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Assassination Training Begins! [Job/Solo]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou
It was the day following her mock fight with the monk, claiming that he wanted her to take her time to decide if she truly wanted to train under him. Though, in reality, he just wanted to take a moment to appreciate silence for who knows when he'll have that again with Jingyi around.

And so she waited by the stump, looking around as she waited for Yusha to appear. It was only when she turned, to look to the east when she spotted the monk, almost right behind her. She jumped, still startled by the fact that the man could walk with almost no sound.

"So?" He asked, his eyebrow raising as the man looked at Jingyi from beneath his hat. "What is your answer? Will you become my apprentice? Be warned, I'll work you hard and you won't back out till you finish the first phase of your training."

He barely had time to finish his words before he received an excited, and loud, "Yes!" Jingyi's head nodded eagerly as she clasped her hands together, a smile on her face.

"I would love to be your apprentice, Master Yusha!" She added before bowing, though her form was wobbly.

She heard a sigh from above her, which she took as her cue to stand up straight. Her hands flew to her sides as she stood up straighter.

"Your first task is to learn to walk quieter. There is no point in being an assassin when your enemies can hear you like an elephant rampaging through a china shop."

And with that Jingyi's training under Yusha officially started. The woman returned to the spot daily as the man taught her how to walk to quiet steps. Where to put her foot and how to not crack the foliage beneath her feet.

When she finally managed to quiet her footsteps the man taught her how to run quietly, for she needed to be quick if she wanted to be a true assassin. And so, through trial and error, she slowly began to learn how to race while remaining mostly quiet. Though the one thing Yusha would never be able to teach the loquacious woman was how to not run her mouth like it had a motor to run on.

After she finally gotten down how to run while remaining somewhat quiet, the man began to teach her how to throw an object with an honest aim. Using techniques his own honorable father, Yusha gave her all the tricks and tips. They started with light darts, and it wasn't long before the monk learned of her terrible throwing aim. But with time and effort that had improved, and when she left to use her techniques in actual battle Jingyi was able to throw a dagger with the aim of a ranger.

The final thing the man had taught Jingyi was an ancient technique that his clan had used. He taught her how to use poisons. Yusha began with simple ones, how to make them, how they broke down and how they work. He was mindful of teaching Jingyi the antidotes as well. He taught her how much poison to apply to her senbons, along with the most effective way to stab a person and get the poison injected into their systems.

The final thing he taught her was the ventilation mask and poison smoke. The mask was the first of two things that he would give the woman as a parting gift. But first, he taught her how to make smoke bombs, and later how to use the ventilation mask. How to breath safely through it, how it work and how to take care of the important device. And before her time with Yusha ended for the time being, the monk taught her of one of their deadlier weapons. Of how to mix poison with smoke bombs. The man gave Jingyi the knowledge of how to create special smoke bombs that release simple poisons that would hurt her enemies.

And that was how Jingyi spent her months training with him, and at the very end she recieved two dear gifts. The first was Varja, a set of Magic Daggers that Yusha had recieven when he finished his own training. He was mindful of showing her how to use them before she left, and Jingyi was estatic to recieve the weapon. The second thing that the man had left her was a ventilation mask, so she could use her poison smoke bombs without cause to worry about them taking effect on herself.

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