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Kikiandra [Done] AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Kikiandra (kee • kee •  ah  • dra)
Nickname: Kiandra (kee •  ah  • dra)
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 19 • July 15th
Nationality: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Specialization: Strength

Kikiandra [Done] JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: It's sometimes a mystery to others, how such a timid cry-baby girl would become a woman who's out going and rash. Kiandra is the kind of woman who’d think about now rather than later, not worrying much about her future whilst keeping a rather optimistic outlook. She cares a lot about others, more than people could know and likes to show it by being one-hundred and ten percent social.  She likes to show off at times, though it may not be completely tell-able but she does it by doing a bit of extreme things when it comes down to a situation that’s at hand. But despite how she looks, she’s admired due to her quick thinking at times. Such as how she was able to overcome her situation with her trial against the rampaging unicorn or whether it’s something else. Though, she does seem to have a bit of an intelligence problem when it comes to something rather complex.
She shows great pride in the fact that she’s an Imuchakk, except the fact that she isn’t fond of the repetition in her name, which is why she tends to not mention her full name. Despite how Imuchakks usually stay with each other, she does wish to see the world and be well known for its despite how it would go against the rules. This shows her irresponsible side that she shows a lot. But as she thinks of herself as a free spirit, not bound by rules, it’s likely that she’ll go against anything that comes in the way of her goals.


  • Freedom - At least the idea of it. For someone to be free from their daily and life troubles seems like bliss. It's one of the many things she wishes to achieve in her life.
  • Learning - Anything new to her, she enjoys to hear about it. It being good or bad, big or small, it matters not to her. She just wishes to learn more about the world and hopefully one day teach others about stories of her travels.


  • Being hot - As she's used to the cold environments, being hot is like the worst situation to her. She'd rather be stuck with ten rampaging unicorns to fight rather than be stuck in some place scorching.
  • Bullies - Despite the fact that she toughened up her heart in the past, she still feel saddened somewhat when people comment about her eyes in a bad way. Not only that, she complete hates those whom try to put anyone else in a situation like she was in. Thus she always tries to protect those whom are weak.

Phobias: To be forgotten, if that were to happen to her she wouldn't know what to do. She really doesn't want to be unnoticed and does whatever she can to become the centre of attention at times. When she went to do her trial without permission, a partial reason for doing so was that she would be noticed by her father rather than him thinking that it would be impossible for her to do such a thing. As seen before, this often gets her into trouble.

Aspirations: She inspires to be known throughout the world and one day be so skilled that those in her family would be proud of her. But not only that, she wishes to explore the world to find out what it's like in different places. Being solely stuck to her homeland seems a bit problematic for her when there's so much out there. Even though she hasn't done it now, she's possibly going to leave in the future despite what anyone would say about her.
Kikiandra [Done] ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Juvia Loxar – Fairy Tail
Weight: 212 lbs
Hair Color: Turquoise, left navy.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'7''
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Heterochromia, her left eye bears a darker shade than her right. Although not by much- her eyes are somewhat weaker to pressure. (I.E, sand/dust easily irritates her eyes more than others.)
Appearance: Bearing the standard bulky-muscular build like any other standard Imuchakk, there doesn't seem to be much of a different between her and the next person from the same clan. Pale skin, her body endowed with visible freckles around joints and cheeks, whilst she bares a few scars along her arms. She has a feminine look, disregarding the muscles she bears, as her somewhat big eyes always are seen with a gentle look. Her clothing seems to always be a mixture of cloth and pelt/fur with a mix of a blue colour; after all she isn't picky with her clothes.

Kikiandra [Done] YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Forgotten Pasts:
One may always forget that for a child to be born a certain way, it was influenced by the past of their parents. Kiandra was never told much about her parent's pasts, but always thought highly of them. Her father, Aiden, wasn't as well-thought of in his past as Kiandra may think. He was a warrior whom was without a name, unable to pass his trial and of course everything thought him as useless because of it. Even the woman that would eventually be known as Kiandra’s mother, Kendra thought of him as useless. As he was unrespected, he was eventually put into solitude by himself. That was till he was encouraged, by one of those of his race and put into a bit of a training program with his new-found friend to get over his weaknesses. Kendra saw him practice, though she still didn’t respect him, for some reason she often came to watch him train. And eventually the day came when he took the trial again, somehow passing it and soon being named a warrior. With all this occurring, Kendra grew to eventually love him and sooner or later she gave birth to a child.
The days of youth:
As Kiandra was born, it was soon noticed after that she had a bit of a strange birth defect. Just one glance to her eyes would allow people to notice that they were of two different shades, the right being bright whilst the left was dark. Course it didn’t mean much to her parents, but it did matter a lot once she reached childhood. She was picked on, due to her strange eyes, soon being distant with the other children. This also affected her mentally as she would often cry a lot from being teased, eventually crying whenever something wrong happened. Of course, her parents couldn’t allow this to keep going on, cause if they did perhaps this whole situation would carry on to her adolescent life.
Her father had a talk with her, attempting to gather up and learn what was happening to her. As she told him, it was quite apparent that he was saddened by the fact that she was somewhat going through the same situation that he was in the past, though it wasn’t the same by much. He felt like he needed to do something, or she would go through a repetition of his life and she might not have someone to help her out like he had then. So he resolved things the only way he knew how, as he was a bit thick, which ended up being the training program that he went through. Though she wasn’t being secluded due to her strength, the whole training thing helped her get her mind of things whilst also strengthening her up not only physically but mentally. But her personality took a bit of a change, she begun to not care about people’s opinions about herself.
The upcoming trial:
She was a free spirit one may say, she was quite the optimistic person and became rather respected by the adults due to her skill and cunning-ness at youth. Though she was a bit of a rash one, she got by.  Eventually people of her age group grown to her despite making fun of her in the past and she easily accepted them as friends whilst also accepting her strange eye condition as a gift. Her parents couldn’t be more proud, though there was one thing that was haunting her father and that was the up-coming trial, to kill a Rampaging Unicorn. This was due to her father’s past and trouble with it, hoping that her daughter wouldn’t have to go through the same hardships as he did. So he did all he could to prevent her from partaking in the trials, asking for later dates and purposely misleading his daughter. That was till she eventually found out. She was of course saddened by her father’s distrust in her and without a word she ran off to prove herself – against her father's wishes.
To be a warrior:
As the girl wasn’t the type to think in the future for any strategies, she was basically walking up to a beast practically naked and begging to be killed. Cause, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to go down that easily. When she spotted the giant beast, she was already bearing a spear to fight it with. It wasn’t no horn, but she was trained to use spears by her father in the past and she didn’t know it but the training was the same thing that helped her father pass his trial. It was quite the brutal battle; the beginning wasn’t in her favour. She was being swung a lot alike a ragdoll in comparison to the beast and she was completely upset that the beast didn’t show a sign of being hurt from all her attacks. That was till she managed to land an attack to its underbelly due to luck and noticed that it seemed to inflict some pain. After a long continuation of the battle she managed to barely slay the beast, taking its horn back home as proof of her victory.
To the present:
She was of course in trouble, by her father but he soon got over it knowing that majority of him was proud that his daughter not only came back safe but was now a official adult. Like with everyone whom came back after accomplishing such a task, the next day a festival was held in her honour of becoming a adult as she was gifted the very horn she took as a weapon. With that, she lived her days in somewhat a usual life, hunting and doing whatever she could to have fun. But there was a bit of an empty feeling inside her, she wanted to be free to explore the world. She didn't really want to be the woman everyone wanted her to be but she just wanted to see more places of the world. Perhaps she would think of setting of soon – to start a new chapter of her life.

Role-Play Sample:
A sample, from one of my previous roleplays:
Phoebe was standing in-front of a structure that had been known as a shrine, it wasn’t the biggest of buildings that she’s seen in the city, but it had a strange sensation fill her as she entered. Possibly due to her sub-class, she had not known the reason. She took a stop at the front and gazed to it. A alter at the front, as the wooden structure seemed to be shut tight. Her gaze soon shifted from there to elsewhere. And there she saw a woman, much older than her and she was attending to duties of cleaning the areas around the shrine. She was one of the People of the Land, nothing much strange about strange about her. She looked fairly normal, blonde long hair that reached to her waist, but with a lonesome blue gaze. She also seemed to be clothed in some robe of some sort, colour scheme looking quite plain. Phoebe was observing her for a moment, which soon led to the woman gaze leading to her. A couple of blank blinks were provided by Phoebe, soon drowning the whole area in an awkward silence. ‘Ahem’ a cupped hand was made by the woman, as she gave a pleasant smile to Phoebe, soon letting out words.

“I’ve not to ‘ave seen you around here. ‘re you perhaps an traveller? ‘ve seen many pass with similar clothing to what ‘ou ‘re wearing”

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Thank you all, for everything.

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