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Aster Rhea

Aster Rhea

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Aster Rhea

Aster Rhea

Ex Sailor WJilta4
Name: Aster Rhea
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: 18, 22 of February
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

General Persona:
Growing up Aster was very shy and after the deaths of his family and loss of his sister he changed. Becoming more outspoken and outgoing, he often rushes head first into any new encounter and isn't afraid of speaking his mind. Quick to smile and just as quick to anger, Aster emotions are a bit out there, fluctuating like the wind. Loving to see new sight and sound Aster is easily excitable, but don’t let his excitable nature fool you when it’s time to get down to business, he can be fierce and deadly. While Aster often talks high praise about his family and sister, he has some conflicting feelings about them, feelings he still doesn't understand.

Battle Tactics:
When it come to fighting Aster is a reckless man often rushing into combat with no plan or strategy. Always hoping it's the shock and surprise that wins him the day. While his fighting style is reckless there are traces of training with a blade, growing up he trained with a crew member. While much later he abandoned the teachings some of the things he learned were engraved into his muscle memory. Contemporary sword fighting isn't where Aster’s strength is, but in his ability to feel out situations and come up with unique and sometimes strange ways of solving the problem.


  • Women

Like all men Aster loves the woman form, just everything about it. From their hair to their bodies he will always find something to love, and keeping him away from women will take an act of Solomon.

  • Honesty

Aster is all about honesty, even if it's bad for him. He can see the merit of someone's character when he see’s they are true to there word. When he meets honest people he can't help but want to be there friend. Overtime Aster has become brutally honest himself, mostly causing him to get into trouble.

  • Friendship

While he hasn’t had many friends in the life, the thought of making some really excites him. Having been on his own so long he longs for companionship and loves the ideas of travelling with a group of friends.


  • Being told what to do

Aster hates to be told what it even how to do something. After two years on his own he figures he's got it all figured out. Generally he will ignore people when telling what to do, either that or get mad at them. Saying “Who do you think I am?! I know what I'm doing.”

  • Suffering of others

Suffering of any form pisses off Aster, he can’t stand back and watch it even if it causes him suffering. Whether it be starving people or someone's active attempt to cause suffering Aster will always do what he can to help the people all the while holding back the anger it causes him. Many times Aster has fought for the people with this same rage and it more times then not gets him in unneeded trouble.

  • Pirates

After his run in with them as kid, Aster has very large hatred of them. When he sees any his face quickly turns sour and the hatred he feels can be seen in his eyes. In his mind pirates deserve no mercy and he will never show there like the kindness they never showed him or his family.

  • Being Held back

Aster isn't a saint with red hair, he can't stand people holding him back from achieving his goals or mission objectives. Prone to bursts of anger for those holding him back, and when Aster is the one holding others back his fears of weakness begin to grip him.


Find out what happened to his sister.

Aster set out on journey to seek the truth of what happened to his sister. He had no idea is he will find her alive or dead, the only thing he knows is that he set her sights on finding and gaining the riches of a dungeon. Wherever his quest leads he knows he will find the truth, even if it takes his entire life.

See The World and Its wonders
Aster wants to see the world, all of it. The sights of other countries, the tastes of new food and the sound of music. All the new sights sounds and experiences that come from adventuring. The tales he hears and the ones he writes on his own. Aster loves new cultures and new ways of life, even if he doesn't always agree with them. To see the world and its wonders, that's one of the driving forces of Aster Rhea

Learn about Dungeon's

Because his sister set out to find a dungeon he wishes to do the same, however riches aren't the reason he wants to hunt them down. All he longs for are the answers to his questions and for that purpose he will find and eventually conquer and take the knowledge of the dungeons.


Being weak
after losing everything he once loved he trained and grew in his own strength. Feeling weak and powerless is not something he wished to feel again. The fear of being weak is his greatest weakness. Once he backed into that feeling, that wall, Aster makes mistakes, becomes irrational, and panic all because he loses faith in himself and his fate.

His sister, mother and father, and even his crew. losing everyone you love will build a wall around your heart, and create a fear of giving or receiving love. It's not a fear that is easily overcome and probably will be with Aster till the day he dies.

Although Aster lived on the water he's always been scared of fish. something about their scaly slimy look freaks Aster out. His fear only extends to living fish. Dead fish he takes great pleasure in eating almost to a creepy degree.

Face-Claim: Kagura - Aquarion Evol
Hair Color: Bright red that gradually gets darker as it goes down closer to his neck
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Height: 185.42 cm (6’1)
Weight: 68.03 kg (150 lb)

Spending most of his time at sea, Aster is pretty tan and physically fit. Standing at just over 6 feet tall the musculature he has built fits nicely with him, still leaving him to look lean. When he was born his hair was a dark maroon but years on the deck of a ship slowly lightened its color creating the bright red we see today.

Aster usually wears a black and grey asymmetrical shirt with a white fur trim on one side. The left half of his shirt is black, while the right side is a dark grey. His left sleeve extends to the palm of his hand, and has a feather charm adorning his wrist, a charm that was once his sisters, while his other sleeve is only reaches his halfway down his forearm. His shirt is half open, partially showing his chest, and is short enough to also show some of his abdomen. The right side of his shirt is clasped together at his side by a buckle . He wears a single brown glove in his right hand, in order to hide a scar. He wears dark blue pants, and black boots . Around his pants he wears a thick brown and black studded belt.

Body Language:
Aster loves to speak with his hands he feels it helps him convey what he is saying better. While standing still his static position is normally with one hand at his hip and the other hanging down, and when he starts to think Aster takes his left hand and rubs the back of his head, messing up his already messy hair.

Aster also has more subtle gestures, she he starts to get mad he clenches his fist the angrier he gets the tighter he grips. Another gesture is with left hand and his hair. When nervous or unsure of what to do he pulls the left side of his back behind his ear, only to shake it loose a few moments later.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Features:
Barely visible unless he isn't wearing his shirt, Aster has a large scar across his back. The deep marks that are clearly from blades that reached deep into his skin. The only other mark is on his left hand covered by his glove but when visible the scar it looks like a blade sank into his palm and left the back.

  • Birth of a Star

On a dark and stormy night when nothing but the rain could be heard, a small village in Reim heard the loud cries of a small child, a baby boy had been born to a small merchant family. As the clouds parted and starry sky was able to be seen through the windows the mother finally gave her new baby boy a name, Aster Rhea “The Flowing Star”, It was on that night the family decided they would leave the village and choose a life of the sea, so that there newest star child might see the world.

  • A Sister’s Love on the Sea

Years passed and young Aster was now 5 years old, having only known life on the sea when they came to port he always hid, fearful of what the land might bring. It was his older who always got him to leave the ship
“I promise never to leave your side, so let's go see what this place has to offer” those words were of great comfort to little Aster, but there time at shore was always short and before long they were sailing the seas once again. As Aster grew he learned how to sail the ship and helped with many of the daily routines of the crew. The young man aged a sailor and always loved the sea, but loved nothing more than his sister. The young man’s sister became a even better sailor and merchant then her little brother. Kind, charismatic and always helping the crew she was the person the shy sailor boy aspired to be just like.

As more time passed their lives as sailors and as a merchant family seemed to be a normal one, never really having a problem always cared for and even when attacked the young sailor boy never saw, always hiding below the decks. Even at the age of 10 Aster was still a scared, shy and frightened boy. He held onto the fear until that fateful day.

  • The Attack

When Aster was 10 his family decided they would one of their support ships at port and make a supply run. Telling the crew it was fine and they could handle it. A month into their voyage their ship was attacked by pirates. The crew they had fought like hell to protect what they had but the pirates were greater in number and overwhelmed the ship. They killed the crew and young Asters parents. Aster’s sister told her brother to stay hidden, that she would take care of him. Aster protested but his sister took for the upper decks, it was in that moment Aster stomached his fear and decided to go with her. Aster left his hiding spot and grabbed a small rusted dagger and ran after his sister to the horror on the upper decks. He saw so many of his crew… his family dead, and his sister in the grips of a pirate. With no time to think the young Aster rushed to the pirate running his dagger into the beast's leg causing the man to drop his Asters sister. Aster quickly ran over to her seeing she was blooded and beaten. Other pirate came from behind and tossed Aster across the deck. Aster’s fear was now to much to control, he began to cry out as the pirates beat on him and slashed at him, one plunged the rusty dagger that Aster had once held into his left hand. He screamed and cried at they beat and cut him. Before long, Aster passed out from the pain.

The next thing young Aster knew he was in a bed. One of the crew members that had stayed behind leaning over him. Still scared young Aster punched the man and pulled back to a corner of the bed. He man squealed in pain and then smiled at the boy, He told the young Aster that the other ship had begun to worry only days after their main ship left port so they were off to try and reach the their comrades. He then told young Aster how they found him and his sister in a small fishing boat. Both bloody and with no other ship in sight.

  • To Conquer a Dungeon

After the Pirate attack Aster changed he was much more outspoken and willing to do what was needed. While they no longer belonged to a merchant ship of their family the ship that rescued them began their own merchant company and Aster and his sister were very welcome to join. Seeing as sea life was all they knew they gladly accepted, but Aster could see his sister was not as excited at him. The kind and charismatic sister he knew was gone. As the years dragged on Aster learned swordplay from a crewman and hear tales of other lands from those that joined them later on, but when one joined it was Aster sister who took a liking to him. Aster thought she was getting over the past but it was far from that. The man that joined spoke of a tower, and the rumors that if anyone ever came back from the belly of that beast they might bring riches. Aster saw as his sister asked the man to tell her about this tower over and over, and before long she began packing. One morning Aster awoke to find a letter from his sister, she left the ship and taken off on a journey, she would come back once there family name was restored, once they had riches. Aster rushed to the top deck only to see they already left port. Sighing and looking to the sky he prayed that she would safe and promised to wait for her. As months passed he realized she wasn't coming back…

  • A Journey of his own

Upon Asters 18th birthday the captain of his ship looked at him and told him that he no longer had any use of him on the decks. The old man smiled and told him to go out and seek adventure. As a gift he gave him a new set of clothes and a old feathered charm band that was once his sisters. The old man smiles at Aster telling him to search for what hi heart longs to know, to see what he longs to see and have the great adventure that calls to his heart. Aster nods and accepts the gift from the old man planning to leave the next time they are at port. As Aster prepares to leave he finds an old journal of his sisters, he smiles and packs it with his things, ready to go out into the world and see what truths he might find

As ready as he will ever be Aster Rhea, the ex sailor, leaves the ship he called home in search for the answers his heart seeks… What happened to his sister.

Role-Play Sample:

A gentle breeze floats upon the wind, blowing the grass in its way. As the breeze ventures forth it rests upon a cheek of a man laying on the ground under the shade of a large tree. His blazing red hair flowing rustling in the wind as it tried to gently move the sleeping man from its path. Slowly the man’s eyes begin to open showing the golden brown tint as the sun reflects of his gaze. Stretching the man begins to yawn as the fur on his shirt brushes against his face

“Oooohhh, man... How long did I sleep for” He said as he brush the tired look from his eyes. Quickly standing up to look out the grassy fields before him, they seemed to dance in the wind and it was true wonder to his eyes, but as he looked at the grass he began to see waves. He smiled as the movement of the grass reminded him of the seafaring life he had lived not to long ago. He began to stretch a bit more pulling each arm over his head and moving from left to right. Then pulling his hands forward and popping his hands he felt refreshed and grabbed the small pack that he had, it contained everything he owned. Throwing it over his shoulder he began to walk down the hill to put himself back on the path that he started. He looked left then right and smiled as he continued down the road.

“I wonder where this road will lead me, I hope it’s somewhere fun”

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Aster Rhea

Aster Rhea


  • Primary - Warrior
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Aster Rhea

Aster Rhea

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Aster Rhea

Aster Rhea

Black Swallow:



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