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Strange Concoctions [Mission;Private]

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Today was a bore, as it usually was in the life of Amira Fanalis. Having been in the Zou Empire for so long, or long to her, she had gotten rather bored of the place. It had been glamourous when she had first arrived, but as the days went by, well the glamour faded. And with the glamour gone, the fun had ended as well for she swore she had done everything that could possibly be done within the empire. But she had been wrong.

It was on this evening that Amira had found out that Zou had more to offer, jobs that yielded money as well as entertainment. She had been intrigued by this, and thus had headed out to complete a job, without ever telling her brother. It would perhaps be the second time that she would not be glued to her brother, Dynatos, side. She doubt he would worry about her since she did have a record of wandering off, this time being no different than the last.

Thus Amira continued her walk, heading towards the mountains to retrieve some plant for a temple. She had not gotten the full details, having been temporarily distracted by the oddest thing within the temple, but she had gotten the basic gist. Get the herb and hand it over to the temple so that they may finish brewing whatever concoction they had been working on. It was looking to be an eventful day.



She felt as if she had been walking for hours, though it was more likely she had been walking for mere minutes. Amira had never liked walking in silence nor had she actually liked walking alone, and despite the strong feeling of loneliness, she would be a big girl about it. She was seventeen for god sakes, such childish feelings should no longer effect her. Thus, with that thought in mind, she continued onwards to complete the task she had accepted. There was no way she would return empty handed, especially since she was a prideful Fanalis. Though later on in this journey, she would begin to believe the plants were more trouble than they were worth.

Until such a time, she would enjoy the walk and admire nature, something her brother would do. Down a slope and up a hill, she would finally arrive in the general location of the plants. The field that the herbs called their home rested below the hill, and she rushed down it with great excitement, having totally forgotten about the warning of bears and wolves within the area. She had been overtaken by her excitement of finally reaching the damnable field so that she could return, an error in her judgement to say the least. For as she bent down to pluck the first purple tinted tulip from its flowery bed, she had been charged by a wolf.

Amira heard the wolf before she saw it, instinctively looking up as it flew at her. She did the one thing she could do to avoid being impaled by what appeared to be dangerous claws and sharp pointy teeth. She rolled. Yes, by rolling she would crush some of the poor flowers, but the wolf had done that as well. On top of that, the death of a flower seemed much better than her own death. She had barely managed to dodge the claws, and instead of laying on the bed of flowers in a daze, she sprang into action.

She took Kisaki from her back, holding the blade out in front of her with both hands as her eyes locked onto the lone wolf. The gathering of the plants started to look like much more trouble than she had bargained for, but Amira decided to caught her blessings since she only had to deal with a single wolf. A pack of wolves would had been bad, but a lone wolf she could handle. Especially when there was a sword in-between herself and the now prowling wolf. It had the audacity to snarl at her, like she had done something wrong, before attacking. Mistake on its part, for as it charged, Amira swung her sword.

That was the end of that tale. The wolf now laid slain, its weight crushing a good portion of the flowerbed, but Amira was happy it was dead. Upon putting her sword back, she moved over to a patch of flowers that had not been tainted with the blood of the wolf, quickly plucking the flowers that had been requested before hightailing it out of there. She quickly headed back to the temple with the herbs in hand, swearing that she would never do this particular job again.

She returned to the temple, quickly handing over the herbs to the one who had requested them. She was showered with thanks, thanks that she had waved off. With the herbs in the hands of the monk, Amira had completed her first job.

Name: Waxing Moon
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: 1.6 meters
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: Amira swings her sword in a single, quick, and powerful cutting motion to attack an opponent in front of her. Solely used for offensive purposes, which travels at a speed of 10 meters a second. (Causes a minor cuts that barely go past the skin.)


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