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Oliver Rages Against the Machine [Job/solo]

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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Job Details:
Job Name: Down With Yoshiro
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help to organize a secret meeting for these dissenters and stoke the flames of rebellion.

Well with all of this war talk going on, Oliver needed to eventually start picking a side. And before it was too late--because you know, picking a side in the midst of a battle doesn't really sing good graces about who you are. He simply had to make a choice. The decision was a rather easy one for him as someone he had met before and befriended had sided with Gao Yuan Zu, one oddball like himself by the name of Trently. As Oliver thought about the person who took interest in his writing, he got the inspiration to join him in the fight.

What better way to get things going than with a secret meeting? Sure Gao Yuan Zu supporters were taken away or executed on site. Sure supporting the old regime in favor of toppling over the pretty boy act of Yoshiro was looked upon as treason. And yes, maybe it was unlawful to collude with people in private which is why it was so hard to organize. But he was a writer dammit! Not a journalist mind you or anything of the like--but he read plenty of detective novels at home! And that was like a field training manual for someone that wanted to do all of this secret spy type stuff.

So what's a writer to do? Well write something up akin to a flyer. But what good would a flyer that says 'come to secret meeting at nine P.M. tonight~ bring snacks' be? Plus it would be hitting the nail on the head.

Oliver spent a good portion of the night writing up his flyer in several different manners along with a little note to be handed out with each one. The next day he started to distribute the flyers along with a coupon for a free drink at the tavern he was staying at. It so happened that the inn adjacent to it was run by a fellow who secretly supported Gao Yuan Zu. The meeting went off without a hitch later that week!

But you want to know how he did it right? Right. Well Oliver likes to keep his own personal notes in plain sight along with a means to trick people who read them. As such he was rather skilled at writing up ciphers. So as he was handing out flyers without a permit, he was accosted by some Yoshiro supporting guards. The lad simply stated that the owner asked him to do this as a favor in exchange for a free meal. But as they read the flyer they were met with something that read like a nursery rhyme with words that made no sense. As if out of Wonderland itself the words were strewn together and confused the guards.

Anyone that brought in the flyer and the coupon to the tavern was given their drink and secretively asked questions about the whole Yoshiro-Gao Yuan debate. If they were a friendly supporter they were given the cipher key and would meet later that week. Nobody brought snacks though, sad really.

(word count: 516)


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