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Job Name: Dystopian Troubles
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: The great nation of Kou has been torn apart by the civil war. Her citizens have had enough with the violence and despair. Starving and diseased, they began rising up against the very soldiers that once protected them. Will you decide to stop them or aid them in their revolt? *+3 influence to Yoshiro if you help the soldiers. +3 influence to Gao Yuan Zu if you help the people.*

Enemies if you support Gao Yuan Zu:
Enemy Name: Kou Soldiers (x10)
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: Loyal soldiers of Yoshiro. They are heavily armored with swords strapped to their waists. These soldiers are tough, forged by war itself. Even though they aren't very fast they are hardy, taking one tier less damage from basic attacks.
Slash ~ The soldier will use their sword to slash at their opponent dealing B tier damage.
Parry ~ The soldier will use their sword to deflect incoming attacks and then rebound with a slice to deal C tier damage.


Enemies if you support Yoshiro:
Enemy Name: Kou Citizens (x10)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: The distressed people of Kou whom are equipped with pitchforks, basic swords, and other household items. While they are weak, they can be overwhelming and fast.
Strike, Stab, Pummel ~ A citizen will retaliate against their target. They will use whatever weapon they have at their disposal to deal C tier damage.
Fight as One ~ The citizens will begin to attack their target all at once. Dealing C tier damage multiple times with their various weapons.

Things had been pretty hectic since Ani had made it into Kou, after all it was nothing she was expecting even after hearing that the country had been in a state of civil war. She was simply amazed with how each side was stacked with powerful allies who each had their own reasons for fighting and giving their strengths to the respective emperors. Ani began to wonder were she would fit into all of this hectic war, since the way the entire thing made her blood itch with the desire to battle and explore this war to satw her adventurous curiosity.with the battle. It was such a great opportunity for her and she knew that it would be away for her to test out her newly trained spear skills on, along with just enjoying a blood boiling battle with her beast Hoyo. As she had these thoughts, only one thing would sate these desires and that would be to join the country's war. However, the predicament of what side she would fight for  and which emperor she would support to put on the throne. This sent her into a period of thinking about what each candidate has done as well as what their plans for the country would be. It wasn't Ani's country and she definitely held no desire to become a part of Kou, but she thought that if she was gonna abuse her war to sate her desire to unleash her pent up blood-lust and desire to try out her new strengths she might as well support the good guys. It was from this decision that Ani soon came to think that there was only one person she should, and could rightfully support with the best of her abilities in order to put them in control of the divided country, and that would be to support the current emperor, Yoshiro.

Over the next few days Ani began to prepare herself for supporting Yoshiro with her spear, and her beast Hoyo. After she made sure she was ready to fight and let her support of Yoshiro be known to the army and as well as to anyone who might be looking for a fight because of it. It didn't really bother Ani and she would most likely accept a fight with happiness it just being another way for Ani to put her training to test. She smiled at the thought of fighting even a company from the army, however she soon shook her head to dismiss the thought not wanting to fill her head with hubris or arrogant thoughts that could end up getting her killed in such an intense war as this. Soon enough she had heard that there was a dispute going on between a few of the soldiers and the people of the country, which had gotten Ani's attention as she knew it most likely had to do with the civil war. She left the town she was staying in order to travel towards the area were the rumor of the dispute was coming from. She of course only left with the essentials as she didn't want to be gone from her current residence for long. She left with just Hoyo and her spear as she felt that they were the only things that she would need for this upcoming battle. She mounted Hoyo and he began to dash along the lands of Kou, leaping over rocks and taking her towards the location they had marked out on a map earlier. However this would not be needed as soon enough she heard blades clashing, and the screams of people whom were being wounded in battle. She couldn't see any of the soldiers from kou there at the moment, but she saw angry citizens of Kou pillaging, and revolting. It was obvious that they weren't supporters of Yoshiro from how they destroyed his structures and the dead soldiers that were laying around a few of them.

They saw Ani and she squinted at them before she soon enough jumped off of Hoyo and unsheathed her spear smirking as she stood tall her Imuchakk figure towering them as she soon enough got into a stance pointing her spear at the ten of them while gripped the shaft with both hands squeezing it firmly while she chuckled a bit and looked at them all. "Thank you for being a nuisance, now I get to practice my spearwork on y'all" The woman proclaimed as she saw 5 of them stepping forward towards her and Hoyo. Two dashed forward towards them, and this wasn't much of a challenge as Ani moved to the side and pushed forward stabbing her spear into the side of the enemy before he was taken care of. At the same time Hoyo lurched forward and took care of the next enemy, biting into the side of him before letting his limp body fall out of his mouth. It was then the other two charged forward. Ani whistled to hoyo who she commanded to begin running towards him too before she yelled out something. "Shoulder check!"  She proclaimed before Hoyo slammed into the citizen, shoulder checking him and doing enough blunt force damage to send him flying onto his back.  While the other two citizens charged at Ani whom tripped one with her spear before slamming her fist into the neck of the other one sending him onto his back. Little did she know the tripped citizen jumped up and began to strike, stab, and pummel at Ani with his piece nail filled would. He hit Ani successfully an dealing damage to her, it cutting her up and bruising her a bit. She growled and ducked before gut punching the citizen and knocking him firm onto his ass and taking him down.

It was then that the other citizens decided taking them on one on one probably wasn't the best idea in order to ensure that the tamer and her beast would fall. So they all looked at one another as if to try and confirm their plan with one another. Ani stared at them, before tilting her head to the side to look at Hoyo for a minute. She smirked a bit of blood dribbling from the corner of her mouth while she just gave a soft nod as if it was their own confirmation as to what they were going to do.  The beast hissed softly while the tamer shifted her feet somewhat shifting into a more defensive and squared stance. Her muscular frame moved slightly as she took in breaths, panting softly, but she was working on controlling her breathly. Soon enough she tightened her fingers around the shaft and let out soft sigh as she calmed herself for the fight. Despite her warrior's stance and Hoyo who looked ready  to attack at any moment she was beyond excited. The fact that they were able to damage her and get her like this made her heart pump it making her remember what the heat of battle felt like,especially how good it felt. The soldiers no longer waited and began to fight as one, dashing forward and attacking coordinately with the goal to overwhelm her. They stabbed at her twice before she smirked at them. "Thank you for prepping your own ass-kicking!" Ani proclaimed as she stood tall lifting her leg up, bring her knee above her waist before slamming down with her Imuchakk strength. using her thunderfoot to send out a shockwave sending all the surrounding citizens onto their backs, taking them out effectively. She stood there panting for a moment her blue locks falling out from her ponytail and laying on the side of her head as she shifted to regular standing wobbling a bit. She put her spear onto her back, before checking the integrity of her standard leather gear. She saw that there were no soldier's that she felt accomplished.

"This war may be a bit more fun than I thought." She said chuckling softly as she wiped her mouth clean of the blood that she was dripping. She then licked her lips smirking as she could hear her own heart beating rather fiercely. She knew it wasn't exactly the most moral thing to hurt the citizens, but she knew that doing what she thought was right wasn't always something that could be classified as black or white. She nodded this to herself as she climbed back on Hoyo to go report the the troops of Yoshiro's side what had happened. The beast leaping forward as she leaned into him thinking about how this battle made her feel. It was exciting, and the war itself made Ani feel curious she was excited to participate in this war to strengthen herself and go through every single minute of the excitement that was brought about by the war. For her the adventure was a feeling that could barely be matched by anything else and something that allowed her to get stronger and take more steps towards her goals.

WC: 1,506/1,500
Stamina: 285/335
Combat details: Took out 10 kou citizens with C-tier damage. Ani received B-tier and C-tier damage in total

Abilities used:

Shoulder Check
Tier: B-tier
Class: Tamer
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be able to hear ani and be moving already, Keeps charging until he hits something
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30/15 to sustain

    Hoyo charges into a target within fifteen meters to deal b-tier damage when he slams into them.

Tier: C-tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks:Ani must lift her knee up  to her waist
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20/ 10 to sustain

    Ani slams her foot into the ground creating a shockwave  starting from .3 meters  around her  that is 5 meters in diameter that deals C-tier damage to anyone within the range.

Items and beasts brought:
Helping out Warrior_f_spear_spontoon_up_green
Name: Spear of Disaster
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Spear
Magic Type: Plague (Life + Water + Lightning)
Appearance: A 300 cm spear made of a green metal alloy of unknown origin. The serrated blade is 100 cm long, 25 cm wide, and roughly 2.5 cm thick. The shaft is 200 cm long and roughly 7 cm in diameter. The aesthetics of this spear seem to hold no obvious meaning.

  • Putrid Poke - Feeding magoi into the weapon causes a foul smelling green oder to rise from its tip. Upon stabbing a target a minor plague will be introduced to their body. After 1 post, the target will begin to vomit uncontrollably for a single post or until they have gone a full post without being stabbed. If food was eaten within 3 posts of being affected by this function, the restoration effects of that food are lost. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Helping out 75d39ecd00458b20c70943a83360d1da
Name: Hoyo
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Appearance: Hoyo is 10 meters in size from head to toe. He is covered in white scales with blue tints on the edges of them. Hoyo has spikes on his back, and around the neck space right before his head that are blue tinted at the top. He has a fin like structure on the back of his tail that helps with swimming. His eyes are a bright red that glow in dark spaces, but only faintly. In-between the spikes on his back there is enough space that a person could sit on for riding purposes. His underbelly is a color mixture of brown, and gray.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Salve Saliva
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Lagiacrus' have bacteria in their saliva that when applied to wounds of all kinds speeds up the healing process
Trait Effect: Saliva can be used to heal wounds up to b-tier damage easily

Trait Name: Reptilian reflexes
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Despite the reptiles large size it has quick and powerful muscles which allow it to react quickly and move at faster speeds that one might expect
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to move and react the speed of a b-tier fanalis

Trait Name: Fulgrus crystals
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Throughout Hoyo's blood and tissue are tiny organic crystals which allow the beast to conduct and control electicity throughout his body. The spikes on his back are made purely of these crystals
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to control and manipulate lightning to enhance physical attacks or fire as a projectile.

Trait Name: Electroception
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Using a special part of his brain Hoyo is able to sense all living things from the natural electric current that exists inside of them
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to detect life


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