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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Job Details:
Job Name: Life Saving Herbs
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In the tough times of war, the people suffer. As it rages on, the need for doctors to assist the soldiers grow higher. While they are needed on the battlefield, the people of Kou begin to suffer from sickness. Help the doctors that are still left to gather herbs, deliver medicine, and care for the crowded population of the hospices and clinics.

Oliver stood at the job board in the tavern, looking from posted paper to the next, looking for something. The ashy-blonde hair of the lad was being scratched by one hand as the other lifted some papers to look at the ones underneath. Times were tough. And by that, it meant that Oliver had finally spent all the money her purloined from his parents before having left Magnostadt. So he needed to start taking a job to build back some money, not just for food but for a roof over his head at the inn he was staying at! Being out on the streets is only fun if you are camping out with your friends.

"Let's see, let's see. I don't think I can placate a wolf pack, at least not right now. I'm not up tot he task of taking down slavers, I need a group for that for sure. I don't wanna deal with any magicians. This one looks good." He declared while tearing a piece of paper off of the board, reading over about how a medical clinic needed more herbs but didn't have the staff on hand for it. This was an easy first job for someone who never had a job before. Baby steps after all.

Heading off to the clinic, Oliver was greeted with open arms by a middle-aged and rather sweet looking old lady who saw the paper in his hands. He even got a big hug! Apparently she was the head nurse, who promptly gave Oliver a satchel and directions on where to find the best herbs for the clinic. He quickly left the building, waving to the lady before he left town.

Going out and about to the field where there were plenty of plants, but he had to find the right ones. Of course he wouldn't know which ones to pick! So he groaned and threw the satchel to the ground before slumping over into the grass. Falling right next to the satchel and a little bit on it, there was a crinkling coming from inside. The wayward lad opened up the satchel out of curiosity and found a picture of the exact herb he needed. Oh thank the day!

Ollie quickly pulled it out and examined the picture before he made his way around the field, scouring it for the herb he needed. This was now a very easy task for him to accomplish. He hummed a little song to himself from home, finding the precise herb that the clinic needed today scattered about the field in little patches, unlike the big beds of flowers and other plant life that was in the place.

Not until the satchel was so full that he couldn't pull the drawstring shut did he decide it was time to head back. The sun was high in the sky on the East when he started, and now it was leaning more toward the West. When he finally got back to the clinic, he just had to ask, "Does picking plants always take this long? No wonder you guys need help." There was a chuckle that came from the people in the clinic as Oliver received his payment and a thank you. At least he could get some soup tonight and a room for the night at that.

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