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Name: Admah
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D-tier
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: 22 | September 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Admah is often regarded as a calm, cool and collective individual, very unlike most Fanalis, what makes this the case as he tends to have an iron fuse which is incredibly hard to spark, but when he does snap it tends to be very violent and destructive; this often in a small burst and can end as quickly as it happens; he is often labeled as an "Reim Fire-Cracker".

Someone who has many fuses that happen very quickly, however, this tends to only occur when he see's someone who is his close friend, family member, or innocent individual like a child or animal; but this only occurs when his anger reaches a certain point for most of the time Admah is as cool as a cucumber and tends to not let anything get to him.

But just because he is like this doesn't mean he is cold or heartless, on the contrary, Admah is a very sociable person and can talk with people on a daily basis, he tends to do more listening that actual talking but often times when he does speak, it is to give helpful tips and pointers to things people might have issues with, and often if he does talk it is mostly with the children he meets.

He is a very kind person who tends to be friendly to everyone he meets, but he isn't naive, before meeting someone he often evaluates them, judge everything about them before beginning to trust them, if at first he see's nothing wrong with them and or has heard of them, he will befriend them instantly, but if not he will often overlook them over a period of time.


  1. Music: Admah is a person who cares for music greatly, he finds it soothing and often helps calm people when tension gets high; to him, music can be medicine in a sense for Admah tends to become calm when he hears it or plays it.
  2. Reading: Admah is a person who enjoys reading a novel from time to time, he finds that reading often will allow his mind to be free of negative thoughts, it also allows him to be more expressive with his creativity.
  3. Conversations: Much like social norms, Admah is a person who generally enjoys talking with others, he enjoys speaking with many people for various reason's but only if he is comfortable with such an act.


  1. Unsightly Folk: This generally means Admah is not one to enjoy seeing ruffians about, he cares little about their existence, and often at times will not even acknowledge such a being even is there, until they force him to.
  2. Being Sick: Admah is not a being who cares to become crippled with a sickness of any type, to him, it shows a sign of weakness which he simply loathes, it prevents him from doing tasks and enjoying life.
  3. Illiterate Individuals: This can mean a wide variety of things, but Admah is a person who holds a disdain to those who show no respect for tombs of knowledge, either for aid in major fields or for creativity.
  4. Being Weak: Much like his knowledge of his race, and how he holds no relation to his foster family, Admah tends to show that he hates being weak, not that his family is, he tends to enjoy showing he is strong despite different life stlye than most traditional Fanalis.


  1. His Former Family: Admah is a person who wishes to know who his mother and father were, where they came from and why they gave him to human family or rather why his father never came around, all he knows is that from his foster mother, his birthmother didn't talk much.
  2. Power: Not to be confused with being a power hungry madman, Admah is a being who wants to gain power to protect others, himself and anyone who can't protect themselves from danger.
  3. Knowledge: Much like a growing body, Admah wishes to increase his minds capacity to hold power of thought over body, though he cares not to dwindle in physical prowess, he feels a fruitful mind is just as powerful.


  1. Iatrophobia: The fear of doctors, Admah connects this to being weak, as if he has to see a doctor for any means he fears he is weak and unfit to protect others, which makes him uneasy and on edge, typically he will often evade doctors or their clinic if one is mentioned.
  2. Trypanophobia: The fear of needles, this fear is a very common fear as Admah connects it to doctors and being considered weak, he doesn't like seeing them or knowing they are near him, this only concludes medical needles, not solid pieces of metal in thin pointed strands.
  3. Hypochondriasis: The fear of illness, much like his fear of doctors and needles, the fear of becoming sickly or falling prey to a disease, doesn't please Admah in the slightest as he knows what happens when one gets sick, doctors, needles, and weakness.  

Face-Claim: Lagi El Nagil | Wand of Fortune
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Topaz Yello (Slit)
Height: 190 cm (6'2 13/16")
Weight: 83.9 kg (185 lbs.)
Appearance: Admah has medium length red hair and orange/topaz eye, Admah typically is called a handsome fellow by females who hold an attraction to him, he has a strong facial representation of his mother, often at times being mistaken as a female due to how strong his mother's traits are in her so, his cheeks are high and rather pronounce, followed by his pixie-like jawline and angled chin.

His body is typically described as extremely muscular but tone and well balanced, he is often seen without a shirt when not around others or when working hard with his father or others he is hired by, usually he tends to wear light and comfortable clothing when relaxed and while not wearing a shirt when fighting or light armor around his chest other times it is loose clothing or light armor.

His body stance usually tends to be that of a relaxed figure when he has nothing going on, but when he is focused is that of a stiff individual that tends to twitch and often stop when it subsides, when bored he often crosses his arms and when irritate he will become tense and often twitch as well, but mostly he is often relaxed and carefree which is shown by his slumped shoulders.
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Features: Slitted eyes, scar covered body

Before birth:
Before the birth of Admah, his mother, and father, were both residents of the city of Helioshapt, they were both mercenaries that guarded people, caravans and various other individuals that could afford their services; but when the two of them met, it wasn't on good terms, as they both had to protect a person who was hiding from another.

Who they themselves were hiding from another that was trying to take their life, when the two met, their employer's ordered them to kill the other man, which invoked a brawl of two very powerful pure-bred Fanalis to destroy a city block, in the end, the men were arrested and the two well-paid mercenaries escaped with nothing more than bruises.

After their tussle in the streets, the two made up with dinner and shortly became very close, to the point of marriage and a family, they lived off the funds they earned as mercenaries and when the time came for their child to be brought into the world they decided to leave Helioshapt, not wanting their child to grow up in a corrupt city or environment.

Admah's mother knew of a friend in Balbadd when she was hired to get a caravan there, but as all people who are well knowned, their plans for a happy life was found out and they were labeled as traitors, when they got wind of this from a few contacts they left sooner than they expect, Admah's mother, who was eight month's three week's pregnant couldn't defend herself well.

As they left through the back way and into the desert, it didn't take them long to travel as Admah's father carried his pregnant wife, but it soon became apparent they were being followed and it wasn't good, a large band of assassin's came after them, with Admah's father staying back to let his wife rush forwards, she was able to escape, but at the cost of her husbands life.

She could hear his roars of might and screams of pain as the assassins didn't follow her, how could they when their corpses littered the sands, for three days Admah's mother transversed the dunes of the desert until a travelling merchant caravan caught her passed out under a palm tree, they took her in and helped her get to Balbadd, and when she got there; she contacted her friend.

Until the time of delivery, she rested and regained her strength, energy, and composure, the friend Admah came to Balbadd in search for was a female Magician and a male imuchakk, they also had two babies only a week older than Admah's, but when the time came for the birth; it wasn't good as Admah's mother died giving birth, she told her friend to raise the baby as their own.

After birth:
When Admah was born into the world, it was grandiose that he was able to survive, but also sad as his mother would never be able to see her son's face for she died moments before he came into the world, he quickly grew up with his foster brother and sister, as Admah grew older and became of age he went with his foster father on fishing trips.

This is where he learned to swim, navigate, fish, sail and understand the waters around Balbadd, how to use the stars to travel and how to survive in the harsh world of the sea, but it also gave him time to learn how to use a trident, which inspired him to train as he also gains age, when he was able to save enough money up from helping around Balbadd, he took martial arts lessons.

He favored the pole-arm, and took lessons from the elders and master's that taught it to young teens like Admah, his natural speed and power as a Fanalis aided in him, but it also granted him dexterity in using a weapon as he did, eventually he was skilled enough to take  the advanced courses and try out fancier but effective weapon arts; eventually becoming a skilled warrior.

He did this until he was a young adult, he still went on fishing trips, trained diligently and helped his family out, he knew he was adopted and one day when he turned twenty-two, he asked his mother who his real mother and father were, to which he was told about her, her name was Sarah, and her husband was named Adam, they were once residents of Helioshapt.

She told him about what happened to people who left Helioshapt, all she told him was that she came alone, and nothing more, most likely to protect them, Admah wondered what is was like to know more about his mother and father, but he didn't know how to get to Helioshpat, he didn't know how to travel a dessert, nor did he plan on being hunted down.
Role-Play Sample: Twas a quarter to midnight, the tick tock, ticking and tocking of an old grandfather clock filled the air, the rasping tip tap of the rain clacking against the stained glass of the private study, the silent sound of pages flipping before a creek filled the hallway, a simple glance and slow hand of an individual grasping a coal poker, and with a gentle stride he crept to the door.

No one was there upon opening it, only a cold breeze crawling over his skin, the sensation of being watched dwelled over his being like he was being watched, his eyes looking at all of his busts seemed to creep their eyes onto him, but his bust of Pallas Athena was looking at him, all they began crying, tears of blood before a screech befell upon their mouths.

"Traitor." "Liar." "Deserter" They all began crying out, various insults, all in the voices of his loved ones and friends, before two little girls appeared before him, dressed in black, hair perfectly comb, but bone white skin and pitch black rings under their perfect diamond blue doll-like eyes. "Why did you hurt mother and father grandfather?"

The both bouted at him, slowly inching closer to him, but before he could react, the clock tolled twelve and he memorise's flooded in, he cried and wept as the girls now held their hands on his face, forcing his thoughts to come forth, stricken by guilt and grief, the sight of his daughter and son-in-law being strangled by his own hands was almost too much.

But the same thing occurring to his grandchildren, as he laid there, they held their hands to his throat until the colour red drew forth, but maybe you're wondering is this a spiritual event, a poltergeist, or some work of a demon, nay, be it the work of a man in guilt, drinking his pain away by adding a wee bit too much Lophophora williamsii to his drink, for none of this was real, and be his visions all to dangerous, which at what cost, may his own life.

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  • Primary - Warrior
  • Secondary - N/A
  • Tertiary - N/A

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Trait Name: Enhanced Stamina
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Through training or good genes, the character possesses an unnaturally large pool of stamina to draw from.
Trait Effect: +75 Max Stamina

Trait Name: Fanalis Physiology
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Fanalis Race
Trait Description: Members of this fearsome race possess strength and speed beyond compare.
Trait Effect:

  • D-tier: The character can now lift large boulders twice their size with ease and deal C-tier damage with their physical strength alone.
  • D-tier: The character can now sprint as fast as a horse and can maintain these speeds for several minutes.

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