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Sometimes beasts are the most loyal companions

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Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
Despite her victory over the chicken bandits, Leila felt rather troubled by the events that had transpired. Not only did she gotten herself injured during the skirmish, but her life was saved by Trapper, and that by itself was something that bewildered the girl. She had just returned to her room after having one of Master Abbass' maids replace her bandages when she decided to act upon the thought that plagued her mind: Why did Trapper save her?

The little bird was perched at the end of her bed, causing Leila to walk over to the spot and take a seat beside the crimson bird, briefly closing her eyes as she allowed her body to lightly lay down on the soft mattress.


The bird turned his gaze toward her, seemingly expecting a scolding, and yet it never came. Instead, the bird found himself asked a question most unexpected.

"Why did you risk your life to protect me back then?"

A momentary silence followed as Trapper clearly was considering the right way to respond to the inquiry, and in the end he explained in a softer tone.

"I don't know... When I thought that man was going to kill you, my body instinctively moved on its own."

Did he really care that much about her, to the point he was willing to endanger himself to save her? She simply couldn't comprehend a reason why he would even like her that much.

"It's because you didn't abandon me..."

The words temporarily froze Leila's mind, the memory of her meeting with Trapper being recalled vividly. Perhaps his previous owner had thought Trapper had perished, and for that reason left the poor bird to his fate? To think she had picked him up merely on a whim, and yet he showed such loyalty...

"You're a weird one Trapper..."

Then again, people did often say that sort seeks sort, and she was quite a weird person herself. The thought made her laugh softly, a laughter that was quickly interrupted by the light sting in her shoulder, and finally, she decided to open her eyes and mused softly.

"Perhaps I did find a loyal companion on my quest... To think an animal is more loyal to me than my own family was..."

Slowly rising out of her bed a look of determination appeared in her eyes as she addressed her companion.

"Let's go Trapper, I got something interesting to show you."

The bird's interest was seemingly earned quite quickly, for he flown over toward her and nestled himself on her head, making the young aide sigh playfully before making her way to the basement of Master Abbass his residence.

It was here that she tended to conduct her experiments, and today she was about to show just how strong her determination was to accomplish the things she desired. A brief glance at the room would have revealed little about those experiments until she opened a small cabinet that had hidden the jar that contained the worm-like creature.

"What is that creature, it doesn't seem like a natural being..."

Quite insightful for a little bird, to the point Leila decided to reward his question with an answer.

"Because it isn't a natural animal Trapper."


Leila's vault

Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
It was true, although the Worm of Nyx was for all intents and purposes a worm, it was also artificially altered through several experiments she had conducted, and today was the day her work would show some results.

The next couple of days were pretty much the same, days were she simply spend in the companionship of Trapper while teaching him more about the peculiar creature she was raising. The Worm of Nyx, as she had decided to call it was quite a mysterious being, a symbiote that in return for giving its user mysterious abilities, demanded their body as a vessel for its power. Pretty much a 'Give up your body in exchange for power' scenario.

After a week it seemed her experiments were starting to reach their final stage, and with the test run about to unfold Trapper watched restlessly as Leila injected the parasite into her body. Even after her injuries had healed, the pained cry that came from the lady still worried him as she collapsed onto her knees, her breathing ragged as she slowly tried to climb back onto her feet, but it was at that time something curious happened.

While staring at her hands Leila whispered something under her breath, and a moment later Trapper witnessed something he had never seen a human do! She was shedding some black substance from her hands!

"Is that blood?"

Trapper's worried voice turned into a screech when he suddenly saw Leila sweep her hand sideways, causing the ooze to twist and distort into a sword-like form.

"Did you ever see blood do something like this Trapper?"

The bird shook his head lightly in return, causing Leila to chuckle playfully as she explained that the ooze was in fact, being produced by the parasite, and was in essence, a mysterious power she had gained, of course knowing her past experiments she knew that there would be consequences for using a power like this. But that was fine, she knew all too well how truthful the saying: 'No pain means no gain' truly was, and if she wanted to become stronger she would truly need to start working on obtaining the power she desired...


WC: 865/500 Class training


Leila's vault

Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
Of course, that was easier said than done. Although the parasite was now a part of her body, it was closer to learning how to handle a new weapon, or a more simplistic example: to learn how to walk. The abilities of the Worm of Nyx made for an unusual experience for sure. As she stood in the basement and allowed the ooze to drip from the palm of her hands, the first thing Leila became aware of was that with just a simple thought she could manipulate the ooze.

The first thing she did was visualize the mental image of a longsword, imagined its length and shape but also the sharpness of the blade and as if her thoughts were manifested the ooze started to shift and harden into the shape of a sword. But equally curious was that when she swung the blade at a wooden dummy, the blade sliced straight through it as if it had been metal!

The next day she had decided to practice just how much she could manipulate the ooze, and she was pretty surprised to find how the quantity she was able to shed! Enough to allow herself to create a cocoon to protect herself with, but it also appeared the larger the amount she manipulated, the more taxing it was upon her body. Even more significant was that she had perceived one rather serious flaw: After using her Shadow Ooze several times in a row she started to suffer from a painful headache, nothing lethal but it was still quite a distraction in the midst of an intense confrontation.

Even more significant was that after several days Leila found herself capable of moving much faster than normally, fast enough to keep up with a horse for at least several minutes! Nevertheless, it appeared that she would soon need to start focusing toward honing her new skills in the pursuit of her ambitions!

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