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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford

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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford

Oliver's vault Vovjmq

Name: Oliver Oxford

Country Affiliation: Magnostadt

Race: Human

Tier: D

Class: Assassin

Age + Birthdate: 17. April 13th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Oliver can seem quite naïve about the world around him, often giving the impression that he doesn’t understand different cultures around those alien to himself.  This is just his means of getting a feel for the nature of the person before he can show his more calculating and callous attitude with the sly tongue he possesses.
Oliver is often described by many as a hard to read person because of this, even in his actions with people, he seems to take enjoyment out of watching how people around him react to different situations and his own actions.  Almost as if a hobby, Oliver finds it amusing and will go out of his way to point out certain features of a person to get a rise out of them.  Some may call it immature but he does it purely for the reason of wanting to see how non-magicians act to life.
He also likes to take notes on things that he gets to witness like that and normal life, using it for his own writing!  Despite all of this, Oliver deep down is a nice lad, as anyone close to him can attest to.
While he might switch sides in the middle of battle, it’s usually a ploy to perform an underhanded tactic to get an upper hand.  For those that he values as ‘book-worthy’ he will go above and beyond to keep them alive, always commenting on how their story isn’t boring enough to die in a certain spot and that the best heroes deserve to die at an old age after all their stories are shared.

Bread: Oliver is very fond of the taste of different types of bread. Especially how different cultures prepare it. He also refers to bread as ‘soup sponges’.
Story-telling: Growing up with stories from his grandfather’s library, Oliver is fond of retelling stories that he read or has made up, wanting to share the fun with people.
Spicy food: Let’s face it, nobody truly likes spicy food. Anyone that says they do is just someone that loves the pain.  Oliver really doesn’t like it and just would rather enjoy his food than be punished by it.
Class discrimination: Facing it from his father a lot growing up, and other noble parents, Oliver  does not like when classes are disparaged amongst each other.

Aspirations: Oliver wants to be a writer one day, but not just writing books.  No, Oliver wants to write THE book. The one book with its own described genre.  A book that gets the attention of people and makes them question his sanity at the time he wrote it, revel in the creativeness, and start writing ones with the genre following it for years to come.  To do this he is exploring the world, taking his time to meet people and see different things to write about them and how he could twist them to his own literary world.
He hopes to return to Magnostadt with his writings and notes he has taken of things around the world, proving that a Goi can do things just as amazing as a Magician can.  To do this he also aspires to delve into a dungeon and clear it himself.

Phobias/fears: Oliver has a few unique phobias. Some of which involve the loss of any of his senses especially his hearing.  He has commented that his being able to hear the world around him as the best thing next to being able to see it.  Putting the two together allows him to close one off for a while and imagine a different world for his writing purposes. So, the loss of one would result in sever anxiety followed by self-harm and bargaining off anything to get back one or both.
He has a second phobia, a very irrational one, of female magicians when they discover his name, even more so when they are around his age.  Oliver isn’t scared of them as much as the history of marriage proposals and attempts on getting his first kiss!  It was a mad house I tells ya.

Face-Claim: Shuya Kano. From Kagerou Project
Hair Color: Ashy blonde/brown (depending on amount of direct sunlight)
Eye Color: Amber (changes to garnet under certain situations
Height: 5’6
Weight: 121 pounds

Appearance: Oliver is someone with a wiry frame and muscles hidden just underneath the surface.  Never being able to show them by flexing because of being cooped up most of his life.
His clothing choice goes against nobility’s standards, especially by the standards of Magnostadt.  Oliver chooses to wear outerwear that shares a monochromatic color scheme, favoring hooded jackets, fur lined collars and sleeves, fleeces and things of the like.  Underneath he tends to wear plain t-shirts or long sleeves depending on the weather.  His pants are always color-coordinated to match with his shirt and outerwear, usually made of a material fitting the climate of the land he is in.  Like any sane person who likes their feet not cut up and bleeding (other than Fanalis) he wears laced up sandals or boots.
He carries around a red plaid scarf that belonged to his great-grandfather, grandfather, and then his father, now his own.  He prefers Autumn colors above other palettes.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Features: Eyes tend to shift color from amber to garnet when emotionally elevated

History: Despite being a normal human, Oliver was born to parents who lived in Magnostadt, as Noble Magicians no less!  Coming from a lineage of strong magicians, Oliver was thought to be a late bloomer who would flourish and rise through the ranks of the academy in no time at all.  Though as the years went on, Oliver’s father would come to the realization that he had sired a Goi of all things.  This wasn’t the best thing for a young boy with a father who believed in the caste system, though his mother saw to it to keep him safe.
Before we continue down that path let’s talk about how he was raised.  His grandmother and great-grandfather would always come to visit the growing boy, with the grandmother always happy to play games with Oliver while his parents were out and do a lot of the cooking.  His great-grandfather would share stories with Oliver, reading from the library and giving the boy a great field of imagination.  Neither of them really cared about his being a magician or not as he was still their blood and still to be considered a noble.  Being raised in those conditions, Oliver was more than happy to reciprocate and treat his elders with respect and start helping them out when they were finding it hard to do the things they did for him at a younger age.  He especially took to reading to them, finding it titillating to read stories and see how they reacted to how he read and would prance about the room, acting out the stories.
As he grew older, his father had the brilliant idea to outfit the boy with several magic items, allowing Oliver to assume a charade of being a magician.  Though it was never comparable to those of his age group, it would be found out sooner or later about his being a Goi.  It was a bit of a startle at first, but it wasn’t much of a problem of many of the lower noble families and their daughters who wanted to cozy up to Oliver’s family for the sake of political plays.  It developed into several girls from said families trying to cozy up to Oliver, which most boys would find enjoyable were it not for the overbearing amount!  There are harem heroes and then there are normal boys.  It’s a daunting thing for three let alone near a dozen.
All of this culminated into Oliver deciding to leave – well more-so smuggling himself out of Magnostadt and getting all his suitors’ families wanting him back to the point of looking to put a ‘Capture Alive’ bounty on the boy’s head. But now he is wandering from place to place, humming to himself and writing his own story, looking for a group of people to catalogue their story as well.

Role-Play Sample:
The day was young, the sun was high, the clouds were scare.  It was so hot that it looked as if one were peering through the surface of a pool of water just to look through the air, that’s just how bad the heat wave was.  Still it wasn’t as bad as it could get! You could find yourself getting eaten by rabid dogs, or in the company of a man-faced female masseuse with a pencil thing nose and eyes close together!  But digressing from that little anecdote, Oliver Oxford pondered what he would be doing out in Heliohapt.
It had been several months since he escaped from Magnostadt, and sure there were a few instances of altercations that he could find himself getting into fights to keep himself from being captured, but to come to this Solomon Forsaken place to endure the heat?
Sighing to himself, Oliver ordered a pitcher of ice water, only for it to be brought out without ice, “Out of ice, are we?”  He asked while leaning forward in his seat from the reclined position he had taken before, legs spread out on either side of the lounge chair.  But he was promptly informed that the ice had melted on the way out. “Guh—Okay then. Tell me when’s the next boat to Imuchakk?”  This resulted in an uproarious laughter from the lounge around him.  Playing along and sighing again, Oliver grabbed the pitcher and tipped it back over his face, only to yelp and jump out of his seat as the water had already gotten warmer to the point it was above your standard room temperature.  The icing on the cake? The staff knew that the water would warm up fast, but still brought it to get the charge on his tab.  The young runaway sighed and whipped out his notepad to jot things down, getting at least some inspiration out of this.

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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford


  • Primary - Assassin
  • Secondary - TBD
  • Tertiary - TBD


race traits:

stat traits:

given traits:


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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford

D-tier Abilities
D-tier abilities:

C-tier Abilities
C-tier abilities:

B-tier Abilities
B-tier Abilities:

A-tier Abilities
A-tier abilities:

Omega-tier Abilities
Omega tier abilities:

Beast Abilities
Beast abilities:

Djinn Related Abilities
Djinn abilities:

Social Abilities
Social abilities:

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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford


Magic Weapons:



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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford


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