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Ptolemy Essa

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Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa
Ptolemy Essa  Zui4wx
Death is lighter than a feather, but Duty is heavier than a mountain.

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Name: Ptolemy Essa
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 26- May 25
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Human
Specialization: Dominance

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~The Man Dressed in White~

ALWAYS bet on red: While not a man of habit, Ptolemy is superstitious almost to a fault. Firmly believing that if he fails to act on one of his little rituals bad luck WILL fall on him. Oddly enough, when ever hes not fallowed through with one of his superstitions something bad happened almost immediately afterword(An example being when ever he bets on black he loses)! So, i guess you could say while hes a man that likes to fallow certain routines in very certain situations.

Heads or Tail?: Life is a gamble! Theres no other way to put it, no matter what we do in our daily life we make choices based on nothing more then sheer random chance. Ptolemy almost embraces this and has come to understand that while everything is at least some what random, there is a sort of order to the chaos about them. He understands this and does not try to control the world about him, instead he gos with the flow looking for the patterns that eventually arise so that he can better predict to future.

Pick a Card! Any Card!: We live in a random world that can at times be impossible to predict! Its a simple fact that you wont see every curve in the road nor ever card fate will deal us. But you can try! After all, there is such a thing as counting cards and life is no different from a high stakes game of poker... Right? RIGHT!?!

The Queen has my Heart!: Ptolemy is a lover and a romantic as well as claiming to be something of a gentleman, and though it doesn't always show it happens to be true. Theres nothing the man loves more the wooing some woman for no better reason then because she is a woman! After all, every single one of them is a beautiful goddess, and someone has to treat them as such!

~The Man Dressed in Leather~

Blood for Blood: Do onto others as they do onto you. Its as simple as that, if an enemy seeks to destroy you then you had better destroy them first, if someone seeks to steal your mate then you make sure they are unable to, and if someone challenges you for power well... You make sure they don't walk away from that fight. After all if someone you've beaten is allowed to live they WILL come back for vengeance, and you may not be able to fend them off a second time.

The Group is our Strength: You are only as strong as the weakest in your back. This is a fact of life, and rather then let it be a weakness make it your strength. Share with and teach those that are weaker then you, in doing so you will better not only their chances of survival but your own as well.

Passion Rules Reason: Angry or not, don't let your rage fill your soul and cloud your judgment. To do so invites death to not only your self but those who rely on you. Let your rage fuel you for sure, let it drive you and give you strength, but never let its fire consume you... For as any creature of the forest knows, fire leads to destruction.

Tonight we Hunt: The hunt and the quest for survival is the most important aspect of existence , it keeps all life infernal or otherwise balanced and working. Do not upset it, for it is this balance that protects and nurtures all of us no matter what plan of existence. It is through this that we gain our strength, it is through this that we understand our purpose in this life and all others.


Games of Chance and Skill: Ptolemy LOVES games of every sort, but those that are based on luck more then anything else hold a special place in his heart. Luck after all cares not for who one is.

Hunting: When he was a child Ptolemy's father and mother used to take him on hunting trips and he came to love it, even to this day some years later he feels the need to lose him self in the desert and chase those animals that  make their home there... Its just relaxing.

Playing with Animals: Without a doubt, Ptolemy loves animals. He will go out of his way to pet a wandering dog, help a cat out of a tree or rub down a random horse. Honestly, so long as its a beast of one sort or another he will try and play with them.


Abusers: Ptolemy has a deep seated hatred of those that abuse their position and power in any way. This can range from a father who beats his children, to a king who over taxes his subjects and everything in between.

Poachers: Those who needlessly and unlawfully kill animals hold  a great portion of Ptolemy's ire, seeing as most are nearly defenseless against the machinations and ability of mankind.

Figs: He just doesn't like them. From the smell, to the taste and texture... Nothing about that fruit sits well with Ptolemy. In fact he more then considers them the root of all evil.

Ptolemy has no true phobia seeing as he can control his fear of those things that do scare him, that being said he does have fears. For one, he is not a fan of the dark and is not ashamed to say that he sleeps with a candle burning if able. He's also not a fan of deep water, seeing as he never had a chance to learn how to swim. In fact, the thought of getting on a boat and sailing the ocean tends to get his wobble kneed just thinking about it.

Most importantly though, and one might say most oddly, he is scared of bad luck and those things he thinks cause it. In fact he will often go out of his way to avoid situation that may cause bad luck. Of course if no other option is available he will suffer what ever luck comes his way to achieve his goals.


 Aspirations? Well simply put Ptolemy want's to have a family to call his own. Simple right? Honestly the man has no greater dream then that and while some might think he's small minded but hey, each to their own right?Now this isn't to say he has no greater dreams, because let’s be honest, everyone wants something that may seem unattainable. But yet again his is rather mundane, for he wants to lead a troupe of entertainers from around the world, showcasing talents from every nation. In short, he wants to lead a circus, to bring joy to the masses and smiles to the faces of children. He wants to show people wonder and majesty that they have never before known.
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Face-Claim: Red Haired Shanks- One Piece
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'0''
Rukh Alignment: White and Black, hes a fairly balanced individual in that regard.
Special Traits: The most notable trait is that he is missing his left arm. Also has a scar over his left eye, but hey who's looking?



Ptolemy is a handsome man, there is no other way to put it. With mid length straight red hair, warm eyes the color of honey and a smile that could melt a virgins inhibitions at fifty paces(This has happened on at least one occasion) PTolemy is the full package or so it seems. After all how could one doubt a man whose very voice speaks of sincerity and warmth, who also happens to have a face of an angel? Of course there is one thing marring this otherwise beautiful individual, that being his missing arm.

As a rather handsome and charming individual he tends to dress to impress, with various styles of suits, jackets, vests and hats usual done is brighter colors. These are often times accented by various accessories, from pocket watches(And wrist watches) and handkerchiefs to cuff links, necklaces, rings and other jewelry. Generally these are some sort of "good luck" charms and are some how related to luck, gambling or fate(Examples being four leaf clover lapel pins, dice cuff links, playing card necklace). As for shoes well, they tend to be somewhat sensible though they always somehow manage to match what hes wearing.

On ether wrist he has snake tattoos that where placed there after he finished his training as a snake charmer and mark him as an master in that art, these along with a wheel of fate on his back make up the only tattoos.

Ptolemy Essa  YunanTab_zpsba28a063

Born into a middle class family with a background in the entertainment industry made for a rather interesting childhood, at least in Ptolemy's case. For one he was introduced to elements of both high and low society at a vary young age, and came to live somewhat in both worlds seeing as his father and mother where much in demand for various parties and events around the kingdom. While they often preformed for those of high society, doing work on the streets was not above them, in fact Ptolemy's father preferred it, often saying that "A rich man can't really be entertained."

While he practiced many different street acts with his father and mother, he was drawn to those activities that involved animals more then any other, his parents nurtured this and soon he found him self apprenticed to an old snake charmer and handler. For the next few years he studied under the man, who like most had his own faults. But setting those aside, he was a fantastic instructor teaching the young Ptolemy all he knew about his art.

Of course no animal trainer is unmarked by their experiences with the beasts they share their lives with, and it was no different for Ptolemy. One day, more then a few years into his apprenticeship he was attacked by on of the snakes he and his tutor took care of,  highly venomous the young man would have died if not for the quick and desivie thinking of his master, who without a second thought cut the boys arm straight from his body, leaving no more then a six inch stump where his arm used to be.

One would think that this event would set Ptolemy back, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact he seemed to gain a new found respect for those animals he worked with, and they for him and in the end the snake that took his arm became his most trusted companion.

Role-Play Sample: (Taken from an old demonology rp I used to do~)

Of all their creations, of all their inventions and innovations there was one that Legion was proud of more then any other. Yes, they may have created Monsters that defined human nightmares, and they may have created beauties to make even the most jaded of souls weep. It was true that their weapons where among the most deadly ever seen, and it would not be a lie to say that they had created great music with the screams of the dying. But even with all that their was one thing, one great idea that over shown even their own darkest creations. It had changed the world, and continued to change the world and while their other creations had been used to kill, they were but sticks when compared to their greatest joy. What would that be you ask? What creation would bring tears to an Archdemons eyes? It was simple. Legions master piece was the simple written word. Nothing else in the history of humanity had created as much strife, love, hate, and war as writing. Yes, it was through them that all the great works of the world had been created,  it was through them that all holy book were able to be printed(An irony they found most delicious) and it was with their blessing that all holy wars had been waged.

It was through their most holy of gifts that man had conquered the world, it was with their blessing that they had flourished and kindled the flame of knowledge. And what made this sweet for the creature known simply as Legion was that mankind did not know. They didn't understand that with ever book printed, with every word spoke and with every library created they worked ITS will with in the human world. But for all their numbers and knowledge they had gathered they still had nothing. Humanity did not  know the truths of the universe, they could not understand the great cosmic dance. They did not know the colors of sound nor the tastes of words. They didn't comprehend the science of death nor the great mystery of life. But what more they were unable to, so limited were the minds of most mortals.

But for Legion there where no such mysteries, no for they were the ones that had guided the hands that had made the universe, they were the ones who had fallowed the blue prints for creations... And they were the ones that had witnessed the coming of death. Here, in the great libraries of Legion, one could find the recounting of that event. There one could find the lost scrolls of Alexandria. There you could see the first words put to a cave wall. Yes, they had collected it all and it was for this reason that fools sought them out in their great black halls. And when a new fool entered their domain they knew. They knew what they sought, they knew what they wanted, and they knew that they would not leave but for their grace.

Deep within the complex it self, in a room not unlike any other with in the shadows stirred, and soon that seemingly empty room was filled with a presence that any who knew that realm knew and feared. It took on no shape, for Legion had no shape. It cast no shadow, for darkness had no form.

That darkness flowed then, and through every room it moved more shadows seemed to coalesce, flowing into and becoming part of the moving wave of darkness that washed over the Enclave like a rising tide. They knew that the one that infringed on its most holy of places would sense their coming, just as they knew that they would not be able to escape it. In a sense they were already there, surrounding her on all sides, watching her every movement, drinking in her every sound. IF they wanted... They could have ended her life, as they had ended so many others. But that would not be her fate.

They drew closer, and they knew she could hear them. The voices that made up this dakrness, the faceless souls that they had devoured over the eons. Some sang, they knew, others screamed over what had been done to them. But one and all were now part of them. They had saints among them, they had devils. They had children and mothers and fathers. They had sisters, brothers, heroes and villains. Legion was none of those... Legion was all of those and more besides. And as they drew near the hapless mortal that had made her way into their domain, Legion did not mask them. And as the rolling darkness neared they let them grow louder. The voices of Legion screamed. And then out of that darkness stepped a solitary figure, nether male nor female clad in what seemed to be the shadows them selves. As for the face? There was none... And then again to many to count. Facial features flowed into one another,causing the face of the creature to ripple like a pound. The clouds of murk swirled about it, and those voices could still be heard though they where now muted, as if being muffled by something. The creatures eyeless gaze came up and with out moving.... It was suddenly there. In front of the girl. And with a voice marked by the absence of sound it spoke.

"Do you have a library card?" The answer of course... Was no.

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Ptolemy Essa

Ptolemy Essa
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