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Helping the armory [Solo/job]

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1Helping the armory [Solo/job] Empty Helping the armory [Solo/job] on 13/03/17, 10:22 pm

Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford

Job Details:
Job Name: Rebuilding the Armory
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: After the armory was destroyed in the Kou-Reim Conflict, the military is short on supplies. Do your part to help by delivery much needed ore to the blacksmiths and wood to the carpenters.

It was almost time for the fighting to break out! Father and son would be engaging in combat through the means of commanding vast numbers of people to fight on behalf of their name. Really it was more heroic than it sounds, promise. But to support those armies the armories needed to be stocked up. And they were plenty stocked but the armories that supported one side were often the subject of being targeted by the opposition. Oliver found himself supporting Gao Yuan Zu, and as such he found himself being asked to help repair one of the armories assailed by the forces of Yoshiro.

Well he wasn't asked as much as he saw that the building had a bunch of scaffolding around it, tarps thrown up over it and the sight of people pushing through the tarp this way and that. Apparently the rebuilding was taking a lot of effort for this armory. And Oliver wanted to try and help! He was turned away at first, scooted along with his heels making small mounds of dirt as the boy tried to stay and help. It took a total of three attempts to break in and offer to help personally for the staff on site to acquiesce for him, allowing Oliver to help out.

Inside he was met with a large set of stone bricks, pulley systems hefting them up and swivels moving them around toward the mortar that would act as a glue between the stones. Figuring it was the best place to start, Oliver tried to life one of the stones much like the other workers were doing. This only resulted in him tiring himself out and straining his arms from trying to lift the damn thing. He managed to turn the stone upright, so that was a thing. Red in the face, Oliver decided to try and help with carrying wood instead.

It was much easier! A large piece of wood was much easier to lift than a small stone block for some reason. The science behind it was beyond the comprehension of Oliver's writer mind. He wanted to just help carry stacks of planks from one end to the other, helping with the inside. The floorboards were being torn up, replaced completely thanks to the little bit of damage to to across the floor. It was better to replace the floor completely to match everything for the sake of looking nice than doing anything else.

Oliver set down stack after stack, allowing the carpenters to continue to do their work. It expedited everything like a well oiled machine. Everyone having their own little task. At the end of the day, Oliver felt the satisfaction of helping out a place he might buy a weapon or seven from another day. And for today? He got himself treated to a flagon of ale. What's a lad to do? It's as if he were some blonde haired prince from another world, being allowed to drink at this age. But he instead pretended to drink it and poured it behind himself through an overly exaggerated motion of tipping the flagon back. After that it was time to head back to his room at the inn.

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