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Oliver collects plants--kind of.

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1Oliver collects plants--kind of. Empty Oliver collects plants--kind of. on 04/03/17, 02:53 pm

Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Job details:
Job Name: Meditative State
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: On top of one of the many mountains that surround the Kou Empire is a temple where a multitude of monks live. These monks at this temple have learned of a mystical recipe that is said to induce a powerful meditative state that can help one a find the answers to any problem that they may have. They need somebody to retrieve the herbs used to make these plants. They are found along the mountain ranges. They need 15 yellow bloom lilies, 5 purple tinted tulips, and about 10 green flute reeds. Be careful along the mountain side for bears and wolves are often spotted, it is not needed to kill these beast but one might have to in order to get to the herbs.

Oliver Oxford, the wayward son who carries on the unwanted will of Magnostadt in his wake, the intrepid traveler keen on staying away from home, the boy who would seek to break the mold of a Goi, the - ENOUGH ANALOGIES! Oliver was looking for more work. After having gone to the clinic to get plenty of plants for their medicines, he was pointed toward the mountain, being told that if he enjoyed collecting plants and the payday it brought, the monks would be glad to compensate him up there. He would return to his room after helping out with the clinic and decided over night to make the trek up to the mountains.

The issue would be having to go up into the mountains, dressed for the weather there, and then find the monks. He was certain they'd want help--provided that he could convince them that they wanted his help. Sure the monks might be hermetic and self-sufficient, they might even be ornery bastards. Oliver thought about the chances, but at least it would be exercise to get up there and back.

Setting out the next day, Oliver gathered up a brown jacket with beige colored fuzz sticking out of the cuffs of his sleeves and along the rim of his hood. Under the comfy jacket was a white colored shirt with the thickness of a woolen vest. His red scarf tied about his neck as usual. Oliver had to be wearing pants. Anyone who thought to go outside without pants had to be the king of their own nation and got robbed blind. Who would do that? Who the narrator asks you reader! WHO?! So yeah, Oliver put on black pants and some brown fuzzy boots so that his feet could bear the cold wind of the mountains. Gathering up his weapon, Oliver looked at it, considering giving it a better name as he made his way off toward the mountains.

Using his cane in its locked staff form, Oliver leaned his weight on it as he walked up the path and eventually up to the temple where the monks resided. On his weight up there, Oliver found himself accosted by a pack of wolves. Pretty standard procedure right? Go visit a religious temple, meet some wolves? Perfectly normal, everything is fine here.

There were a number of them, about six. At first they seemed to be letting the runaway be on his merry way, until the alpha of the pack decided it was time to eat. Sighing to himself as he was surrounded, Oliver brought his staff-cane to rest up over his right shoulder, holding the bottom pommel with his palm, his left hand crossing over to latch on to and prepare for them to come at him.

He needed a Dust Screen and one that could be scaled up at that! So using the powers that be, Oliver called upon the great admins of the universe to take from him twenty of his stamina! As the wolves came in for an attack, Oliver swept his cane around on the floor, kicking up a large semi-circle of dust. But as he was surrounded on the other side, Oliver had to [i]sustain his ability and scale it up for another ten stamina! Making another semi-circle, Oliver kicked up a large dome of dust around himself that the wolves would blindly dive through.
Stamina used:
Oliver used Dust Screen with a sustain and scale on both. Total of 30 stamina used. 10 for initial, 10 for the scaling, and 5 for the sustain and the sustain scaling.

He had to work fast to bob and weave, catching three of them and sending them toppling harmlessly. Though when the alpha lunged through the dust screen and pinned Oliver, he had to fight to avoid being made a meal of! Unhooking the sections of his cane, he held the two end sections up while the middle one kept the wolf from biting his jugular.

The wolves suddenly stopped at the sound of something else, a bear approaching. "Greck--You have GOT to be kidding me!" Kicking the wolf off and sending them on their way, Oliver quickly spun his weapon about and prepared himself for the bear. The ursine charged, roaring for the prospect of someone disturbing its home! Oliver responded with a swift Meteor Shower! He lunged and swung his weapon around, striking the bear int he side of the eye before he pivoted about on his heels, letting the stunned bear approach more and avoid his sweet spots, bringing his weapon down and across its other eye so that the bear was effectively bruised in both eyes and left blinded for now, "Sorry mate, but I don't think I would make a good meal anyways."
Stamina used II:
Oliver used Meteor shower for 20 stamina.

He quickly made his way up to the temple, where the monks greeted him with a warm smile and a hearty meal. They thanked him for his time to come up and sent him right back down with payment for services rendered. He was given an explanation for being given money.
'While you were down on the mountain side on your way up, the anxious bears and wolves decided to travel in that direction for a quick meal. We were able to gather the herbs we needed and then some. Thank you for your time.'

Oliver's eye twitched, sure he 'completed the job', but he nearly got ate! TWICE! At least it was a nice story to tell later and he got some money out of it!.

[word count is 892 minus the coding and spoilers]


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