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Life Saving Herbs [Job/Event]

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1Life Saving Herbs [Job/Event] Empty Life Saving Herbs [Job/Event] 22/02/17, 09:40 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi stopped walking as she reached the medical tents, a frown forming on her face at the sight. The amount of the ill and wounded seemed to be growing, their doctors and nurses seemingly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them. The sound of pain-filled groans filled the air, adding, even more, pressure to the already tense situation.

"This isn't right," the redhead thought to herself as she continued to walk, her gaze flickering from tent to tent. All of them were filled with men and women, all packed like sardines as medical teams and volunteers did their best to help them. "We're a nation, and we should be working together. Not against one another. Brother shouldn't be wounding brother," Jingyi said to herself with a huff, her eyebrows furrowing together as they often did when she was upset.

A gentle tap on her shoulder quickly brought the woman out of her thoughts, her head raising as she glanced at the person who disturbed her. It was one of the doctors; his face clearly displayed disapproval from his upturned nose to the faint scowl on his lips.

"You don't seem to be wounded, so you are here to help, are you not?" He inquired as the man pushed up his glasses, barely waiting for a nod before shoving a piece of paper in her face. "I'll need you collect these herbs. They could be found in the nearby forest. Come straight back when you're carrying all you can," the doctor mumbled before turning around and hurrying off to a nearby tent.

Jingyi quickly grabbed the piece of paper before it fell to the ground, her fingers crinkling it as she quickly read through the list. Basil, garlic, chickweed, yarrow, ginger, and elderberry. Simple things that the girl had seen her mother had use whenever her brothers or she had gotten sick. With a small smile, Jingyi stuffed the piece of paper into a pocket before pivoting on her heel and making her way back out of camp.

It wasn't long before the warrior found her way to the forest that the doctor had mentioned. Jingyi quickly found herself having to divert off the path to find the plants that she needed. At certain points she even found herself on her hands and knees, fingers digging at dirt and roots as she gathered the life-saving herbs.

An hour later Jingyi was back at the camp, rushing past tents as she searched for the doctor earlier. It was during her rush that she bumped into the very man, sending him stumbling backwards with a surprised yelp.

"Watch where you're going!" He scolded, causing Jingyi's face to flush as she held out a bag teeming with the herbs that the man had wanted. It was quickly ripped out of her grip, and Jingyi stepped back to watch as the doctor quickly looked through it.

"Yes, yes, that'll do for now," the doctor mumbled before fixing his gaze on Jingyi. "Now I need you to go around and help with simple bandaging so the nurses can get onto doing work that requires their attention. I think that you could do that," he instructed before turning on his heel and stalking off once more.

Jingyi shook her head before looking around her. Her attention quickly fell on a nearby tent which she promptly entered. Inside were several soldiers, all their armour damaged and covered in wounds, some shallow and others not. Scuttling around was a single nurse, a look of nervousness on her face as she did her best to attend to them all. Upon taking it all in, Jingyi quickly pulled out her goatskin and used the water inside to rinse her hands before stuffing it back into place.

"Hey, want can I do to help?" She asked, a gentle smile overcoming her face since heaven knew that not enough of those were going around. Jingyi's question had startled the nurse, who turned to face her.

"A-Ah, here, take some bandages and wrap up the men who already of ointment on them. I'll go deal with the ones who require more.. professional help," the lady muttered, her hands pulling some bandages off a nearby cart before handing them to Jingyi.

Upon receiving the cloth, Jingji nodded her head before turning to one of the men sitting upright on his cloth. She briskly walked over to him, consciously making sure that a smile was on her face before getting to work. Round and round the bandages wrapped around his forearm where a nasty cut covered in medicine was. Then onto the next man, follow by a third and forth.

It was in this way that Jingyi peacefully contributed to helping with the war. She repeated the chores over and over again, collecting herbs for the understaffed medical team, wrapping bandages around wounds and handing out simple medicine to the sick patients who needed it.

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