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Hunting Wolves! [Mission|Solo]

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1Hunting Wolves! [Mission|Solo] Empty Hunting Wolves! [Mission|Solo] on 08/04/14, 03:54 pm


Azuris sighed and stretched her limbs after getting up. She crawled up the window and looked outside. It was another warm day in the Reim Empire. The streets were filled with people, busy as always. This big country always impressed her, not only with its large size but also with the immense amount of people that lived here together so peacefully. Azuris couldn’t imagine that it was easy to hold them all together like that but this was non of her business anyways. She was only one of many and she decided to get some work done today – just like everyone else. Azuris had heard of a Job Board that was in town, made for people like her to earn money and go on rather unspectacular jobs. But she couldn’t care less about wether this job was going to be interisting or not, she just cared for the money. Azuris wrapped her battle axe Zagros into bandages and carried onto her back while walking outside onto the streets of Reim. It was even hotter now that the sunrays were directly burning down on her pinkish hair but the Fanalis wouldn’t let herself be bothered by something small like that. She arrived at the Job Board rather quick. It was nothing special, just an actual board with many papers and flyers on it. A male secretary was sitting on a table next to it and Azuris guessed that she had to inform him about what Job she wanted to pick. He shoved up his glasses and looked at her. Apparently it was easy to tell that she was knew to this because he stood up and took a job her instead. “Name?” He said while handing her the flyer. “Azuris Lavinae.” He nodded and the female turned around to leave the Job Center. Azuris checked her flyer and found out that all she had to do was hunting down a white wolf somewhere at the western front. They seemed to be rare and so was their pelts and it was her job to hunt one down without damaging the pelts at all. Azuris sighed and she approached the western front, thinking aobut how to deal with his mission. Zagros was rather useless in that case, the blades could always damage the furr easily so she would count on her Fanalis Skills this time.

After a while of wandering Azuris had finally arrived. The area seemed rather isolated and empty and she placed her bag and Zagros down next to a rock where she could find them again before she started running forward, searching for said wolves. Hours passed, Azuris had searched everywhere, hidden between trees, crawling over the sandy ground and after a while she was seriously wondering wether or not this creatures still existed. But after a while she heard a howling and after Azuris followed that sound she finally found a white wolf. Azuris felt a bit stressed from the long search so she decided to end this fast. The Fanalis rushed forward, faster than the wolf, and after she had gotten close enough the girl would clench her fist and punch it right from below against the wolf’s chin. The animals body got lifted up slightly while she heard it’s jaw cracking. Azuris would then deliver a severe kick against the animals chest, knocking it away for around 10 meters where it’s body crashed against a tree. The wolf fell down and stopped moving immediately. Azuris sighed and lifted it up, returning to Reim where she received her reward.

[591|500] - Mission completed!
Stamina Left: 80 | Techniques used: :

Name: Wrath Of the Crimson Beast
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: - (Fanalis)
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instantly
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Azuris rushes forward at her target at a speed of 15m/s and
as soon as she is close enough she will clench her fist and
delivers a savage blow to her opponents chin that lifts him up
from the ground for about 50 centimeters before she uses a side
kick against the rips to push him around 10 meters away from herself.
The target will suffer from bruises on the jaw and the rips.

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