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Zoids After Era

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Zoids After Era


Our world starts well after the ending of the Zoids: New Century Zero series ended, allowing all members a chance to join and be an important part of the plot; all of which is created by the members themselves. As a community, you will help shape the planet Zi into what you want it to be. Events will not be something that changes the entirety of the site in one go and choices made change the final results!
The site has a very well thought out PvP and stat system as well as a thoroughly thought out system for how battles proceed. Instead of jobs, or missions of any sort, you can do whatever you want. Instead, you are given rewards based on the amount of quality writing inside the topic; which may even have bonuses! Do not fret if you don't know the show. It's a very old one that was really good when it was around! We welcome ALL to join! Else, where is the fun in RP?

For those that have not seen the show and want a description of it without searching/watching videos; It's Animal/Dinosaur mechs! Who doesn't love mechs!?!

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