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Moving again (Travel topic)

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It was early morning and there was a familiar act going on. Bags being stuffed and straps being tightened. This was the act of someone getting ready. In fact it was a specific Imuchakk and her beast getting ready for another trip. Ani had done what she had needed in heliohapt. She had trained in some underground fighting techniques and had become a bit stronger with her beast. Using their home as a place to strengthen their bond together. She had already set her next destination with careful decision. She had heard there was a commotion going on in Kou. which intrigued Ani she could get some training in with the chaoticism of the country. She also knew that this was the perfect chance for her to make Allies.

Once everything was packed and tied up Ani made her way to the ports meeting with one of her sailor friends. Though all of the sailing she has been through made her wonder whether or not she should learn to sail on her own, possibly she should get a ship of her own, though she should learn how to sail first. Ani soon put this in the back of her head as she finished loading her things onto the ship, getting on with Hoyo and eventually the sails were set them beginning to go on their way.

The familiar feeling of sailing had made Ani feel quite at peace when she traveled to new places. She remembered when she first started her adventuring. She was so excited and giddy whenever she was going to a new place. It felt like she was going to make new friends and go on amazing adventures. Though she learned not everything was as bright and amazing, which she learned the hard way after experiencing those dungeons. Which was one of her reasons from going to Kou, she was sure that she would run into some of the other people who went into dungeons there. She could be wrong though, but she thought it was still worth a try to go there. After all she would use whatever is going on in Kou to train and form bonds for whenever the next dungeon would show up.

Soon  the month of sailing to Kou was over, which had been one of the longest trips she had experienced, when they landed at the docks Ani had been surprised by where she had landed, it was the right place but Kou was vastly different than the other places she had been to. She was amazed by the scenery, and she pat her beast Hoyo before letting out a soft sigh of pleasure, patting her beast and steeling herself for whatever she would experience in this country.

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