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Beneath the Snow [Job/Solo]

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The winds were harsh as Hakaruru clung to the back of Elias' back as the beast carefully navigated up the mountains. Though, it didn't bother the young Imuchakk, seeing how he barely wore anything to protect him against the cold.

His eyes narrowed as he spotted an ice cave, causing him to promptly nudge Elias and point towards the cave. The Lagombi, understanding his tamer's directions, turned and bounded towards the cave.

As they approached the opening, Hakaruru slipped off Elias' back and gave the beast a pat before walking up to the entrance. It was rather small, and he doubted that he could fit in without turning his body and ducking. But there was no doubt that Elias was much too big to even try to squeeze through. Nor did he want to try to force the opening open in fears of bringing the structure down.

Turning to Elias, the man rubbed his head before gesturing with hand for the beast to sit. Without complaint, the Lagombi sat down, his head tilting to the side as he watched Hakaruru.

"Sorry, buddy, but you won't be able to follow. Stay here." Hakaruru mumbled, giving the beast another gesture before patting his head one final time.

Turning around, he faced the entrance to the cave once more before squatting. He moved his body sideways before crab-walking into the cave, squeezing through the small hole.

Once on the other side, he stumbled forwards before regaining his balance. Looking out in front of him, Hakaruru quickly spotted the sprawling chasm that split the ice cave into two pieces.

By a wall of the glittering cave wall was a huge sheet of snow, with an occasional chunk breaking off and sliding into the chasm. From the pile there was something sticking out of the snow, causing Hakaruru to squint and carefully move over to the sheet.

But as he approached he realized that it was a hand sticking out, which he then grabbed. The fingers were freezing to a touch, the tips already turning a pale white. Touching the wrist, Hakaruru found no pulse, causing him to let go of the hand and step back. It was too late for that villager, but according to the job, there were three stuck down here, a small family. From the size of the hand, it would seem that he found the father, with the mother and child still missing.

Hakaruru's gaze drifted to the chasm as his eyebrows furrowed together. It would be dangerous, but he could try to see if the daughter and mother were down there.

Wandering closer, the Imuchakk was careful to not disturb the silence as he walked. The area was dangerous for another avalanche could drop on his head. With that in mind, as he neared the chasm, Hakaruru lowered himself closer to the ground.

Approaching the edge, he got to the ground and held the edges as he peered down. It was a way down, but he quickly spotted some foot holds. So, carefully holding onto the edge, Hakaruru moved over and started to climb down.

He was dreadfully careful to check each step, testing it before putting his full weight. It was in this manner that he scaled down the side of the chasm till he reached the bottom.

It was a short drop, but the sound of his feet caused a small echo. Upon hearing it, Hakaruru instictitly ducked, his ears straining for the sound of incoming snow. But other than the usual sounds he heard nothing.

"It's fine, I guess..." Hakaruru thought to himself as he stood straight up. He cast a quick look around before heading towards his left.

There wasn't much to see down at the bottom, not that there was a lot of light to see with, and it was much colder too boot. But he still had a job to do, and he was going to do it.

After almost thirty minutes of walking, Hakaruru spotted something in the shadows. Some sort of figure hunched over another. Speeding up his strides, Hakaruru quietly approached it before he made out the sight of a small girl trembling over her mother.

Both were injured and battered, with the mother seeming to have the worse of it.

The older Imuchakk spotted Hakaruru at once, causing her to gasp and try to sit up before collapsing back down. The daughter then quickly looked back, her eyes widening as her mouth dropped open. Her hands were trembling as tears gathered in hopeful eyes.

"Mother! Someone came to save us!" Said the small girl, her voice raspy and not higher than a whisper. Hakaruru just nodded his head and kneeled down beside the two.

"Young man," the mother began, nudging her daughter away and propping herself up on a shaking elbow, "Even if you did manage to carry her to the top and come back down, I wouldn't be able to survive the trip home... Just focus on my daughter..." she uttered, weary eyes closing as she took a shaky breath.

Her words drew a gasp from the other girl, her head shaking as she muttered that she could survive- that she couldn't live without her mother. The threat of tears springing to the young girl's eyes was very real as she babbled.

But Hakaruru, knowing that their time was wasting and the sooner they were out was the better, grabbed the girl. Her mother quietened her protests, allowing Hakaruru to help the hurt girl onto her back. Small hands wrapped around his neck as her legs wrapped themselves around his torso.

Shifting his weight from foot to foot, Hakaruru made sure that the girl was holding onto him before walking closer to the wall he climbed down from. He grabbed onto jutting stone, checking to make sure they were sturdy before starting to climb up.

He could feel her scared breaths puffing against his ear as she clung close. But he ignored it in favor of paying his attention to scaling up the chasm wall.

Once at the top, he grabbed onto the edge and pushed himself up, dragging himself onto the top before dragging himself away from the edge.

He gulped in his breaths before letting the girl off his back. But this was no place to daddle in, and with that, he grabbed the girl's wrist before the waterworks begun.

He carefully led her out of the ice cave and far away from the site of her parents' newfound graves. Squeezing out of the entrance with her, he was pleased to find that Elias had, in fact, waited for him like he had asked. But the trip was far from over, and he needed to get the young Imuchakk girl home so she could start to properly grieve for her parents.

WC: 1137
Job Details:

Job Name: Avalanche Rescue
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The recent avalanche has left a child stranded in a chasm. Go into the blustery mountains to rescue her, as her mother was severely injured and her father was killed by the colossal sheet of snow.

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Hakaruru climbed off Elias' back as they reached the blocked off route, the other five Imuchakk already there before him.

"Hey, Hakaruru! Good to see you made it!" One of the men called as he spotted the Beast Tamer, a friendly smile on his face as he waved him over.

With his usual cool expression, he looked over the ice as he and snow that was blocking off the important pass as he ignored the man. His gaze then shifted to the mountain overhead. They had to clear this obstacle soon, seeing how this was one of their bigger mountain routes, not to mention one of the safest.

Looking back at the man, he pressed his lips together before sighing softly.

"What can I do to help, Ashihi?" He asked, causing the man to smile disgustingly wide and drag the other Imuchakk with him over to a pile.

"How about you and your pet clear out this area, and when you're done you can clear out something else!" He replied in a chipper tone before disappearing off to help the other Imuchakk.

The pile itself was rather daunting, with large snow-packed boulders and crumbling ice. But, he was sure that he would be able to clear it with Elias help.

So, cracking his fingers, Hakaruru pointed towards the pile before making digging motions with his hands. Elias in response lumbered closer before starting to dig at the snow. He pushed apart snow and kicked it behind him. But instead of burrowing down as he usually does, the Lagombi just worked on clearing the snow.

Nodding his head to himself, Hakaruru quickly got a shovel from one of the other Imuchakks before stationing himself by Elias. Using the shovel, the Imuchakk picked up piles of snow and dumped it behind him.

It was in this manner that the two slowly cleared the large pile, only stopping till it was reminiscent of a path.

They then moved onto the next pile, Elias digging apart the bigger clumps of snow as Hakaruru shoveled. But then they reached a rather large piece of ice, causing Hakaruru to lower his shovel and grab the boulder.

Using his knees and not his back, Hakaruru managed to lift the ice using his Imuchakk strength. Picking it up, he turned and thrown it aside, the ice breaking apart as he shattered against the ground.

Rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand, Hakaruru then grabbed his shovel and resumed working. Elias was at his die, helping the Imuchakk as they worked together, with the other five men, to clear the path.

Night has fallen by the time they managed to clear all of the snow, but it was well worth the effort, Hakaruru supposed. If it remained closed, then who knew what kind of troubles would occur because of it?

Sitting down, Hakaruru leaned back against Elias as he took a small breather before they went home. Using his arm, he wiped his forehead before tilting his head up. The Lagombi looked down and tilted his own hand, a cute expression on the beast's face.

WC: 530
Job Details:

Job Name: Securing the Mountain Pass
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Pre-Requisites: Avalanche Rescue
Job Overview: After the avalanche, one of the main mountain passes was buried. Join the group of 5 Imuchakk and help them clear out the mountain pass!

Beneath the Snow [Job/Solo] 2Fmw6NW
Name: Elias
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Normal
Species: Lagombi/Bear-Rabbit
Appearance: Elias, like all Lagombi, is a large beast covered in white fur. It has thick hind legs that help propel it, and thick armor-like skin covering its front arms, face, and ears. Elias also has a pair of long, tusk-like front canines. Its belly isn't covered in fur like the rest of its body, the skin on his belly is thick and smooth, and the muscles are hard to pierce. Elias, like most Lagombi, is slow on its feet, but it retains the ability to jump around with its powerful hind legs and slide on its belly to reach faster speeds. Elias is currently 1 meter wide and 1.5 meters tall.
Beast Traits:

Increased Strength: Lagombi has large, powerful teeth and claws, allowing it to deal C-Tier damage.
Burrowing: Due to its powerful front legs and large claws, Elias is able to burrow into the soft ground.
Sliding: Lagombi has slick bellies allowing them to push themselves forwards with their powerful hind legs and slide on smooth land, snow, and ice with their bellies.

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