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Reed Harper

Reed Harper

A haunting melody resounded through the halls of Magnostadt Academy as the young artist play his violin in his room. The music echoed off the walls and ceilings of his bedroom. The warm breeze slipping in from his window as he stopped strumming on his violin and looked out of the window, gazing out into the beautiful, green expanse. He sighed and sat down at the desk in his room. He was afforded an especially grand room considering his lineage, so he had free reign to practice his music, but he still felt like there was something missing. Perhaps he missed people? Perhaps he should have a roommate? No, that wasn't it. Perhaps he was just anxious--he had been performing well in his classes lately and he was offered advancement into the second Kodor. Now, before the tournament, a test of sorts--an improved display of magic--was required. He had developed some unique magics, even completed a few missions with the help of an equally talented magician at his side. It was the stage fright that truly hit Reed, however. He had yet to ever perform his music for the public. Sure, he took part in concerts and other orchestral suites, but he never had just a solo piece to perform. The "by himself" part is what frightened him the most.

Reed cradled his violin bow in his hands and held the handle firmly in his right hand. He pointed his wand toward the window and focused his magoi around his wand. He could hear the rukh buzzing in the air around him. "Volante!" The rukh around his wand twist and turned into a green spear in his hands. His most difficult to control magic, for sure, but he was confident he could master it by his preliminary exam. The day was spent and his anxiety suffocating, so he went to lie down in his bed, ready to sleep until his test.

He awoke from a deep slumber, his eyes crusted with whatever film produced from his sleep. He didn't think he'd have this much trouble getting focused, but perhaps the stress of possibly failing at anything after working so hard to attain his dreams. He pulled the sheets off of his body and laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping his body would just transport him somewhere else. This feeling--the stasis--it came every so often and there was nothing Reed could do to shake it off. So he laid there, his mind both simultaneously filled with an inundation of thoughts and a complete void of thought. He laid in bed contemplating his existence. Was this all worth it? Was he at all worth it? His thoughts consumed the very core of his being, like always during his fits of depression, and he turned over in bed finding the only release from this awful feeling to be more deep slumber. Wishing to sleep the week away so that

It was still dark when he woke up. His body was paralyzed, or at least he felt like it, and nothing he could do would snap him out of this debilitating funk he was in. The morning sun rose in the distance and all Reed managed to do was sit up in his bed and look around the room. He had a knock in the afternoon which was probably his sister Lyra, but he ignored it and kept sleeping. He decided to sleep the week away, locked in his own brain, wishing he would just sleep the week away. He thought about all the possible ways he could fail this test and merely sunk into a deeper despair. Days passed and soon it was close to his preliminary exam. A full week of doing absolutely nothing--well--close to nothing. Reed laid awake all night until night turned around again. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, his body weak.

The morning dragged on and soon midday came around and his slot to go before an adjudicator and show them his skill and be allowed to join the second Kodor. He slowly rolled out of bed, his body sweaty after having marinated in his aroma for a while. He thought about showering, but he realized he didn't have enough time to do all of the normal routine he does to get himself ready for the day. He threw on something quickly and grabbed his wand and rushed for the exam. He couldn't be late! That would be worse than smelling faintly of body odor. So he braved the environment and arrived at his exam, the professor sniffed and caught a whiff of Reed's scent and quickly closed his nose.

"Good Afternoon...Reed Harper. Ah! You are Lyra's brother, yes? I can expect unbridled talent from you then. All you need to qualify to complete in the second Kodor exam is a intermediate level spell. Let us see it!" The adjudicator explained, waving his hand out in front to motion to Reed to begin. Reed stood in front of the proctor, his wand tight in his grasp and his knuckles white with fear. The anxiety seemed to occur in full swing and all Reed could do was muster the weakest commands to the rukh around him. The adjudicator furrowed his brow as he looked at Reed with disdain. How could someone from such a talented family have so little talent? Reed couldn't snap out of this cycle of fear. He can't fail? But what if he does fail? He's failing now? The words resounded in Reed's head as he could barely bring himself to think. He was going to be sent away, not being able to even participate in the second Kodor for another year. Doomed to repeat classes he's been excelling in.

"Reed...Reed! REED!" The instructor's shout snapped Reed back into reality, and when he looked upon his face all he see was a face furled into worry and wonder. "Give yourself time...I'll let you start again." For a moment, Reed could feel the adjudicator was on his side. He was rooting for him...perhaps he pitied Reed's overall appearance that day. But it gave him the much needed jolt to slide back into reality. The rukh swirled about him in an impressive display of control of magoi and rukh commands. He could feel a touch of wind, a breeze, swirling around him, but it couldn't have been himself. He assumed it was just a natural breeze, but no matter, the sounds of the rukh resonated around him, and with one impressive thrust of his wind, he attempted to pass his exam.

"Cadenza!" Reed shouted, blowing a burst of sound in the general direction of the professor. His borg swiftly deflected the blast, but nonetheless he was impressed. He gave a slight chuckle and marked the rubric with glowing recommendations.

"Oooh, m'boy! You've got some oomph behind your abilities there! Just remember to keep calm, alright?" And with that, Reed grabbed his aced exam and headed back to his room.

Word Count: 1220/500


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