The sweaty blacksmith looked at the other sweaty blacksmiths, saw a few nods of pale approval, and decided to give Zadi an apprenticeship as a blacksmith for Gao Yuan Zu's army. Zadi was elated at a chance to do something other than battle and started helping immediately. He was told to work the furnace, hammer cheap steel, and put together simple metalwork in a timely manner. No weapons until Zadi could prove himself capable. However, Zadi wouldn't be happy if he didn't sneak around and experiment on his own.

During the dead of a night, when nobody was looking, Zadi sacrificed some of his sleeping hours and the scrap metal meant for arrow tips in order to try and put together a cheap sword of his own. The type of sword would simply come to Zadi as he worked; heating, hammering, and more heating with a little extra hammering is all it took for Zadi to get a groove going. He tried to keep all the work to a minimum in order to keep the noise and light to a minimum. From what Zadi had seen thus far, working alone is difficult as is, but working silently is tougher than nails.

Anyway, Zadi was able to put together a cheap sword in his time as an apprentice blacksmith. He wouldn't be promoted just yet, but another week of working might change that, in Zadi's head at least. Having worked so hard was fun for Zadi the apprentice blacksmith of the Gao Yuan Zu army. A warrior at heart but a blacksmith by trade, for now. Taking up a career in blacksmithing would be difficult with his current skill level so Zadi would continue to work hard in order to learn much.

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