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Recruitment [Job/Solo]

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Job Information:
@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Infantry!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview:
Both Emperor Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu have been actively recruiting soldiers to their respective sides. You hear of the recruitment process and decide to join one of the sides, however you must first go through some basic training before you are ready to face the enemy! Report to the Guard Captain of your chosen side to start your training and before part of the Infantry! *+2 influence to the side you choose to join*

Enemy Name: Footsoldiers x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description:These men hardly look like seasoned warriors, in fact they seem to be fresh off the farm! They hold their wooden swords in a sloppy stance as they face you in mock combat!
Slash ~ using the wooden training sword the footsoldier slashes at you aggressively, dealing D rank damage.
Defend ~ the footsoldier uses the small makeshift shield to block your attack!

At the first opportunity, Lan had grabbed hold of the necessary recruitment papers for the Fanalis girl they had met at the bar the other day. The woman hadn’t been completely honest with Aayla then, but there was no point going back on her words now. By having Aayla join their ranks, a Fanalis, they would be acquiring quite the powerful ally, at least that was if the story of the Fanalis were true. Either way, she was sure they could train Aayla up to be one hell of an asset. As soon as she got work that they would be actively recruiting soldiers to the military, she got those papers and ran off to find Aayla.

Aayla had been spending her days at the same tavern, having basically purchased one of the rooms there for herself, as she stayed there so often having no home of her own. It became rather easy for Lan to find her, or to slip her mail for her to find when she returned. Today was no exception, Aayla had only just gotten back half an hour ago and was just now getting out of the bath. Whenever a knock came at the door, Aayla looked at it suspiciously before moving to grab her clothes. She would quickly slip them on, all while trying to catch the scent of the person on the other side. When she did finally figure out who was there, she relaxed, opening the door to find Lan huffing and puffing as if she had just run a marathon.

“L...Lan, is everything ok?”
Aayla asked curiously, pulling the girl into the room and closing the door behind them in the event the girl had been chased here or something. It seemed she was wrong however as Lan shoved the papers into her face, forcing Aayla to take a step back and looking it over curiously.

“Recruitment papers? Really? Lan how did you… you’re serious?”
Aayla’s face brightened up as she held onto the sheets, wanting nothing more than to hug the other woman across from her but holding back for the time being, unsure if that was the appropriate response.

“Yeah! Emperor Yoshiro needs more… soldiers fighting for him… I figured this would… be the perfect opportunity for you… it’s what you wanted right?”
She asked while still huffing, slowly regaining her breath with every passing moment. Breath that was quickly squeezed out of her lungs again as she felt Aayla give in to her desire to hug her tightly. She was incredibly strong! This she could tell solely from the hug!

“Alright alright, let’s stop wasting time or you’re going to be late! Their holding a training session just outside the palace for new recruits. Since I vouched for you, you can skip the whole interrogation process… so don’t screw up ok? Come on!”
Lan grabbed onto Aayla’s hand tightly before dragging the girl out of her room. Aayla struggled just enough to grab hold of the sword leaning by the entrance, and pulled away to lock the door before the two scurried to the training camp that had been set up.

When they arrived, Aayla was surprised at the small amount of recruits there… She had been expecting more people to rush to Yoshiro’s aid for one reason or another… She supposed it didn’t matter much, she could more than make up for those missing numbers. Lan quickly rushed her in line with the others and moved away to stand behind the Captain in charge of their training.

“Urg… pathetic this is really all the city has to willingly offer… a punch of pig farming wimps and… a woman so frail looking the wind will blow her away. Great. Well, instead of wasting my time why don’t you weaklings weed yourselves out! My squad only has space for 1 more soldier, the rest of you will be reassigned to other squadrons. Last man standing wins. Show me what you plan on serving Emperor Yoshiro with…”
A tall, burly and armored man was standing in front of a small squad of 4 other soldiers. Each looked rather official in their own right, and when this man talked to them, they all felt that they had no choice but to obey him, his voice  commanding and demanding respect.

Aayla could feel the butterflies in her stomach going crazy just then as her excitement bubbled. This, this was what she had been dreaming of, a place where she could belong, where she could put her skills to good use and still ‘serve’ a ‘master’ while not being a slave, being allowed her freedom… She had to defeat these other recruits and get that spot on this man’s squad. Things would be much less awkward if she had Lan at her side…

Meanwhile, the other recruits all looked at themselves uncertainly, none willing to be the first to engage in combat. While the Captain had said they were all their willingly, she wasn’t so sure that these farmers were. They seemed scared to try anything beyond cling to their swords desperately. She supposed that would make things easy for her… but just in case they were hiding their true intentions, she still had to fight them.

She walked off to put down her sword, instead picking up two of the much lighter weight wooden bokken that all of these recruits were using. Unlike her sword, these were so light and wouldn’t weigh her down as much, which made things much easier for her in the long run. She looked up to the other recruits who were looking at her rather curiously, and lowered herself into a fighting stance, one sword pointed forward, and the other arched at the ready over her head.

They seemed to get the idea as they spread apart, each taking on a sloppy stance, holding their sword with both hands. They heard the captain sigh as he watched their display disdainfully.

“Go already!”
He ordered, and that was Aayla’s cue. She quickly stepped off of the ground in a burst of speed, throwing herself directly at the adjacent recruit. She was quick with her bokken, knocking his out of his hands with a [nb]slash[/b] and then kicking him in the side of the head. The man crumpled to the ground quickly, having been knocked unconscious by the girls powerful blow.

The others seemed to suck in their breath, startled into action as they ran towards her. One raised his sword high above his head, aiming a large slash down her side. This ultimately failed as Aayla was able to bring up her left bokken to block his slash, and using her right bokken to hit him hard in the ribs. He groaned as he stumbled away from her, covering the injured spot with one hand.

Leaving him be for the time being, Aayla turned to find a third soldier, this one managing to slash/hit her in the head with his bokken. It made a loud THUNK as it hit, causing Aayla to flinch as pain radiated through her head. She didn’t seem to react more then that though  as she dropped her right bokken in favor of balling her hand into a fist and punching him in the face before the recruit had a chance to strike at her again. There was another crack under her fist as she broke the recruits nose.

She silently counted 3 of the soldiers ‘out’ in one way or another, that only left one… where had he gone? She straightened up once more to look around herself for the remaining recruit, not seeing him anywhere and forcing her to count her downed victims once more. Still three… Then, the fourth recruit came bolting from behind a solitary tree, yelling as he charged her, slashing his sword down her back and following up with a kick that would push the girl forward and off balance.

Aayla stumbled forward, trying to catch her feet and failing as she fell onto hands and knee’s, causing the recruit to distract himself by cheering. Aayla simply scoffed as she held on tightly to her remaining bokken before she got up onto her knees and chucked it at the recruits head. The wooden blade spun as it was thrown and collided hard with the man’s forehead, knocking him down on the ground where he cried out and writhed in pain.

She then stood back up, leaving her bokken’s where they fell and walking up to the Captain, standing in the position she had started in.

“Was that adequate?”
She asked him. The man was now smirking from ear to ear, a laugh escaping his lips as he walked up to Aayla, placing his hand on her shoulder never once losing his smile.

“For such a tiny woman, you sure can move! That’s more than adequate girly! Let’s get you inside and fitted into some proper armor! The rest of you, pick youselves up! We’ve got a lot of training to do! Lan!”

“Yes sir!?”
Lan stepped forward at this point, trying not to show her excitement.

“Show girly inside while I deal with the rest of these weakling”

With that she waited for Aayla to move forward and the two women headed into the palace.

“You did it Aayla! That was awesome!”
Lan cheered, to which Aayla could only blush and grin from ear to ear.

WC: 1610
Magoi: 70/70
Stamina: 230/250

Only used basic attacks~
For Emperor Yoshiroooo


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