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Pied Piper [Solo | Job]

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Job Description:
Job Name: The Academy's Rat Problem
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt Academy
Job Rewards: 50xp +3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Rats have yet again infested the magician academy! Someone has to deal with these pests.

Enemy Name: Large Rat (x4)
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: The Large Rat is bigger and stronger than its cousin, the sewer rat. The Large Rat has bright red eyes and long teeth used to bite its enemy, inflicting D-tier damage. The Large Rat's running speed is 5 m/s.
Stinging Bite: The Large Rat charges at its enemy at 10 m/s and bites down hard dealing D-Tier damage and leaves a painful sting.

Wooden Crescent:

Pied Piper [Solo | Job] Latest?cb=20151224040552
Name: Wooden Crescent
Tier: D
Material: A wooden shaft and a top made of iron.
Appearance: The staff is roughly 170cm long and 3cm thick. The shaft is entirely made out of wood and is bending roughly in the middle. The top of the staff is made of iron and resembles a crescent moon, roughly 8cm wide.

”Why me?” Levi stood in one of the training grounds, looking at a letter which ordered him to take care of rats yet again infesting the academy. So far, he had no problem with this task. However, there was a small detail he disliked about this assignment. The rats he should take care of lived, basically, in the dirtiest parts of the institute. And if Levi hated one thing, it was dirt. ”Is there nobody else who can take of these rats? Couldn’t I be assigned for some in cleaner places?” Of course, nobody heard his quiet murmuring. Sighing he moved near the kitchen complex where the Large Rats occupied the leftovers. Of course, he was not alone there; the first critter saw him, large red eyes looking down on the young magician. Levi tried not to think too much of the place he was in. ”Let’s get started.” The rat tried to attack, but Levi intervened by using his Cris, confusing the animal and forcing it to miss.

[Magoi: 170/180]
[Word Count: 169/500]

Ability Used:

Cris (Scream)
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to point their staff/wand towards their opponent, who in return needs to hear this ability.
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Magoi | 5 to sustain

    The user gathers Sound-Magic, emitting a high pitched scream. Those affected by the spell in near proximity (5m) will have problems coordinating their movements, making it easier for the caster to avoid the next physical, close-combat attack.


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