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Hungry Like the Wolf [Solo/Job]

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Job Details:
Job Name: The Hunt
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Rewards: 50 XP + 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Food is needed for your tribe. You must hunt down at least two wolves that you kill and bring back to your tribe.

Enemy Name: White Wolf (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: A white wolf about .5m tall with glowing yellow eyes and perfect white fangs. The wolf deals passive D-tier damage and moves at 10 m/s.
Bite: The wolf bites down on its prey at 15m/s, dealing C-Tier damage.

“Hmph. So, you’re telling me that you’re completely out of meat, and the only way for me to get any today, would be if I went out into the harsh wilderness and brought some back for you guys to cook?” The black haired behemoth of a man leaned down, matching the woman’s eyes with his own. She merely nodded her head in agreement, her body quite stiff due to the fear-inducing aura Bararaq seemed to give off at all times. Bararaq had no malice intent at this current time, however, on his way out of the building he made sure to scrape the side of the wall with his hook-hand, creating an awful metal screeching sound just to keep the fear in the air present. "I'm hungry like the wolf, so I'll be back."

WC - 134

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