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RP partner and RP group

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1RP partner and RP group Empty RP partner and RP group on 20/02/17, 03:42 am

Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Hi o3o.

I'm on the lookout for a number of people who would want their characters' stories written out for them ICly by an aspiring author.  This could include their adventures, their exploits, their taxes, what-have-you.  The point is I am looking for people that are on around my time or active enough for us to move from place to place together as a group of three to five.  Because friends are great to travel with.
Things we could do would be tackle some real world issues like slave trading companies, giant monsters, friendship, DUNGEONS?

On a side note, in the event of a love interest aside from an npc, I would put it down here that Oliver's love interest is someone that can make him flustered instead of the other way around, anyone that isn't liable to react too much to his chiding.  Yet they still show an interest in him.  befuddle the befuddler!

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